Is this the Samsung Galaxy S 2 (the Within) for Sprint?

There's not a whole lot to go on, but it looks like the fellas over at This is my next got their hands on a couple pictures of the Galaxy S 2 (the Samsung Within) destined for Sprint.  From the above image you can clearly see the Samsung and Sprint logo, paired up with an 8MP camera, and another picture (after the break) shows a small portion of what could be an "about phone" screen showing Sprint as the network operator. 

We expect Samsung to release the Galaxy S 2 on every major US carrier eventually, but this is the first sign of one being in production that we've seen.  When you add the Within to the line-up that includes the EVO 3D and the Motorola Photon, it's apparent -- Sprint has some killer Android phones.

Source: This is my next

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  • AWESOME!!!! THATS THE PHONE I WANT!!!! **EDIT: Theres a update from the source saying that it will have version 2.3.4 when it comes out Quote: "One more note — we’re told this is running Android 2.3.4 right now, so Google Talk video chat is a go out of the box."
  • I think this looks far too similar to the Galaxy S 4G recently shown off from Rogers. Compare the third picture from this link with the above picture: Camera lens shape is very very similar, and the speaker grill is on the left, not the right. Just a thought.
  • 4.5???? plz dont!
  • Maybe next you can give us a verizon leak? ;)
  • HAHA! Verizon.....leak.......
  • I will have this and the evo 3d...
  • and that's why I hate you! lol
  • Definitely is a Sprint phone. I just checked the DEC #, and the Sprint website said it was activated.
  • Shows up as a Samsung D710 when I run it through Sprint's handset lookup. Interesting.
  • thanks guys!
    save that pic, at the source they blocked the ESNs.
    let us know if u find out anymore.
    since this is either a prototype or early release phone perhaps the ESNS arent learned in the system yet, thats why its coming up as a old sammy?
  • Must be so that no one finds out until they decide for sure that they will release it
  • It comes up as a previously cancelled device?
  • probably because its listed as a old D710 or whatever...
  • sprint probably mutilated it with a keyboard... sigh. cannot wait until verizon gets this.
  • I believe this doesn't have a hard keyboard.... I read that Sprint is going to come up with the Epic 2 with keyboard, but single core
  • i dunno i read they wanted a kb. if you look at the photo, the phone looks thicker.
  • No, actually, it doesnt. It looks curved, like it has a reverse chin on the bottom. There will be no keyboard on this...
  • No keyboard thatsfor the epic 2
  • Same here. Unless the Nexus Prime comes to Sprint.:-D
  • Im with you. Nexus Prime will be on par or better than this phone hardware wise and will probably release with Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • So excited!
  • Could also be the epic2. Need profile pic for conformation. Praying it's the GS2 though.
  • I also hope is the GS2!!!
  • If its running eclair then its def Samsung.
  • The original source says that its running 2.3.4 at the moment....btw I haven't seen in a while a new Android phone from these big companies like Samsung that bring eclair...probably froyo but not eclair
  • apparently you don't pick up very easily on sarcasm or exaggeration
  • Could be like me, no tolerance for stupidity
  • Yes, I would like to see a leak for the "Function". The timing has to be a controlled leak of some sort since the Droid Bionic is coming next month and so far nothing from Samsung about the SII phones for the US carriers. something has to be announced soon, i mean, they just announced the SII coming to Bell on the 21st. I still remember Samsung's event last year for the Galaxy S phones. Maybe Sammy did the unthinkable with that gorgeous design and managed to stuff a 4G antenna in these beauties.
  • i think that may be the epic 2 above.
  • Ya I think thats the epic 2
  • makes me more excited to switch to sprint once my tmobile contract expires in november!
  • Too bad they don't have a killer network, too.
  • agreed, they got great phones but the network sucks. glad i left them.
  • Your joking right?
  • I wouldn't consider it a joke. Knock Knock jokes are funnier than that true statement.
