Samsung dinged for slipping ads into the Z Flip's stock apps

Galaxy Z Flip Aod
Galaxy Z Flip Aod (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has been criticized for including ads in some parts of the Galaxy Z Flip.
  • The ads in question were spotted in Samsung's phone app.
  • The firm includes these on all phones running its software, not just the Z Flip.

Samsung has been dinged for placing ads in the Galaxy Z Flip's phone app this week. While smartphone OEMs like Xiaomi sometimes use commercial partnerships to subsidize the costs of their phones, the Galaxy Z Flip is an expensive, conceptual smartphone that some buyers feel shouldn't need ads.

It's already spawned some debate on social media.

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It's a little bit of a contentious subject with a few obvious caveats. The ad placement isn't limited to the Z Flip, it appears in all Samsung phones but only become prominently noticeable in the Flip over the weekend. The ad itself is located in the Samsung phone app, a place that not many users will be heading to on a day to day basis. It's also in the Places section, a further sub-panel that even fewer users will be going on a day to day basis.

But then again, the Z Flip does cost over $1400. If there is any phone we shouldn't need to make apologetics for, it's one that costs over a grand. But then again, we've been accepting ad-creep in our software from Microsoft's Windows to Apple's iOS for years now that perhaps it's become hard for manufacturers to know what's acceptable and users to know what to complain about.

Many people won't notice the Z Flip ad, but maybe there's a discussion to be had there about whether Samsung — and other OEMs in general — should be more mindful about ad placement on their devices, especially higher priced ones.

  • He tweets he can use Google's app... I though Google's Phone app wasn't open to other phones outside of the PIxel.. can anyone confirm if Google Phone works on Samsung devices?
  • I can confirm I use Google Phone app on my Note 10+... And have the ads on the "Places" tab on my stock phone app also. I wouldn't mind if it served me local ads instead of random DirecTV ads. They said enabling it was too help find local businesses faster... Then they throw up irrelevant ads instead of local business! That's what bothers me
  • There are ads in Google Search and Google Maps too. Also, you have to opt in to the service. You get a sign up screen if you haven't. Just looked at it on my phone.
  • The bit about iPhone having ads is a bit disingenuous. On the link to that piece the author writes that now Apple Music offers search by lyrics, thing is you have to go to he app to see that. More importantly why wouldn’t an app explain on if it’s new features? No, iOS doesn’t have ads notifications.
  • How ironic that I opened this article, and an ad popped up...
  • Complaining about ads on a section of the phone that I can guarantee most people won't encounter. I get more adds on this app than anything lol.
    Stop finding tiny things
  • Nearly every app I have downloaded from Google Play has ads. Why single out Samsung?
  • Because it's in the stock phone app and not an app downloaded from the play store... is this not obvious? Thought it was obvious... hmmmm 🤔