Rumored Ice Cream Sandwich test device surfaces

Update 2: Yeah. Fake. Move along, folks.

Update: Tech Hog has pulled the post and picture. That proof it's real? Proof it's fake? News at 11.

ZOMG, might this be Google's next Nexus device? Could be. According to Tech Hog (yeah ...) what you see here indeed is testing platform for Ice Cream Sandwich  -- ICS. And if you had any doubts about how Honeycomb features were going to be merged into the smartphone platform, you need only count the number of buttons you can see on the front of this thing. While it's possible they could be the kind of magical disappearing capacitive buttons you see on a few phones now, we're more than willing to bet the home-back-menu-search functions will be moving to software, just like in Android's tablet OS.

Anyhoo, two manufacturers said to be in the running for the next Nexus device are HTC (natch) and LG. The device is said to be in testing with HSPA+ and Sprint's CDMA. No real surprise there. As for when we'll see release? We'd figure later in the year, much as we know you guys would like it out ... yesterday.

Source: Techhog 1, 2; Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Phil Nickinson