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Ring finally made indoor cameras worth considering, buy two now and save big

Modern technology has allowed us to place fairly inexpensive cameras in our homes that allow us to keep an eye on things while we're away. Now Ring, known for its video doorbell, has an indoor camera of its own. For Cyber Monday, you can get a Ring Indoor Cam 2-Pack (opens in new tab) from Amazon for $120. This bundle also comes with a $20 Amazon gift card.

The Ring Indoor Cam is simple and straightforward in its basic function. It's a small, internet-connected camera that you can place in your home so you can check in while you're away. You plug it into a power outlet, set it up with your home's Wi-Fi network, and your good to go With two of them, you can watch multiple parts of your home at once. The camera can be mounted on both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces.

The features of the Indoor Cam are fairly typical of this type of device. It features 1080p HD video (with support for night vision), as well as two-way talk between the camera and the Ring mobile app. You can get real-time notifications for motion detection, and in addition to your phone, you can also watch the live view of the camera through your Echo Show. It also works with other Echo devices, which illuminate and make an announcement when someone is at your door.

The Ring Indoor Cam can be connected to all of your other Ring products, including the Video Doorbell and other Indoor Cams, through the Ring mobile app. With your devices connected, you can get a complete picture of what's happening in and around your home.

You can pick up this bundle, which includes a $20 Amazon gift card (a good chunk of the way to a third Ring Indoor Cam, in fact), at a discounted price of $120 this Cyber Monday, so place your order (opens in new tab) before the event comes to a close.