Samsung Nexus 10 reported once again in run up to Google event

Fresh reports from TheNextWeb today add further weight to a possible Nexus 10 tablet unveiling at Google's Oct. 29 "Playground" event.  The site says the 10-inch device, previously known by its codename "Manta," will pack a 2560x1600 display with an iPad-beating pixel density of 300ppi. TNW reports that the "Manta" tablet will be unveiled alongside the extensively-leaked LG Nexus 4 phone and 32GB Nexus 7 tablet. Naturally, Android 4.2 is expected to run on both Nexus 4 and 10 out of the box.

We've been hearing similar whispers privately for the past couple of weeks, including some strong evidence suggesting the 10-inch Nexus tablet will indeed sport a super-high resolution 2560x1600 display.

The Nexus 10 will go up against Apple's iPad and Microsoft's new Windows RT-based Surface tablet, which is set to launch later this month.

Source: TNW

Alex Dobie
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  • sick of info just show us a picuture!
  • Meh, the problem with Android tablets isn't PPI. I think I am going to give the Surface a try and revisit the Android tablet scene in a year or so.
  • in your opinion what is the problem?
  • After owning two Android tablets I found the app selection to be laughable. Admittedly that won't be any better on the Surface initially but I am confident the app selection for W8 will get better quickly. Also after two Android tablets I've found the interface to be, lacking. It's more of an immaterial complaint that I can't really pin down, while I love the interface on my GNex I just quickly got bored with the tablet interface. I'm not really sure how the Surface will go but I can't deny the appeal of the integration with my other MS products. I'm glad Android is finally going to have a tablet that bests the iPad on specs but like I said, I don't really think that's ever been the problem. The consumer needs a compelling reason to pick an Android tablet over the competition, and right now I think the only real reason to pick one over the other is that you like Android. All my opinion BTW, I doubt it'll be popular but there's a reason the iPad is killing true Android tablets and I don't think it's the screen resolution.
  • No, your opinion will not be popular, but I will admit I entirely agree. I am getting rid of Transformer Prime in favor of a Surface RT tablet in part because I like the idea of having actual Office apps and like the innovative design, but mostly because I just don't like Android as a tablet OS. To me, it is still just an un-optimized, glorified phone OS that has been scaled up. I find it clunky, have encountered quality tablet apps as the exception, and remain surprised at the extent to which the OS can bring a quad core processor to its knees. My old BlackBerry PlayBook with a lousy little dual core processor was smoother and lag free in comparison to the Prime. It, like the RT tablets, and (to a lesser extent) the iPad are also all swipe and gesture driven whereas Android still lives and dies by the three little buttons in the corner. Having played with Samsung's Galaxy tabs, I also don't see them bringing anything new and innovative to the table. BTW, anyone who is excited about super high pixel density tablets really should do a little homework regarding whether anything you use can even take advantage of that density. Optimized apps are few and far between even on the iPad, and a lot of the videos and graphic images you might want to view aren't recorded or transmitted at anywhere near those resolutions.
  • Perhaps I would have agreed with you before trying the Galaxy Note 10.110. However, I now don't see any tablet that comes anywhere close in functionality
  • Agree, Galaxy Note 10.1 Destroys all!!
  • I tried Windows 8 at bestbuy and I have mix feelings about it. Something tells me Surface might become like the Zune another tells me it might be a game changer, time will tell. I will let you guys try it first.I strongly believe that Android is now at the point where its mature starting with Jelly Bean. The apps in the play store are getting better. I use an ipad before and there were crappy apps too in the apple app store. My ipad got stolen and you know what I do not miss it at all. Apple UI is getting old, its becoming the grandma/grandpa phone...seriously.
  • i just want to comment on the pixel density... you are right about hardly any apps or video taking advantage of that rez. however, high resolution pictures will look absolutely stunning. there are tonnnns of wall papers online in that rez. i love looking at high rez pics, i am sure i am not the only one.
  • If surface is like windows phone I'm going to be unimpressed. I hope it works out for you.
