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Samsung and Google reportedly working on high-end, 10-inch Nexus tablet

Here's another juicy Nexus rumor to complement all these LG Nexus photos we've been seeing over the past few hours. According to information given to CNET by industry analyst Richard Shim, Google is also at work on a 10-inch Nexus tablet, which will be developed and "co-branded" with Samsung. The tablet will reportedly be a high-end device, sporting a 2560x1600 panel, with an iPad-beating pixels density of 299ppi. Shim said the source of these reports were "supply chain indications."

Shim also claimed that Google would begin production of a $99 Android tablet in December, echoing earlier reports from industry rumor-monger Digitimes. However, he neglected to mention whether this would be a Nexus 7 variant or another model altogether.

All this is unconfirmed for the time being, but the nature of the source would seem to elevate it above the usual Internet rumors. And with ASUS already producing the Nexus 7, it's possible Google may seek to diversify with a Samsung-made Nexus 10, possibly based upon that P10 "retina" tablet that was revealed in court documents a few months back.

Would you be in the market for a high-end, Samsung-made Nexus tablet? Shout out in the comments and let us know.

Source: CNET

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • We'll see how "high-end" Samsung can make this. Although, I'd rather have Asus do it, after the Nexus 7.
  • And after the Transformer Prime debacle I'll shy away from "high end" Asus tablets. My Nexus 7 is nice, but I wouldn't gamble more than $200 on Asus after being burned once already.
  • Sorry to break it to you, but the Nexus 7 is a high-end tablet. Just at a low price.
  • After assembly issues with the N7, Prime and Infinity, I'd never buy another Asus tablet. Glad to hear that Sammy is working on this one.
  • I'd definitely be interested because currently there are generally no 10 inch tablets on the market with high resolution screen that could compete with the iPad. The only one is Asus Infinity and the rest generally has too low, 1280x800 resolution. This resolution is good for a 7" tablet but not for anything bigger.
  • Morning ritual: coffee and reading AC on the iPad.......the irony, yes I would be very interested! Love my touchpad with cm9, but I would like the high end version of a 10" android tab. Then again, a gnote2 and the laptop may cover all things I need to do.....
  • I'll only buy it if Google sells it at zero margin.
  • Sure, because businesses aren't there to make money. Would I like it to cost less? Sure. But, I do expect them to make SOME money off the device. I'm aware that Google's overall plan is to make money off the integrated Google services. As such, the markup could be minimal.
  • +1
    We should all want google to keep making tons of money so they can continue to bring great products to market - which tke tons of money to develop, like Project Glass or Maps, etc. And to fight off Apple patent claims as Apple starts to erode (see APPL since iPhone 5 launch).
  • I don't like Samsung that much,as their quality is not as high as ASUS. I have the Galaxy S2 and in less than a year too many problems appeared, such as horizontal black lines in the screen, Very Super Poor Battery life, as it go down from 100% to 10% in less than 8 hours on wifi without 3g, without gaming and without camera. The material used in Samsung is not very impressive, my friend has the last Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and it is very similar to to the Galaxy S2 except the screen resolution. I don't think I'm going to purchase any Samsung Device even if it is the Google Nexus.
  • S2, or S2 Skyrocket? I've heard claims from both, but my S2 lasted upwards of 24 hours with light use. It still lasted above 12hrs with moderate usage. Obviously our usage could vary, but point is still valid. As for build quality, I've had the Epic 4g, two S2, and S3. Never once had a quality issue with the devices. I have multiple friends with Samsungs as well, all good quality devices. So, either you have bad luck or need to take better care of your devices.
  • my experience is that Samsung products are much higher quality. I have only had horror stories with Asus tablets besides the nexus 7. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still great and I have it running jellybean with cm10, still the best tablet is have ever used
  • +1. Asus has had problems with software and glitches. What good is a great built case when there's no papers for it to weigh down. IF this is just a better screened G-Tab then I don't know. The Note 10.1 is an awesome Tablet and with the addition of the S-Pen makes it the Tablet of the year imo. IF it will include the S-Pen and be pure untouched Keylime then I'll think about it.
  • I have owned a Galaxy tab 10.1 and 8.9 and also had a nexus 7 and transformer infinity. Hands down build quality-wise samsung takes the cake. My infinity is having issues currently with screen rotation bugging out. The galaxy tabs only got replaced because their hardware got outdated. Granted Asus is much better with software updates your comment was about quality. Yes Asus' tablet is encased in much finer materials but there are numerous complaints about loose and separating screens and interference between bluetooth and wifi. The list goes on.
  • I've had an HTC Evo, Epic Touch, Asus TF300 (returned because of screen defect), Asus Prime (was actually pretty happy with it despite it's flaws but returned it after 60 days for the Infinity), Asus Infinity and now a Galaxy S III. From my experience, Samsung despite it's plastic builds had the best build quality. I really like my Infinity but it just falls short on it's face, I shouldn't have to root and install an app like browser2ram to have a somewhat decent web browsing experience. My keyboard dock is seperating and you can click it back together, screen is seperating in multiple areas and after this being my third Asus tab I don't really see the point in bothering to even contact them. They just have massive QC issues. I could send it back to them and get it back and have the same problem a week later. I have to wonder if people spewing this Asus build quality shenanigans actually own an Asus tablet at all and even if they did and their's is perfect, you'd have to at least be aware that Asus tabs have massive qc issues compared to other manufactures. *edit* just to further point out that materials used doesn't translate neccesarilly to a better build in terms of quality, my wife has a TF300 and keyboard dock and the dock is rock solid compared to my TF700's. No creaking, flexing or seperating. Go figure.