  • Its fact that Sprints network is not that great. You what you pay for. I travel a lot with my friend that has sprint and everywhere we I went he had shit ass reception. Chicago, miami, la newyork, it all sucked ass. Everytime we get off the plane I whip out my phone and say can u hear me now.
  • Using "can you hear me now" is sort of a bad joke in this regard as you can just roam on to VZW's network. There's only one place I've been that has poor reception (aside from house blocking almost all reception), and that is at my work's main office. I can get sporadic VZW signal at best. Unfortunately, AT&T is the only carrier with an even half-way decent signal and that's on edge. It's what I get for working on a fairly rural island.
  • That's funny cause I never had any problems with reception when I go to NY.
  • compared to whom? In California AT&T and T-Mobile majorly suck. Tons of dropped calls. Verizon's good, but super expensive. Sprint doesn't have as great of coverage as Verizon but we roam for free on verizon's network, so really by default Sprint has the best service. It's also significantly cheaper than AT&T and Verizon and at least for now has no data limitations. Not sure what you consider a killer network.
  • I agree. I switched over to Sprint from Verizon last year. I travel for work all the time and have had no trouble with Sprint's coverage. I don't regret the switch one bit.
  • looking at the top pic we can clearly see that this beauty has a chin... i know for sure that the gs2 has a chin but I dont think the original epic did. Doesnt mean the epic2 wont... I just dont think it will since it will also have a kb. I mean having a kb and chin on a phone just seems like too much thickness... I think this may be the Galaxy S II.
  • OG epic does have a slight chin,
    this is a THIN phone, look at it, its not fat at all, this is def the SG2, but i dont see anything about 4g on it.
  • The prople on this is my next blocked out that code. Privacy reasons?
  • Please let this be the galaxy s2..
    I am waiting for it so bad..
  • As much as i love my EPIC i got a 3D and am very happy with it. They took to loong. Bad Samsung for making me wait.
  • Did everyone forget how bad people thought of Samsung with the updates and all? Crazy how this one awesome phone can do that! I've liked Sammy since I got my first color screen on the SGH-E105. Now that's old school! Lol! Just moved to Sprint and hoping this is the S2, keyboard or not, itl'll be awesome!
  • lol i love how the serial number is visable, i mean can anyone say someone is going to get fired?!?
  • This is one hell of a phone. Just hope it makes it to all the carriers. This sure would be a killer phone on Verizon with the LTE radio. Oh Lord don't ask me questions.
  • Your dreaming AT BEST...If and only if this makes it to verizon IT WON'T BE LTE....That's forsure...Plus everyone already knows the best device reside on SPRINT AND TMOBILE THAT WILL ALWAYS BE
  • Being a T-Mobile fan I agree with you. My only thought is T-Mobile is closing shop so next best thing would be Verizon for me, live in big LTE area and that phone with the LTE radio would be killer. Nothing would make me happier then T-Mobile sticking around for keeps and that sick phone at T-Mobile. Just don't want another expensive paper weight. I have so many right now. I will use my Nexus One, MyTouch 4G, G2 and the Sensation until the shit hits the fan.
  • And the liklihood of Sprint's GS2 having Wimax radios is greaterrrrr... how? Why don't you take your useless "predictions" somewhere else. Or have you forgotten your assertion that the E3D would be out on June 4th, and then not have it show up for another 20 days?
  • The Nexus S 4G has a WiMax radio in it. Thus, the potential is greater. There is no phone on the market right now that is even close to as thin as the GSII that has LTE capabilities.
  • This will be another GREAT DEVICE TO ADD TO THE VERY STRONG STABLE OF DUALCORE DEVICES ON SPRINT. People can say whatever they want about sprint but the BOTTOMLINE SPRINT HAS BEEN KICKING INDUSTRY BUTT ALL YEAR LONG. They now have the best carrier profolio in the industry...When it does come out the DUALCORE LINEUP will be as follows: 1. Evo 3d, 2.Photon 4g, Sansung Within, Nexus S4g, Evo 4g, Evo Shift 4g, Epic 4g plus an asortment of great tablets lead by the HTC Evo view 4g, PLUS LETS NOT FORGET HAVING THE RIGHT TO USE OUR DEVICES AS INTENDED....UNLIMITEDLY......WHAT A GREAT NETWORK...
