Rumor: AT&T to announce the Motorola Olympus at CES

The unsourced rumor du jour is that Motorola and AT&T will be announcing the Motorola Olympus during CES next week. The long rumored 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor has been making its rounds on the web for the past few months now. And that's basically it, not much is known about the device. Judging by the few leaked photos, the phone looks like it will sport a screen larger than 3.7 inches. 

It's also worth mentioning that this is the first time we'll see Motorola bringing a high-end Android powered phone to another carrier outside of Verizon. Head into the Rumored Devices forum to see what others are chatting about. [via IntoMobile]

Update: We've independently heard that the Olympus definitely is in testing on AT&T, with a 4-inch screen with 480x854 resolution.

Andrew Melnizek
  • Actually, it is not the first Moto android phone outside of Verizon. they currently have 4 on AT&T. the backflip, flipout, flipside, and bravo. EDIT: This was posted before the post was edited to say high-end.
  • Ummmmm.... Backflip, Flipout, Flipside and Bravo are all on AT&T. I know you don't want to consider them Android...but they are.
  • He meant high end devices.
  • Pretty sure the author meant high end devices, in which case he's correct.
  • bravo has 3.7 inch screen & 800 MHz processor. thats considered high end.
  • Dont forget the Cliq and Cliq XT on T-mobile.
  • Motorola also has Android devices on T-Mobile.
  • Sure looks like a Galaxy device.
  • Also the nextel moto phone
  • For the first time EVER, I am slightly jealous of AT&T folks... I have the Evo on Sprint, but still....Dual Core Tegra!? Nice... You finally pinned yourself one down, ATT customers.
  • Jealous? The Evo has a larger screen, tons of support, frequent and timely updates, ability to side-load no prob, 4G, and the fantastic HTC Sense interface. And it is on a network (Sprint) that costs a lot less and already has a very significant 4G rollout. No need to be jealous, just be happy for the people on AT&T! And if you STILL feel jealous, just think about the Evo 2 coming out in several months :)
  • Thank you....I needed that "slap in the face" You're right. Sprint always has something up their sleeve. :)
  • I would never get an Android device on AT&T until they get rid of their ridiculous data cap.
  • Guys, when he says high end, he means flagship devices. Phones that would make you consider switching carriers for. If you were on T-Mobile with your G2, would you look at the Backflip and decide that the G2 just wasn't cutting it?
  • That's not how the article read. It needs a correction.
  • *deleted*
  • that's like driving a 2010 Mercedes model & looking in envy at the person next to me for driving a 1999 chevy cavalier...
  • Those four are high end graemegb?
  • My comment was posted before he corrected the post to say High-End.
  • "it will sport a screen larger than 3.7 inches. " Is it 4 or 4.3 inch?
  • Only 4" according to their update.
  • 4" is a good size though, i think 4.3" is a little big unless the bezel is reduced to almost nothing (like the desire hd)
  • I love the 4.3" on the Evo, and it already has very little bezel. I am not sure I would want any bigger, though.
  • Finally I can get rid of my blackberry!
  • I will be interested! Can't wait to dump samsung.
  • And don't forget this ATT so no apps out side market. Locked bootloader and only a four inch screen. DroidX rules all
  • DroidX has nothing on the Evo, my friend :) Think kickstand, 4G, and front-facing camera.... But it is all good.
  • The Droid X has a higher resolution screen which supports 16 million colors opposed to the EVO's 65 thousand. It has DLNA support, dedicated GPU, screen made of gorilla glass, extra microphone, and considerably better battery life.
  • God I hope that isn't full motoblur!
  • Please don't have a locked bootloader...PLEEEEEAAAASSEEEE!
  • it will
  • Verizon is getting that phone too. only Verizon's will have LTE.
  • just remember..
    if they promise you an android version update
    you're probably never gonna get it
  • I'm really surprised that no Android phones have been leaked or announced that have a screen with a higher resolution than 854x480, especially now that phones are able to have dual core. Are phone creators that scared of a performance decrease? If the iPhone 4 can handle the extra resolution, why not an Android phone that's much more powerful than it?
  • Many (perhaps most) people (myself included) don't care about a higher resolution for a phone screen because they don't have bionic eyes. I just want a big/readable screen. Having higher DPI does nothing for most people- it just becomes an empty spec that uses more CPU, GPU, and RAM. Now something larger than 4ish inches- yeah, you need to start raising the resolution. Example- the Evo is 213 DPI. The screen on my home computer is only 93 DPI. So the Evo with "only" a 4.3" screen is already more than DOUBLE the resolution density of my home Samsung 24" desktop computer screen.
  • I agree with crxssi. Maybe in larger screens... maybe. But it's like having 1080p resolution on a 32 inch flat screen (vs. 720). The difference is virtually imperceptible by human eye on a tv screen of that size.
  • I'm really excited for this phone. I hope that all of these rumours is true though. I expect them not to be because AT&T sucks really badly. I'd absolutely love to get my hands on this. I hope it doesn't have a front facing camera. I'm not a big fan of it being made out of plastic either.
  • AT&T is great in Philly.
  • So what's Moto gonna have for Sprint? {{-_-}}