  • Batteries do have a finite charge cycle life, you know. Bad battery life after 12 months can't really be blamed on the manufacturer as much as on the use pattern of the battery. Buy a $5 replacement off Amazon and have an almost-like-new battery experience again.
  • If this is true, I'm buying TWO of them! Forget about buying the Galaxy Note 10.1, the specs for the Nexus 10 are monstrous, if true.
  • Doesn't Apple hold the patent on any tablet with a high resolution screen? ;)
  • Pen-tile can be a tricky thing, looks great on a 4.8 inch SGS3 but like crap on the 4.65 inch Galaxy Nexus. Looked like crap on my old Galaxy S but not so bad after i put a custom ROM that dealt with a matrix to display the image better. I also have a old plasma that has a 848x480 resolution but i send a 720p image to it and i can still see single pixels (a bit blurry) but looks just as good 10ft away as my 1080p lcd producing the same 720p image from 10ft away when watching a movie. You can see the hairs on people heads and everything. So what i'm saying in the end is that it really might look sharper then the new iPad or if not just as sharp. You can get further into this and how the human eye does not see the color red as sharp as other colors like green to see why Samsung really has a science behind this and is not being as cheap as you think. All this being said, Super LCD 2 i think is better :-)
  • It will be interesting to see how Android tablet development will progress with a Google-branded 7 inch device followed by a Google-branded 10 inch device. The 7 inch form factor is best utilized by the tablet UI that Google wants app developers to integrate, but phone UI apps are still functional when scaled up. For a 10 inch tablet, this is not the case; tablet specific apps are a necessity for good user experience. We will also have to see the market success of such a device. I know a lot of Android purists like myself already bought a Nexus 7 and have no need for a 10 inch, thus potentially cutting in to Google's core supporters. For me, I was skeptical of the 7 inch form factor, but I've come to love it probably more than I would a 10 inch device. Either way, this is good for Android, which is good for me, happy user of a quality Nexus 7 :)
  • Oh yes please. I was thinking about buying a Nexus 7 to go along with my Galaxy S3 but if we are to get a Nexus 10 made by Samsung I'll be definitely up for it. Guess I better wait and see before getting the Nexus 7.
  • I'll want to get my hands on one before trading up my Asus tf300. I'm happy with it, but a true Google 10" pad would be fantastic.
  • All of my yes. After my nightmarish experience with the Asus TF700 that ended in me returning it after 4 exchanges, it'll be a while before I can trust that brand again and 7" is just too small for me which is why I didnt go for the Nexus 7 in the first place.
  • A Nexus branded 10" to go head to head with the New iPad would be great. Samsung does have very good build quality. Asus isn't bad either, they both their issues (Had to send back my Gnex cause of the usb charging fault). Let Asus keep making a Great Nexus7, Sammy can get the Nexus10. This is going to be a great time for Android.
  • This would be great, but only if it has an option for an SD card.
  • Count me in! I bought my original Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Launchday and love it - if only they were still actively developing ROMs for it! (I am partial to CM, and both the CM9 and CM10 alpha builds have yet to get the camera fully operational, as well as many other bugs...) In any event, the 10 inch profile is just right for me for not only web browsing but also watching movies, these are the two most common uses for my 10 in tab. I have been happy with Samsung devices so far, former SII E4GT owner and current SIII owner, so if Sammy and Google team up to make a sexy and powerful 10.1 tab - you can bet I will be in line on launchday!
  • Honestly, the iPad is still king of the tablet world. However the Microsoft Surface has really peaked my interest.
  • High Resolution with killer specs made with Nexus brand, I'd be on that faster than a rabbit gets f-----. Please put together a quality tablet that the Android user can be proud of. There are so many pieces of junk just thrown together and off to market they go. A top of the line Nexus branded tablet with killer specs will be well received as long as they don't leave out the most important part of the tablet. Good Design, High Res, storage, storage, quad core or more, pentaband radios with LTE, wifi, great accessories like keyboard, stereo speakers and good camera. Great for starters. Give us a great device and it will sell like crazy. Package the Nexus tablet with a matching Nexus phone and what a package. Take my $$$, I want them both.
  • I would be in the market for a tablet like this!! Samsung has great hardware and Vanilla android with Nexus sounds like a great combo. I just really Hope high-end really means high-end... something that is going to last me longer than a year
  • NOOOOOOOOO!! retina is another scam (like siri) that google might end up using just to satisfy the hype? please dont. 1080p is the most a 10" tablet will ever need. please dont be true... I was going to buy this thing.
  • Until we know the real specs, I can't comment if this would pull me away from the Xoom Nexus (which I have been very happy with). 1) It would have to be LCD2
    2) Would have to have an SD card slot
    3) Would like a small bezel
    4) Must have nice stereo sound
    5) 2GB of RAM would be nice
    6) Must be a decent price I personally think > 1080P on a 10" tablet is stupid... but I am interested in a Nexus 10
  • I dont understand the fascination with a sd slot. Give me 64gb in the tab itself and shove the slot. I do understand the fascination for a smaller bezel. I have the tf101, ugh the bezel is the size of a small african nation. Number 1 thing that needs to happen though, it needs to be light and easy to handle.
  • It sounds nice, but being a Nexus device it likely won't have external storage, and I'm sure it would be priced around $500 for the little 16GB version. For a screen as good as that I would need a lot more storage, plus an S-pen.
  • Absolutely yes! Bring it, and I will pay!
  • If priced less than $400 then hells yeah!
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 Destroys all!!