  • The problem with Sprint is their 4G footprint hasn't increased in two years. Their 3G network is very slow, They are also in transition, changing to LTE in the future leaves allot of questions and lousy data speeds. Teir plans are great if you happen to be in their 4G area, not many people are.
  • No, I don't believe that is correct. The footprint hasn't grown in about 1 year.
  • To be fair, it has grown *very* slightly. Like, a few miles in some major cities (San Fran Bay and NYC from what I've heard).
  • Dude, every time you post in these comment sections, I get tears. From laughing at you. Don't get me wrong. I have an EVO 3D and I'm loving it! I traded in my EVO 4G, which I got on June 4 last year, for this phone. Also, I've been with Sprint for 10 years. Your posts make you sound like you belong in the looney bin, my friend. As much as I love the EVO line, O have to admit that they aren't the best phones. If the Sprint GS2 had come out first, I may have gotten it, but Samsung was too slow out of the gate and I did not wanna start this Summer with a year old phone. So, I got the best available. Id the GS2 comes to Sprint in the same form as the overseas version, it will be a beast of a phone that will rival and may beat the EVO 3D. One last thing. Sprint does not have the greatest network. They have not been "kicking butt". When I can use my 4G from the comfort of my living room chair, and 3g speeds start averaging north of 1 mbps and 4G speeds AVERAGE North of 10 mbps, and their CDMA signal penetrate buildings without killing my battery, then they will be kicking butt! Now, they are the cheapest so I continue to tolerate them.
  • there are lot's of people who can use 4g from there home and love it it's to bad you cant i for one can i live in s.f bay area and 4g works just about every where i go!! me and my buddy did a test he with his thunderbolt and me with my evo 4g!! both on 4g full bar's at my house we ran lot's of test and pretty much every thing we did was a tie sometimes the evo 4g beat the thunderbolt on heavy flash pages! the thunderbolt did download app's faster wow like .5 second's faster!!! i thought lte was way faster as you vz fan boy's state
  • dude... you forgot to put the shift behind the epic... the epic, though sporting a hummingbird, is ten times better than the shift!
  • I'm surprised it took richard so long to comment on a Sprint thread. I think he had to get a new caps lock key.
  • Plus people should'nt get to happy yet because I am pretty sure what will arrive on sprint WON'T BE THE SAME GALAXY S2 FROM ABROAD..YOU CAN EXPECT TO MAJOR CHANGES THAT'S FOR SURE. IT WON'T HAVE THE EXYONOS PROCESSOR YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT
  • please stop posting. you give Sprint customers a bad rep.
  • HAHAHAHA! Keep making those silly (and undoubtedly wrong) predictions. You were wrong about the E3D release date, this will be no different. YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT
  • At some point in your youth someone must have told you that capitalizing everthing makes you seem more knowledgeable. Sadly this idiot was wrong. It has the opposite effect. I haven't read a single post of yours in months. I see the name and keep scrolling, and I bet you most people on this site do the same. Just an fyi. You clearly want to be heard considering how much you post. Ironically though, your format of your posts renders you silent. Just some free advice.
  • Oh man This is My Next edited the second picture now to block out the serial number. Doing a little damage control it seems heh. I wonder if they'll ask Androidcentral to do the same. Probably too late.
  • I just lined up my Evo 3d against the picture of this phone. It's definately a 4.3 in phone with a 8mp camera. Nice! It will have 4g. My evo 3D doesn't have a 4g label on it either. I'm getting this phone.
  • thats great to hear! So now we know FOR SURE this is the samsung we been waiting for, i was unaware sprint ditched the 4g logo on new 4g phones.
