Samsung Galaxy Tab to hit Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, says WSJ

You should be able to gets your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab (see OUR hands on right here) through three of the big four carriers -- AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon -- according to a trio of source that spoke to the Wall Street Journal.  (Three carriers, three sources. Coincidence? We think not.) This meshes with rumors that the Boy Genius Report received about the Tab coming to Sprint and Verizon.  While no details of the final costs or release dates are mentioned, this shows that Samsung's push to get it's high end Android devices across the board continues with their tablet. 

Samsung is going to need the potential sales that having the Tab on multiple carriers will bring, as they expect to sell over 10 million tablets and carry a full third of the market through next year.  We would love to see it, but there's a little company in Cupertino that may have something to say about all that.  [WSJ online]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • To small to be anything useful as a tablet and if they are planning to charge extra fees just to use it well then forget it all together , a tablet should be at least 10 inches and they all should work on wifi and not require a contract or 3g
  • Please. Nothing about a tablet being 10 inches is portable. I have an me, I know. Too wide and too heavy. 7inches will be that perfect size. As far as being portable you NEED 3G OR 4G. Only other option would be to make a wifi version also...for the house, or indoors in general.
  • Portability comes in many flavors. Not everyone needs to take this on a bus, a plane, or to school or work. If its easily transported from the couch to the breakfast table that's all the vast majority of potential users would need. As such, the sooner Sammy wakes up and makes a 10 inch version and WiFi only versions the better. Let them fill the carriers pockets with new subscriptions for a while. I'm find with that. But if they want to sell this device in massive quantities they had better have wifi-only version available by Christmas.
  • If I'm not mistaken when the first leaked pics of this tab came out a few months ago it was also rumoured that there would eventually be 3 flavours of the tab. 7, 8/9 and 10 I think. The later more likely only going to be the ones that come out with Gingerbread. These will most likely learn from what comes of this 7" Tab.
  • I remember that too. I think these smaller ones have to come first with 3G. That gets them out there and visible, and the carriers push them. Great advertising to have people sitting around in public or on the bus reading the tab. (I've never seen an iPad out in public. Just too big). But by Christmas they better come out with the 10 incher that will stay at home. That one, at least, has to have wifi. Because there is no point in paying for a yet another line of service from the carriers for something that mostly stays home.
  • Got to admit that I have only seen a handful of iPads out in the 'wild' I live in London so seen a few on the tube....usually the people that look like they have far too much money to burn. Prices are inflated over here compared to US prices for most items.
  • Seriously what makes you think that it needs 3g/4g the majority of people who would look at this have a mobile already capable of sharing there network with 1 click, I do it daily with my netbook on the commute to work which has a mear 10" screen. Now if this device was Wi-Fi capable and had a 10" screen freely available in any electronics.or computer store I would be more than happy to replace my netbook with it providing there not taking the piss price wise.
    As that's the market they need to aim at refreshing being a tablet is netbooks/laptops.
  • I didn't say anything about a need for it to be portable ? If I need portable I will use my Droid x . But 7 inches in entirely to small , I like the size of the ipad so an equivalent with Android would be perfect but I don't want to be forced to pay for 3g coverage , wifi use only would be just fine with me
  • If it will tether to my droid x the need for 3G is moot. Personally. I wish they offered the choice. I don't need full connection, x and evo handle that. The pad is great for gaming, home, coffee shop, etc. On the run need to do something, there's my trusty mobile with a full juiced up battery. :)
  • The 7 inch screen size is perfect IMO. It's large enough to give you a nice big viewing area, but small enough to where you can manipulate it like you would your smart phone. The iPad IMO, is too big to be portable, but too small to manipulate like a laptop. It's stuck in no mans' land.
  • At 7 inches, the screen is larger than the Kindle' that's not too small to be useful. The iPad at 10" is big enough to dissuade carrying it at times. While I don't own one, I have used one and it could be cumbersome to bring along with other stuff. The smaller size might actually work in its favor, but time will tell. I could see a car dock to use it as a GPS at 7", but at 10", it would really be too big for using it like that. Hopefully it has both 3G/4G and WiFi, giving the option for those who need/want portable internet and those that just want data at home or work. It can't possibly cost that much to tack on wifi, heck the free with contract phones offer it now. My guess would be that the Sprint version will include 4G, with a premium fee upgrade for activation on their network. Be curious to see how that plays out and if the device will actually work as a phone also....albeit one honking big phone to hold to your ear. (Does leave room for a good speaker phone though).
  • The gps idea is good. Also one helluva infotainment system for a car, not just gps. Hmmm. Probably wait for the stingray first before I pounce.
  • They're not even trying to compete with the iPad. They're selling this as a phone. Which is why I'm not going to buy one, even though I had high hopes for it, I now know it'll most likely fail like the Dell Streak did. I already have a Nexus One, I have no need for another god damned phone and another freaking data contract. I can tether, free. That's why I broke down and finally bought an iPad. It's cheaper than the Tab which is going to be $600+ if you want it contract free, iPad was only $500 and I didn't have to take copious amounts of blood pressure medication before walking into a wireless carrier store. If Samsung was in any way serious about competing in the tablet market they would have released this in a WiFi only version, bigger screen, made out of solid metal and glass priced at or below $499 and made it available at any electronics store, not a wireless carrier store.
  • Spot on you hit the nail on the head there. But under no circumstances would I ever by an oversized iPod tied to iTunes. Not bloody likely.
