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Samsung Fascinate MR update released

Verizon has released the scheduled maintenance release update for the Samsung Fascinate, and it's not Froyo.  Prepare your rotten tomatoes and pitchforks, because yes, I did say it could be Froyo a few days back when we got tipped about the update.  Unfortunately, it's just the DL09 update that many said wouldn't pass Verizon's quality control.  Looks like it did :)

The good news is that it supposedly fixes the GPS (though many say differently) and offers a slew of other bug fixes and enhancements, and updates all those apps everyone wants to uninstall.  For more info and instructions, hit the source link. [Verizon (opens in new tab) via Android Central forumsThanks everyone who sent this in!

Want to discuss the good and bad about the update?  Check out the Fascinate forums while I slink off and hide my head in shame.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Samsung all over the news today
  • I figured it wouldn't be 2.2 Samsung sucks!
  • I upgraded from the Droid to the Fascinate in early Dec.....but fortunately I returned it within 10 days. I liked the phone but glad I went back. hope they get 2.2 out to those who have waited and deserve it.
  • GPS and backlight fixes on bottom keys? If it works properly, I'm excited. The Fascinate is an amazing phone and I'm only ever frustrated when I have to open Google Maps and wait 3-4 minutes.
  • Why push this out now instead of just rolling it in to Froyo? Does that mean an even longer wait?
  • what a joke.
  • The only reason vz would do this to buy more time to roll out 2.2
  • The only reason vz would do this to buy more time to roll out 2.2
  • LAST samsung phone i ever get! Thinking about smashing this phone into as many pieces as i can and switching to the iphone.
  • You should blame your carrier! Samsung released the froyo source over a month ago, its up to the carriers to release it to the public. It kills me when ppl don't read, a good example is the canadian carrier Rogers, they already have froyo released for their Captivate
  • Not Samsungs fault they push 2.2 froyo out a long time ago. Its Verizon, att, tmobile, and Sprint that need to get there act together. Verizon puck up the most when they put bing on this thing drop verizon not Samsung.
  • ive been waiting for SOMETHING from them!!! can someone tell me how to get this update on my phone??? THAAAANKS
  • Verizon is the problem
  • Samsung is crap! It looks like they've got people pushing a bad update to Froyo and telling us that it's the carrier's fault. There's no reason for any carrier to not push the Froyo update, if it's all good. Look at the leaked Froyo roms, they're mostly good but are still problematic. For example, when people updated their Epic with the DK28 Froyo rom, it would brick a lot of the phones. Now if Sprint had pushed it and phones started to brick, what kind of hell would Sprint have taken?
  • Samsung Galaxy S phones in Canada are getting froyo its not Samsung's fault its the carriers they decide what goes to their phones, so stop blaming Samsung.
  • If it's the carriers, then why is it being released on Kies, Samsung's servers?
  • True,
    Samsung is not the problem. Its good ol Big Red.
    Thanks Verizon, for no Froyo love givin, late, sorry ass excuses.
    We appreciate it.......
  • I so would have got this phone, but unfortunately I can't get over the bing thing. I wonder if Microsoft will have to put Google as the default device search on their phones when they finally arrive? Verizon is the only thing that lets the Iphone look remotely good. No bloatware and updates at the same time. Yeah, I can root, but Motorizon doesn't make it easy.
  • Must admit I am shocked. Can't believe they are spending time working on 2.1 still. Hopefully the update fixes some things for you guys at least. I am guessing this will be the last US Galaxy S phone to get froyo, but who knows. I can tell you I will never buy another Android phone that is an OS behind. I picked the Epic over Evo cause I wanted the keyboard along with what seemed to be a promise of a quick upgrade to froyo, consider that lesson learned. I don't expect gingerbread but of course would be happy to get it, but these froyo delays are well past due.
  • most android phones are on os behind unless you get one of the nexus phones which you cant get on all carriers. so pretty much you get a phone with old os even the new phones that come out
  • Why does everyone here say it's not Samsung's fault when NONE of the US carriers have released Froyo yet? Just saying.
  • Because everywhere else in the world has? Someone has to make that bloatware work with Froyo/TW, and while I'm sure Samsung assists, it's not their software to update.
  • Definitely doesn't seem to fix the backlight issue for the keys at the bottom of the screen.
  • i bet u money that samsung wants to release froyo on all carriers at once. froyo fixes gps. this update won't .
  • Froyo doesn't fix GPS on the Galaxy S phones. The GPS driver in Froyo is different to help the GPS, but it doesn't fix it. If it fixed it, you wouldn't see Vibrant and Captivate owners taking their phones apart to fix the GPS contacts to the antenna. This hardware fix looks like a sure thing!
  • says " no new updates " when trying to search for update. Where and how did you get it? Thanks in advance
  • I'm getting same response no new updates
  • Please fix VZW link
  • Update will apparently push to the fascinate, if you can believe the VZW folks. Anyway, to weigh in. Have had fascinate for 2 weeks. Rooted it on day one. is wicked fast, stable, no, NO BING left and GPS locks on in a heartbeat. Of course coming from Blackberry, maybe I am just spoiled; but this is the best damn phone I have ever owned and I get cranky with phones quick. My 0.02
  • To bad it doesn't say anything about allowing Google to be the default search engine. Poo.
  • Nah that would come with Froyo. In other words, probably never. Bing is a bitch, butni found the workaround thanks to Android Central.
  • I still got no new updates available so I'm still waiting to not view flash videos but this update should holds me over for a little while as long as froyo isn't too far away.
  • Flash is going to make your phones browser choppy. Who wants that? Skyfire does a decent enough job for me. And if we ever do get froyo I'll sure as fuck be disabling flash. Don't need it.
  • Flash doesn't make anything slow and choppy. I have froyo on my SGS and everything loads snappy even with flash videos and if it feels slow loading to you, you can always set flash settings to on demand so flash videos only load when you click on the video
  • For those of you having gps issues on the fascinate try disabling googles location services while leaving the other two options enabled. It really works. Gps lock in seconds. Works well on this update as well as the leaked DJ05. Im not sire about DI01 but id be optimistic on it. A quick visit to location settings will save a lot of headache.
  • more broken promises from samsung
    the 'broken promises' company
  • I've had this phone since launch really. Slapped Launcher Pro Plus on it asap and threw the Google search file on it and have been good to go ever since. This phone is fast, beautiful, light and I really don't see the need for Froyo. I don't care for flash. I just don't need it. Peep my phone here. It's an old video but still shows quite a bit. I can see how some are mad at Sammy but eh, I'm not one of them... Watch here
  • There are too many Samsung trolls on here. It's the carriers... ha! It's Samsung. Samsung allowed the bloatware, Samsung did not set schedules for rollout. Oh, and it's their name on the phone!
  • Mine says "Verizon" at the top and "Samsung" at the bottom. The name I don't see on my phone is "Google". There is plenty of blame to go around and I think it is best spread evenly between the two names prominently displayed on the front of my/your phone...
  • Samsung assumed full responsibility on their Twitter page. Get with it, already.
  • I'm getting impatient waiting for this stupid update. What the hell is the hold up Verizon!?
  • I feel like a test subject in Aperture Laboratories. "The Froyo is a lie"
  • I'm still waiting also... I'm not familiar with waiting for an update.. how long can it take before it's pushed out to everyone?
  • Just to let those who wanted to know, I received the update about a 1/2 hour ago. The only thing I noticed are the lights for the bottom four buttons stay lit while your screen is on and the phone speed has improved greatly. I don't use the GPS features on phones, so I'm not to sure if it has been fixed or not.