Galaxy S5 launch

As the Samsung Galaxy S5 went on sale in over 125 countries on April 11, reports from ZDNet Korea suggest that the phone has enjoyed strong sales on launch day. Samsung reportedly shifted on average 1.3 times as many GS5s on April 11 as it did GS4s on its launch day, with some European countries seeing double the demand for this year's Samsung flagship.

In the UK, for example, where long lines were seen outside some newly-opened Samsung Experience Stores, launch-day sales were reportedly double that of the GS4. And demand was apparently just as strong in mainland Europe, with over 200 sales in the first hour at the Paris Samsung Store, and some 700 people gathering in Rotterdam for the GS5's launch.

A Samsung spokesperson told ZDNet Korea that far from the premium smartphone market becoming saturated as some had feared, Galaxy S5 demand was outstripping supply in some instances, with orders already reaching into the millions.

A saturated high-end smartphone market — i.e. everyone who wants an expensive handset already owning one — is a concern for the world's largest phone maker, which recently forecast a decline in operating profit.

Source: ZDNet Korea (Korean); via: PhoneArena