Ring's new $40 sensor alerts you when someone smashes your glass door

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor
Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor (Image credit: Ring)

What you need to know

  • Ring has added a new sensor to its home security lineup.
  • The new sensor detects the sound of breaking glass from up to 25 feet away.
  • Ring's glass break sensor will cost $40 and will be available on February 16.

Ring already makes some of the best smart home security systems in the market, such as the second-generation Ring Alarm system. The Amazon-owned company is expanding its product line with a new sensor that will notify you if it detects the sound of glass shattering in your home.

The Ring Alarm glass break sensor is a small puck that listens out for breaking glass up to 25 feet away, the company said. The sensor uses artificial intelligence to distinguish genuine glass break events from false alarms like similar sounds from the John Wick movies.

It is compatible with both the Ring Alarm and Alarm Pro, and it supplements the home security lineup's contact sensors and motion detectors. However, Ring is not the first company to offer this capability; Google's Nest Doorbell can already warn you about glass breaking with Nest Aware.

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor

Source: Ring (Image credit: Source: Ring)

When the sensor detects a smashed window, for example, you'll receive a notification on your Ring app, allowing you to take appropriate action. If you have a Ring Protect Pro subscription, you can also configure the settings to have a monitoring professional call you or automatically activate a Ring Alarm siren.

Of course, the Protect Pro subscription is optional, costing $3 per month or $30 per year for each device. However, it never hurts to be extra cautious.

The puck can be easily mounted to a wall, ceiling, or a piece of furniture near glass doors and windows. Unveiled at CES 2022, the glass break sensor is now available for pre-order for $40. Shipping will start on February 16.

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