  • I would reopen my sprint account for this, I just cancelled it.
  • Can anyone tell me what the advantages of this phone over EVO 3D.
  • Some would say processor, screen and camera. I agree as Sammy's cams are awesome since they make cameras. Screen is Super AMOLED so blacker blacks and better battery life. The resolution is slightly lower, but I don't feel it's a big enough hit to pass up. Just look for a Sensation 4G vs. Galaxy S II comparison on line (I think pocketnow has one). You'll see differences. Oh yeah Unlocked bootloader if you are into that sort of thing.
  • Hopefully it gets a better signal!! And it definitely HAS a better camera
  • Evo 3D signal is fine. And without great analysis, it is *impossible* to know if the camera is better. Your post is a FAIL.
  • If rumors are correct (are they ever?), more Ram, most likely better camera optics, Super Amoled plus screen, Near Field Communication
  • This has made me insanely happy for some reason. Funny thing, my wife just fell in love with the Infuse 4G over on ATT (she has an iPhone 3G S now) and will probably switch. Looks like we'll be a Sammy house. This is my next (genius website name by the way) phone.
  • This is such a great phone!
  • OMG I POST IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE MY POINTS LOOK BETTER BUT REALLY IT DESTROYS MY ABILITY TO BE CREDIBLE. SPLOOSH YEAH WHAT!!! But seriously. Turn the damn caps lock off. It's just childish and make no one care anymore then they do, and makes most people care less. Good points are made mute by all caps
  • OTAY..
  • Looks like the blue letters are showing us TouchWiz ......yuck
  • The letters on the nexus s are blue
  • well I think it's pretty obvious it'll have Touchwiz. It's a Galaxy S2. It will definitely come with Touchwiz 4.0. At least Touchwiz 4.0 is a far improvement from the original galaxy s TW 3.0. I don't mind TW 4.0 at all. I prefer it over stock android UI. Now, ICS might change that, but til it's released, we won't know.
  • I can't wait for this. Time will go so slow from now on.
  • God I regret canceling my vzw contract to get the epic. It wouldve been up im 2 months which means I probably couldve got this :(
  • Notice the papera underneath on the first photo mention 4g plans. Could be a clue that it will launch as a 4g device. Hopefully it will be the same across all carriers.
  • Not an EVO.....not interested!
  • So you WANT something that's already obsolete? How quaint
  • Sprint is really starting to come out with some powerhouse Android phones!! I can't wait to see what this phone is all about. My Samsung Epic 4G is getting old. Or I just may wait to see if the Nexus Prime is coming to Sprint. Exciting times. ;)
  • I thought about the 3d and photon.. looks like this might be my next phone... If its released in a timely fashion!!!
  • I looked at both the 3D and recently the Photon. They are both great phones but I'm not excited about the Photon's pentile screen. This phone reportedly has NFC as well so I think it is worth the wait. If I get a new phone without it, I'm sure I'll regret it soon.
  • Got the EVO 4G since launch. I was already set to buy the EVO 3D when it came out, but work has been keeping me busy the past month, so I haven't had the chance to go buy it yet. But after seeing this article now, I'm glad my job kept me busy. :) I'm definitely getting this phone.
  • Good luck ever getting updates to this any sort of timely manner. Take heed of what happened to EVERY single other Samsung phone that ever has been (go ahead, do your research). Super late (if ever) updates to fix issues, the possibility of NO upgrade to the next current Android OS at the time and little to no forward support from Samsung. Heh...yea it better be bangin' specs out of the box, cause that's all you get. Oh and all of you excited about version 2.3.4? That will be what "Froyo" is to us now who have Gingerbread or above. By the time the S2 comes out, Gingerbread will be the old news. Sorry to be so negative, but yes I got burned by a Samsung high end purchase. Love Android though!
