Check out Samsung's crazy folding display concepts in action

Samsung Display Week 2021 S Foldable
Samsung Display Week 2021 S Foldable (Image credit: Samsung)

Update, May 19 (7:10 pm ET): Samsung releases a sizzle reel of its latest concepts

What you need to know

  • Samsung shows off some display concepts at this year's Display Week event.
  • One concept includes the rumored bi-folding smartphone device that's thought to debut with an upcoming Galaxy Z Fold.
  • Other concepts include a device with a slidable display, a PC-like device with a 17-inch folding display, and a PC with an under-display camera.

Among the few tech events happening this week is the Display Week 2021 exhibition, where companies show off the latest innovations in display technology. Samsung is one of the big names at the event, and the company has just shown off several concepts at the event (via SamMobile), giving us a look into the company's plans for its mobile devices.

Source: Samsung Display (Image credit: Source: Samsung Display)

The first concept (above) has been rumored for some time. Samsung's "S Foldable" OLED panel shows a mobile device that folds in two places. When folded outwards, it has a display size of 7.2-inches, making it appear more tablet-like than some of the best foldable phones on the market like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. That said, it's been rumored that Samsung is preparing to launch this display concept as an actual product later this year alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung also showed off a Slidable OLED display, not unlike the LG Rollable that was once in development. Similar to how the OPPO X 2021 functions, this device will extend outwards from one side to reveal a larger display when needed.

Source: Samsung Display (Image credit: Source: Samsung Display)

Other concepts are more focused on larger tablet and PC devices. One showcases a 17-inch foldable that resembles the Microsoft Surface Duo's larger, unreleased brother, the Surface Neo. The other device is a more traditional laptop but with Samsung's Under Panel Camera (UPC), which many OEMs have been trying to develop for smartphones. This indicates that we could see the technology arrive first in Samsung PCs, although some rumors have indicated that it will show up on the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold successor.

Source: Samsung Display

Of course, these are all concepts, so there's no saying if or when Samsung Display will actually develop these into mass-market products. Still, as foldable continue to mature, it's good to see the largest Android manufacturer already working on the next innovations for display tech. We at Android Central already rounded up some of our ideas for what's next for foldables, although much of what Samsung showed off seemed to hit many of our marks.

Update, May 19 (7:10 pm ET) ― Samsung shows off it's new display concepts in action

While Google stole the show at Tuesday's Google I/O keynote, Samsung had a keynote of its own at this week's Display Week, where it showed off its concepts in more detail. The company launches a sizzle reel showing off its displays in action, including its intricate folding smartphone that can act as a nightstand.

Interestingly, the video shows the UPC featured on the 17" foldable tablet. There's also no visible front-facing camera on the slidable phone, suggesting the company has more plans to include the UPC in additional devices. OF course, these are just concepts for now, so there's no saying if or when we'll see products like these. That said, it is a fun watch.

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