  • Yea, at this point it is either Surface or blank. I've tried the Android tablet (not awful, just meh) and I use an iPad every day for work (awful, technically a great tablet, I just hate it). Like I said, I am sure I will be looking at Android tablets in about a year or year and half to see if they have gotten any better. We shall see.
  • On day 1 when Microsoft released the price of the surface RT tablet seeing it priced right with the Ipad told me that Microsoft is not going to take the game and didn’t even come to play. Sad thing was I was looking forward to this coming out and maybe when I get a chance to mess with one I'll change my mind but for now, pass. I really hope that apps are not why you end up buying this by the time they release enough to even compete with Android your device will not run them. Also with a 1-2% owner ship difference with Android tablets vs. Ipad, I don’t really see that killing. While I will watch and see what Microsoft does I have to say I will end up ordering a nexus 10 if these specs are real. I do wish that these companies would stick to a format of some kind so that the accessory manufactures could make stuff that would work across all my devices as the I-stuff does(minus the new connector).
    To me that is why the I-devices are doing as well as they are people want to accessorize their stuff to make it theirs.
  • "I'm glad Android is finally going to have a tablet that bests the iPad on specs" I guess you don't realize that Android tablets have been leading in specs for over a year now…
  • Haha, no they haven't. The screens aren't as high res and generally the GPU is weaker. Not sure what you're talking about.
  • Agreed, I owned a prime and returned it for the iPad3.
    iPad3 speed and graphics are much better than Tegra3.
  • "After owning two Android tablets I found the app selection to be laughable. Admittedly that won't be any better on the Surface initially but I am confident the app selection for W8 will get better quickly." Unfortunately this is what everyone thought when the PlayBook came out... look how well that went! Still no Netflix or Skype.
  • I don't really think you're comparing Apples to Apples but I think I acknowledged that it was a risk. If neither platform has any decent apps to speak of then I might as well go with the one that provides a more compelling interface (in my opinion).
  • I agree that Android tablets has a particular weakness in apps I returned my prime and got a iPad3 and I am much happier with the Ipad. Ice Cream sandwich seemed to lag more on the prime that the iPad3 (actually I never really notice any lag) Hopefully Jelly Bean has improved this, I haven't tried a tablet with Jelly bean yet. I will check out the nexus 10 tablet. Though I'm not sure I agree that app development for Windows 8 tablets will be any better than Android, it will still be a small share of the tablet market and the WP7 app market is still very anemic. Tablet developers are still going to focus mainly on the iPad. I know people are very excited about the Windows Tablets, and they do look very cool and functional. But marketing and specs can be very deceiving, I seem to remember a couple years ago when people were as pumped up about Android tablets coming out, as they now are with Windows8. I'll sit on the sidelines with my iPad3 and see what really happens with Windows 8 tablets before committing any of my own money to it.
  • I wonder if the Nexus 10 will feature the same texture on the back as the N7. I hope Google makes a cost-saving, morally appropriate choice to not put a rear-facing camera on it. I also hope it has front facing speakers like the Galaxy Tab 2. Make it $299 ftw.
  • NO FFC? hey, the back camera is not a big deal, but the front is. Video Calling FTW!
  • I hope it has that amazing Nexus 7 texture on the back. And I guess I agree on not having a rear-facing camera. I do miss out on a lot of great pictures because my N7 doesn't have an RFC, but that's only because I don't have a smartphone.
  • I seriously doubt adding a rear camera would change the price by more than $25 or so. $299? Keep dreaming. $399? Maybe Personally, I want a HIGH END Nexus 10.
  • I am so with you. Make sure it is uber specced including high end storage.
  • I've seen a lot of people comparing the nexus 7 to the ipad and the main cons for the nexus 7 were resolution, screen size, non "stereo speakers." If this is real it will surely put good competition against the ipad.
  • the mono speaker isn't a hindrance compared to the ipad, I own the iPad3 and it's only mono as well.
    What sucks even more is that since the speaker is on the backside, the audio seems very low.
    Can't count how many times I sit with my hand cupped around the speaker which seems to redirect the should towards me somewhat effectively.
  • i prefer the smaller screen size of the nexus 7, i can't wait to get a 32gb one
