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Samsung and O2 unveil Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y Olympic editions

Samsung is a big Olympic sponsor, and it's been ramping up its promotional efforts considerably in the lead up to this summer's London games. In addition to bringing to market the "official phone of the Olympics" in the form of the Galaxy S III, Samsung's also releasing special Olympic editions of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y smartphones through British network O2. The devices include limited edition back covers sporting either the Team GB lion logo, or the union jack. And owners will also get the chance to win a "once in a lifetime Team Samsung experience," including --

  • a pair of tickets to an Olympics Games Event
  • a pair of tickets to the Team GB training camp in Loughborough on 6 July 2012
  • a pair of tickets to the Team GB celebration event taking place in London

In addition, for each device sold, Samsung says it'll donate £1 (~$1.60) to "Team GB athletes of the future," meaning you can pick up a shiny new toy for yourself and enjoy a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

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Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

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  • Wow, is it me or do the models look downright miserable to be in that photo shoot? o_O At least the ones on the sides...
  • They probably aren't models. Maybe that's why they are pissed.
  • I'd might give half-a-damn about this if it was actually available on Verizon. But it's not, so I don't.
  • I'm willing to be the "models" are athletes from each sport participating in the Olympics.
  • You know what loses it's coolness really quickly? Olympic memorabilia one day after the Olympics is over.
  • Am i the only one who, after seeing the picture, thought that it's yet another swedish gay pop band?