This clear cover is about as basic as cases go, keeping everything clear and easy to access. The polycarbonate shell doesn't do much for hiding fingerprints, scuffs, or scratches after its been used for a couple days. There's an opening for the camera and flash with a slight indentation below where the Motorola logo resides. Surrounding the shell is a more flexible TPU bumper that features port plugs to keep out dirt and other debris while your charging and/or auxiliary cables aren't in use. Unless I'm purposely using a rugged case, I'm not much of a fan of port plugs and end up cutting them off with a razor to keep them from getting in the way.

The side buttons are raised on the TPU bumper and a small opening can be found on the left corner for connecting a lanyard. There's not much else that stands out with this hard case, but it does come with a screen protector if you're not already using one. I've also noticed that the clear TPU bumper has already started showing signs of yellowing only after a week of use, which is surprisingly fast compared to this same case for other devices.

The Ringke FUSION Case for Moto G 2015 comes in a crystal bumper (as shown) or smoke if you prefer a slightly darker look around the edges. For a basic clear case, this one will do the trick for shielding against light drops but it doesn't take long to show wear. For its $10.99 price point, it's still not a bad buy for a slim case to slap on the Moto G 2015.

$10.99 at Amazon

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