Samsung's foldable concepts show how it could evolve beyond the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Oled Concepts Ces
Samsung Oled Concepts Ces (Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung's foldable display concepts are on display at CES 2022.
  • The company shows off different variations of phone concepts with multiple folds.
  • The Flex Slidable and foldable laptop/monitor concept are also on display, as well as a unique AI speaker.

While Samsung is busy trying to convince consumers that its best foldable phones have broken into the mainstream, the company is also already working on a way to advance beyond the "basic" fold we have today. Samsung is showing off its foldable display concepts at CES 2022 to give us a better look at the various form factors in development.

The Flex S and Flex G concepts look a bit like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 but take things up a notch by adding an additional fold. This effectively segments the display into three separate parts that become one when folded out.

The Flex S concept shows a device with a display that folds out with an "S" shape into a tablet-sized device. When folded, one section of the display remains visible. Another concept shows a smaller version, but with a transparent panel on one end so the user can view a small portion of the "rear" display when folded.

There's also the Flex G concept, which folds inwards into a "G" shape in order to protect the internal display.

Next up is the Flex Slidable concept, which is Samsung's take on devices like the LG Rollable or OPPO X 2021, neither of which have been released as consumer products. This concept shows the display extending outwards from one side of the device with a panel of apps that the user can select from. The display then folds back as the phone retracts.

The Flex Note concept is Samsung's take on foldable laptops like the new ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED. When folded, it's about the size of a 13-inch laptop but can be used as a large 17-inch monitor when unfolded. The video shows the device with a game on one side of the display and the controls on the bottom half.

The Flex Note looks like the Surface Neo that never was and appears to be much sleeker than the ASUS foldable. However, there's no indication yet that Samsung has plans to bring this to market any time soon.

Samsung also showed off probably the coolest take on a smart display with the AI Speaker concept. It features a wrap-around OLED that can fold outwards into a 12-inch flat-display when you need it for functions like video calling.

If some of these look familiar, it's because Samsung has shown off these concepts before in videos. Still, it's nice to see the company committed to developing new form factors. Now, if we could only get these to market.

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  • I really like the Flex S line. The reason is, when folded you always will have an outside screen. I really like the smaller Flex S. The reason are, it is smaller and the width of the screens seems to be wider.
  • This is just starting to look like sci-fi stuff lol
  • It proves the future belongs to Samsung... As if the present didn't already... Thats one impressive foldable portfolio.... The future is bright for Android. Yet I do admit, I never want a foldable phone.... Maybe in ten years when it's perfected? Maybe... But I'm not paying and buying into the significant upgrades that will take ten years to perfect.
  • We've all got our own needs, preferences and economic thresholds. I'm using the Fold 3 as my daily driver; going on 4 months now, and still zero problems. Excellent size display for one-handed use when folded and awesome big screen for any sort of media consumption when open - it's superior to a standard slab in both scenarios! Sheer weight is the only downside in everyday use, but even here the particular way you handle this device partly cancels out the issue...
  • That anyone thinks those things are "crazy cool" is disappointing. They really aren't. They're ugly, in fact.
  • Yes, 'cause your opinion is the only one that counts, right...?
  • Disagree with this absolute notion. However, I already find weight of flagship phones an issue (220g+) so foldables make that worse. Most of the time, if I need media consumption, I'd turn to Laptop / Desktop Monitor and on-the-go, a standard phone is more than enough. However, if the screens get larger in a virtual sense (as in VR), that makes much more sense to me as it won't be bound by physical limitations due to form factor
  • Nice to see samsung still pushing the envelope. I like that S fold device (phone?) with the clear notification panel.
  • After using Fold 3, I'm excited for samsungs future. They definitely changed the game as I'll stay foldable going forward. Nothing compares.