Samsung and Google reportedly working on high-end, 10-inch Nexus tablet

Here's another juicy Nexus rumor to complement all these LG Nexus photos we've been seeing over the past few hours. According to information given to CNET by industry analyst Richard Shim, Google is also at work on a 10-inch Nexus tablet, which will be developed and "co-branded" with Samsung. The tablet will reportedly be a high-end device, sporting a 2560x1600 panel, with an iPad-beating pixels density of 299ppi. Shim said the source of these reports were "supply chain indications."

Shim also claimed that Google would begin production of a $99 Android tablet in December, echoing earlier reports from industry rumor-monger Digitimes. However, he neglected to mention whether this would be a Nexus 7 variant or another model altogether.

All this is unconfirmed for the time being, but the nature of the source would seem to elevate it above the usual Internet rumors. And with ASUS already producing the Nexus 7, it's possible Google may seek to diversify with a Samsung-made Nexus 10, possibly based upon that P10 "retina" tablet that was revealed in court documents a few months back.

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Source: CNET

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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