Samsung Galaxy Tabs coming to Best Buy, Wi-Fi-only $499

Best Buy is going to be selling Samsung's Galaxy Tab, both with carrier plans as well as a Wifi-only version. Dates have been leaking out recently regarding the Tab's release on all major carriers, most recently being Sprint on Nov. 14. 

It appears Best Buy will carry 3G versions of the Tab on Verizon and Sprint. Contracts will be offered as well as month-to-month plans. 

However, the leak also suggests there will be a Wifi-only version available from Best Buy that will cost $499. Customers will also have the choice between a silver or black version. The Wi-Fi only version has been the wish of many interested in the device; how does that price point seem to those considering buying one? [Pocketables]

Update: While we're expecting a Wifi-only Tab at some point, we're being told this flier is just a bad typo.

Sean Brunett