  • There is a reason why they will not be releasing a wifi only version because if you notice all the other tabs that have been shown at IFA that are wifi only have no access to the android market.
    Like what was released previously that Android was not designed for tablet and just for smartphones even though it is open source. For a tab to have access to the market it requires a cell radio making it essentially a giant phone.
  • This no access to the android market excuse it a Temporary restriction that Google will be forced to remove. There is no technical reason why these tablets can't be serviced by the market. There is nothing in the market that requires a phone. Don't believe me? Yank your sim and connect via wifi. Besides, there is nothing preventing the opening of another market, either by Google, or by third parties. There are already apps you can buy for your android phone that are non-market apps.
  • As a realistic office/warehouse tool I seriously can not see businesses paying for another phone/data plan to use this, and @ 7" its vertualy half the size of a laptop so size is a bit small. Although for an avid tech fan who just wants to show of the fact he/she's got one it might be ok (myself included) but I wouldn't want another mobile contract as I have a mobile phone (that fits in my pocket) so unless they make it freely available like netbooks/laptops I can't see it shifting to many in realistic terms.
  • Agreed. This is definitely not for the business market. The Cisco Cius is more geared toward businesses, and I actually have high hopes for that tablet. Forcing companies to have another corporate data contract at this point in the economy is foolish, especially for something that's more of a luxury at this point than a utility (Why spend $600+ or even the contract rate, when you guy buy full-sized laptops, netbooks, and even smartphones that fit most business needs for cheaper [and remember, usually buying in volume]) As for a consumer device, I don't think this will catch on either. Proprietary ports (I'm still amazed even Apple gets away with it at this point), high prices, and additional data costs make this too cost prohibitive, again especially in the current US economy. And I know this is anecdotal, but no one I talk with is looking to get into any kind of contracts right now. I'm (thankfully) contract free with my phones, and will probably pay the ETF for my dish network service, as I watch everything over the internet now. I had high hopes for this thing, and am summarily being disappointed. Great product, lousy execution imho. Companies really should do more consumer market research into their products.
  • Jumping on my soapbox here for a sec, companies don't think its important to find out what the customer wants/needs. They simply throw all their weight behind their product, spends sh#$t loads of money! On marketing and hope we the consumer accept that they know better and we do need the new contracts and corporate collars. Look at verizon, apple. And microsoft. Years of practice, and here we are slip&slide
  • Yeah! Now I won't have to kill my Sprint account. I'll sport the Tab and the Vibrant.
  • Sammy has more tablets in store for this year. The 7" isnt the last of them, but only the beginning. There are 2 more sizes in the pipeline, one of them running Gingerbread which will be upgradable to Honeycomb.
  • Sammy has done more consumer research on this product than just about any other product so far this year. This is coming from the Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung USA, Omar Khan. So I believe they've done their homework and found that people do indeed want a device like this, why would they have spent billions on developing this type of device if it were to falter.
  • [citation needed] But seriously, what Strategy Officer (translation: marketing droid) is going to tell you they did no research at all other than look over Apple's shoulder and say holy crap we better ex-digitate and get in there.
  • If the US and Canadian carriers price it like the UK ones do... It could actually work:
  • I was literally just looking at sim only plans for the UK last night :)
    Sounds like some great prices but like you said no mention of how much for the device on contract.
    T-mobile has £10 option-100mins, 100texts and unlimited data (meaning 3gb) that I might opt for. This mentions that it has 1.2Ghz processor, everyone else if i'm not mistaken is quoting as the same in the Galaxy S phones as just 1Ghz?
  • The Galaxy Tab is just an oversized cellphone if you go with the contract one and not the WiFi only one
  • So by apples standards a tablet should be bigger and the phone should be miniscule? So there is a need for larger screens? Who would've thunk it?
  • Bottom line consumers need/want options. They will only succeed if they offer both wifi only and3g\4g\wifi units. Cater to the masses.
  • If it's priced like an add-a-phone and not like a data card then I'll definitely bite. But if it's 50 or so extra per month then no deal ?
  • Im holding out for the upgradeable tab, ill see@ size when the time comes, both 7 & 10 inch have pros and cons. But i do want a it to out perform my phone and be wifi only. Then ill be golden
  • I total agree here what's the point in buying a tablet if your phone is stronger especially if its running the same OS and is capable of doing all the tablet is. My phone is capable of doing what I need it to for work but realisticly its just too small to sit and type a full report or adjust an inventory list. Give me 10" (no rude comments peewee) the 1gig snapdragon but give me internal and external space plenty of it and double my HTC Desires 576meg of ram east SD access so we don't need to boot every time we switch Wi-Fi is enough and a nice little trackpad no contract ties I'll bite for that. It would be thinner than my netbook and I have no problem with using on-screen keyboards.
  • You know, just because there a cellular radio is present, doesn't mean you HAVE to get a contract. You can buy devices without contracts you know... sheesh....
  • I believe everyone's point is that in order for it not to be cost prohibitive, it MUST be purchased with a contract. And being as there is no wifi in it at the moment, makes it silly to purchase the device without a data plan no? The concerns are justified. Your apparent contempt however, is not.
  • I'll wait for a wifi version before before I make a trip to a sprint store for this one
  • I am sure you can get one without a contract... For about $200 more, I bet. Non-contract prices will probably price this close to iPad prices. If Samsung really wanted to move these they need to have a wifi only version. I am not gonna shell out an extra monthly fee when I could just tether the tab from my phone.
  • Galaxy Tab can do wireless printing Video: