Sailboat Championship

Sailing is one of those things that can be explained in a couple of minutes, but it really takes a lifetime to master. Sailboat Championship (from Infinite Dreams) marries the fundamentals of being on the water with excellent Android gameplay. You've got to pay attention to where the wind is coming from, first and foremost. That affects your course, of course. Depending on the difficulty level, you might only have to worry about steering -- and the wheel has a good bit of travel to it, adding to the realism of steering. Or, you might have to handle the lines, and that's where things get intricate. 

The graphics are pretty stunning and gameplay is fast and smooth -- and it's also pretty hard. Or maybe it's just that I've spent too many years as a landlubber and I'm rusty. There are enough races to keep you interested long past the time the sun drops below the mast. And for its special introductory price of $1.99, it's a game you're not going to want to pass up.