Samsung Galaxy S event in New York

Samsung on Tuesday night in New York City unveiled its United States contingent in the new Galaxy S class of Android smartphone, which it first announced in March at the CTIA convention in Las Vegas. Click a phone below for hands-on coverage from the event.

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Sprint Epic 4G
Hands-on with the Epic 4GGaming demo on the Epic 4G
Verizon Fascinate
Hands-on with the Fascinate
T-Mobile Vibrant
Hands-on with the T-Mobile Vibrant
AT&T Captivate
Hands-on with the AT&T Captivate
  • I know the event was focused to introduce the Galaxy but....Just wondering how much talk there was about the Epic 4G compared to the Galaxy S Comments??
  • The Epic 4G is for all intents and purposes a Galaxy S inside. The only difference is that they changed the looks a bit as well as added a qwerty slider keyboard and a 4G radio.
  • Any word on release dates? Particularly for the epic? Not giving us much more info than we already knew. :-)
  • Any word on release dates? Particularly for the epic? Not giving us much more info than we already knew. :-)
  • So now we know where all the screen production has been focused on.
  • I'll wait for the holiday season. Something more bad-ass is sure to come out for Christmas. Project Emerald sounds to be a true leap for all current more or less equal spec. phones.
  • Why dont you keep waiting as there will be something even better past that christmas date? Hell, why not just wait, period and not get a smartphone?
  • One thing is for certain, you will not find a better display than what the Samsung Galaxy S line has with its Super AMOLED. This screen technology will be an exclusive for a long time for Samsung and no one else will have it. Its one of their main differentiating factor and they sure as heck wont be licensing it away.
  • T-Mobile will be the first to have their phone in mid July. Samsung rep said all four carriers should have their phones available by late July, early August.
  • Stroke of Genius? All these phones, largely identical under the hood but with enough outward differences to allow all the carriers to have their own look, their own shell design, to add keyboards, subtract cameras.... Genius! This may well end up being the most profitable smartphones lines ever developed. Pseudo Fragmentation. Planned differentiation. This is the perfect phone for a booming market.
  • I had a Moment. Amazingly good phone, but Sprint really killed it. Smart of them to push it themselves, and get it out on all the big carriers. Sprint almost managed to kill off Palm, also. Well, the commercials sure didn't help.