  • same here. I have an 8gb N7, so I held out on downloading large apps, not anymore
  • I just sold my 8GB for 175 on Ebay before the announcements this week cause you know the 8GB will depreciate. I'm going to buy a 32gb.
  • I just sold my 8GB for 175 on Ebay before the announcements this week cause you know the 8GB will depreciate. I'm going to buy a 32gb.
  • Hope this is true. I gave up on tablets because the Nexus 7 is too small, the Xoom too internally dated and non-nexus devices too inconsistant hardware wise. A Nexus 10 may be able to convince me to give Android a second chance on tablets if its not overpriced. $300-350 and sold. $400 and maybe. Anything above, and I'll keep waiting.
  • Any chance this is out before the holidays?
  • Alex said they expect it to be unveiled on the 29th. If they're selling it through the Play Store like they should, it will probably be available for the Christmas shopping season. They'd be incredibly foolish to miss the the most consumerist season of the year. Why do you think Phil calls this the fall silly season? Everyone wants their product to be the hot new thing that people want to buy for their friends and family members, so they unload the results of the better part of a year's work in the fall when people are doing their Christmas shopping.
  • of course it will. it'll b stupid not to b out by black Fri
  • Or cyber Monday
  • The only issue I see here is going to be the price point. The Nexus 7 did well because it is a quality tablet at a very reasonable price. I just can't see a 10" Samsung tablet being able to priced as competitively. Prior history has Samsung 10" tablets starting at $500 for 16 GB versions. I feel that for this to really be successful and make an impact in the marketplace, they will need to price a 32 GB version at around $400. That is a tall order!
  • Those prior Samsung tablets were priced to make a profit for Samsung - the Nexus series can be sold at a loss, because Google is counting on increased ad revenue instead of hardware sales only.
  • "Naturally, Android 4.2 is expected to run on both Nexus 4 and 10 out of the box". So both the NEXUS phone and tablet will be running KEY Lime Pie? Jelly Bean just came out and less than 6 months latter KLP is being released? IMO it's time for Google to slow down on the system software releases if this is true
  • no no no! damn the torpedoes! full speed ahead!
  • there was no mention of 4.2 as KLP. you are just assuming things. 4.2 is still JB.
  • +1
  • +1 indeed. Where's AC's comment rating system, anyway?
  • I can't wait for this stuff to become real. I've asked for the 10" tablet to be an xmas present, mainly since my laptop screen is being held on by duct tape. So for me 10" to surf the web and watch netflix stuff should be perfect till the start of grad school next year when i can buy a new laptop. And i've been wanting a nexus phone but kinda bummed out that samsung has been making almost ever single one. And I'm looking forward to trade the inspire 4g in for the LG Nexus 4.
  • Love everything Nexus, so really want to see the picture of this one!
  • Hopefully not another Nexus device with hardly any storage space and no option to add external memory cards...
  • Can't wait to see how tiny the text is at that resolution.
  • For the Surface RT fans.... it will NOT run windows applications. It will only run Metro style apps. The Surface Pro will run windows applications. The Surface Pro will be in the $800 to $1000 range.
  • $800.00 to $1K? You may as well forget it!
  • It's priced to compete with similarly specced Ultra Books, so not really.
  • Considering the Surface Pro should be comparable in performance and build to the MacBook Air, $800-$1k is quite reasonable. It's really a different product category than the iPad, Nexus 7/10, and Surface RT. Of course, Microsoft's just made a nightmare branding/differentiation problem for itself by shipping two very different products with too-similar names. The real question is how aggressive Google goes with the Nexus 10 pricing. My gut says $399, which seems like a reasonable discount considering the limited number of decent Android tablet apps compared to the iPad. In that light, the Surface RT starts looking like a terrible ripoff, considering the Metro app store is even worse than the Android tablet ecosystem.
  • If the Nexus 10 is below 499 I will eat my hat raw. I might also seriously consider buying it over the Surface...but mainly I will eat my hat.
  • Here's the next question: When will we see Google put its foot down on the quality of tablet apps in the Play Store? Or will it give up and put phone apps in a phone-size window with a drag/resize handle?
  • No, because according to mankind, Chaos is o.k. as long as someone (Google) is making money.
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 Destroys All!