  • This looks like the Samsung Droid Charge
  • I used to swear by my EVO 4G know that my sister came to visit me in CA from overseas and she have the galaxy s2 and I used it for one week I returned my new EVO 3D and I'm staying with the original EVO until the within out and ready to be mine like my sister said nothing could took away her iphone4 but the galaxy s2 baried the memory she had of the iphone and I must say she spoke the trues I'm about to forget everything about my EVO when my within be with me exuse my English best I could do thanks
  • Listen up and listen good cuz I don't lie or play when it comes to this stuff... Sprint Is kicking but this year and will continue that but kicking like none of you can imagine. I am a sprint employee work at the West Hollywood Store in CA. It's the flagship store for the west coast Dan Hesse frequents our store device's come through our store sometimes up to 5 months before a rumor about it hits the internet. This is a HUGE year for sprint if you understand business in the least bit you know corporate change takes time. If you can't see the changes sprint has made and continue to make for the better than your just blind or don know what to look for. I know some of you may call me bias and your right I am. But only to one thing and that's customer experience. I love that SPRINT by maintaining is price plans is forcing AT& T and T-Mob todo stuff like the 70 dollar unlimited data even if it is capped. Yes thee above pic is the GS2 i've held it. YES it will be 4G yes we are getting a keyboard version as well as the standard GS2. Yes that phone will also be 4G and dual core not single core. The its not for certain it will be the epic2 or called epic at all. Yes the GS2 is a vicious competitor for the Evo 3D from personal experience I still think the Evo 3D is better. I prefer sense over touch anything I trust htc more than samsungs when it comes to mobile anything and the internal update system htc uses not having to wait for sprint like the last two patches they did for the 3d speaks volumes. Add to that and better build quality and you begin to edge out the competition. Admittedly not by much with the GS2 but still its an edge. As far as the YouTube comparisons of the GS2 to the Sensation to gauge it again the 3D, don't make me laugh the 3D itself makes the sensation look the same way. In no way am I denying the amazingness that is the GS2 I just PREFER htc that's all. Last but not least the GS2 is really really fast it was a tad and I do mean a TAD faster than my 3D but..... My Evo is jam packed 6 email accounts syncing about 80 apps 7 custom scenes setup the whole 9 and the GS2 was but naked not even signed into a gmail account. I say that today this when you watch these comparison vids take into account what may or may not be on the devices in question in terms of data info etc... Once you get these devices in hand your speed milage Will vary depending on how much you throw at your device. It's a good time to be with sprint I'm not even going to get into the improvements happening to the network ill save that for another post. And oh yeah in case you were skeptical on the matter we are absolutely getting the iphone so tell all your apple juice drinking buddies that VZ and AT&T's are numbered it'll be here before you know it. The real question is will it be 4G and honestly even I don't have that answer................ Yet. PS if your in the LA area and you want to switch to sprint I can give you 125 dollar port in credit... Yes we pay YOU 125.00 bucks to KEEP your number give me a shout PM me. Duece
  • That is one big@$$ wall of text!!! But yeah it is a good time to be a Sprint customer!
  • Today I learned sprint hires people who probably couldn't pass an eighth grade grammar test. Good to know.
  • Can you hold the phone again and this time leak some pics of it? Front, back, and side shots please... :)
  • Wow, I Did Not See This But It Only Excites Me.
  • I have had no issues with Sprint what-so-ever in my time and have had the EVO since launch. Although this phone very enticing I do not see myself using my upgrade for this phone. If it had come to the states at actual launch instead of this much time after I would have probably have jumped to it but the lack of updates, odd build quality(especially for Samsung) and the fact that it will be released on all carriers just ruins the deal. Either EVO 3D or the next Nexus(please just have a LED indicator, cmon) if it indeed comes to sprint is in my future. The Photon wont sell me until its released and comes back with amazing results(see Atrix for any ideas).
