Good Lock update makes the Galaxy Z Flip 3 cover screen much more useful

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Cover Screen 2022
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Cover Screen 2022 (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung's Good Lock app has been updated for 2022 with support for all One UI 4 and One UI 4.1-powered phones.
  • Good Lock adds several additional options and features to Samsung Galaxy phones and is free in the Galaxy Apps store.
  • This latest update includes features for foldable phones and flat phones, alike.

Among the many features Samsung's One UI offers, Good Lock is likely at the top of the list for anyone who might have used it. The oddly named app has been around for years, offering crucial features that are hard to live without once you've tried them. The latest update, Good Lock 2022, is upping the ante significantly for all of the best Samsung phones but, especially, for the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

XDA Developers found a post on Samsung Korea's forums with a rather detailed changelog for the latest Good Lock update, which is rolling out now to Samsung phones everywhere. If you haven't gotten the update just yet, be sure to check the Galaxy Apps store on your Samsung Galaxy phone over the next few days.

Good Lock Theme Park Color Picker Preview

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Centra (Image credit: Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Centra)

Z Flip 3 owners will be able to use the updated Good Lock module, Multistar, to finally be able to use all apps on the cover screen without having to modify their phones or download third-party apps. By default, Samsung will recommend apps that are optimized for the tiny little outer screen but will have options to enable any app to be used there. That's a huge deal for Flip owners who have requested this feature since the phone's launch last Fall.

The Homeup module has been updated with a more reliable vertical app drawer format that finally solves the lingering app drawer issues on Samsung's launcher. You'll also be able to perform several gestures in the Finder for better quick access abilities, although Samsung didn't detail exactly what that means right now.

The Nice Shot module adds in some great little quality of life features for screenshots, like a quick delete button that appears right after you take a shot. You can now also set a number of different backgrounds for screen recordings and even enable the Do Not Disturb option automatically when screen recording begins.

Samsung Good Lock Wonderland Wallpaper Example

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

The Wonderland module can now take your portrait mode photos and turn them into 3D parallax wallpapers, adding a unique layer of depth when you rotate your device while on the home screen. To the right is an example I put together using a photo I took with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

If you've ever been playing an online game and wanted to mask your voice, the Sound Assistant module now has a variety of ways to change your voice. Furthermore, Sound Assistant also brings about volume panel customization, as well as a create your own volume panel feature for DeX mode.

The ClockFace module now makes it easier to add your Galaxy Watch 4 watch face right to your home screen, which might make themes from the Theme Park module look even better than before.

Lastly, the Kids Cafe module adds in a way to create your own stickers and animations that can be used from the Samsung keyboard. Just as you would with emojis, these stickers will appear when their names or labels are typed and can be used in many different apps.

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