  • Ok this is realy sad Some of you guys are grown men and women acting like kids I hope the so called fanboys actually get paid to post and claim their undying love for their carrier If u dont its really sad Who cares who has this phone and that phone Variants of the Galaxy S appeared on all Carriers Last year Does anyone think Verizon wont get this? how about AT&T? Theyre all gonna get it Just like all carriers will have the iphone Thats how it should be Reminds me of the sony playstation exclusives that ended in the video game industry This is how it should be Consumers decide what network they want and what best fits their needs All the fanboy stuff is just embarrassing How old are u guys? "Verizon is the best" "Sprint Sucks" Serious?????????
  • Agreed!! I have a friend that's such an iPhone fanboy it's sad. His only response to anything is "Apple doesn't do it first but they do it better" as all Apple fanboys say. I believe that everyone has their perfect carrier and perfect device. It's not gonna be the same for everyone.
  • I love Sprint, I've had Evo 4G, now 3D... Nxt S2. Atleast in California, Sprint is the best IMO. Btw, please no keyboard on S2!
  • First of all let me say I am in lust with this phone! Having said that, I am haunted by Samsung's dismal record re: updates and bug fixes. Almost worst is their apparent total lack of concern for their consumers regarding this huge "black mark". With my next purchase I will be new to Andriod and I'm not particularly looking forward to the learning curve. I don't change my phones every couple of weeks so I'd like to just get a phone that works with realiable upgrades. That of course steers me toward the Evo 3D which is my third choice partially because it just doesn't have the "it" factor that the S2 (or iPhone) does. Let's not get our fanboy claws out, but the ONLY reason I won't be going iPhone is screen size in the next edition (no bigger). Let's face it, the Apple products are well built with quality materials and they simply work. Still holding on to a shread of hope that Samsung will somehow show us something regarding a change of direction/attitude.
  • Garrrrrr! This is killing me! release date and I'm already eligible for an upgrade! I wish I could get the photon for a couple months before the galaxy s2 comes out and then upgrade again when it is finally released! far as the complaints about sprint's network lately I've been finding them to be valid, but I will not complain if I can end up with the"WITHIN"in my hands in the next few months, cause I dont want this phone for the fact that I may make an occasional phone call with it! My actual data network hasn't given me problems!.. I'd be happy enough with it that, I won't even buy the much wanted 10.1 tab.I'll just wait a couple more months for a newer version of the galaxy tab and get my fix with the phone until then. I'm way too excited for all the samsung goodies in store for the next year! Definitely anticipating a quad core tab from them sometime after playstation releases the Vita this fall. So phone in fall, Vita on Xmas list and quad core tab in spring that too much to ask for?...It would be nice if Android central could hook me up with any or all of these, by the way. Phewwww!....I can breathe again now!
  • does anyone know if the s2 has screen lag like the s1 and nexus s
  • I haven't seen any screen lags from all the S2 reviews I've seen on YouTube.
  • if u have doubts this is sprints SGS2, then watch this,
    look at the back design, its the same
    look at the chin, its the same, the overall length, and width its the same. yes folks, this is the sprint SGS2 without keyboard, and its not too far away from being released.
  • Not too shabby just from these pics.
  • All you Verizon fan girls are going to cry soon when THE faster LTE network is launched by Lightsquared that covers all dead verizon areas with satellite coverage along with existing sprint terrestrial sites. Sprint soon to come network equals superior spectrum, speed, and coverage for years to come. Sorry Big Red, soon to be little Red...
  • hahaha that made me laugh. We will see maybe this time sprint will actually deploy and keep expanding unlike with wimax.
  • Oh and by the way for you Lightsquared doubters, FCC approval will go through no doubt one way or the other guarenteed...
    looks like this isnt the gs2 but an infuse on sprint.
  • If It Has No Hard Keybord Nore A Daul-Core Processor I'm Stickin' With My Epic 4G.
  • I hope the Epic 2 is a GS2 phone i love the size and layout of the epic too that or or something like the droid 3 on sprint would be nice i mean something i wont have to move esn around on. I had a Droid 2 on sprint for a while Used CDMA workshop moved the Moment ESN to the Droid 2 then moved the droid to esn to the moment lol