Second-generation Ring Alarm system is easier to use and looks way better

Ring Alarm Keypad 2nd Gen
Ring Alarm Keypad 2nd Gen (Image credit: Ring)

What you need to know

  • Ring Alarm second-generation features a sleek new design with new, easier to use keys and simpler functionality.
  • All five of Ring Alarm's individual products have received sleek new looks that are slimmer and sleeker than ever.
  • Ring Alarm second-generation DIY kits start at $199 and begins shipping on April 29, 2020.

The original Ring Alarm system was pretty pedestrian looking by all counts. Resembling many other budget alarm systems at the time, Ring at least offered a great ecosystem to tie into, but the second-generation Ring Alarm system rectifies those sad looks with a chic new minimalist design. Widely-spaced circular keys and a new dedicated row of emergency buttons make signaling for help as simple as the press of a button. It's also now far easier to control your system thanks to dedicated buttons for Away, Home, and Disarm.

But it's not just the keypad that's seen a significant overhaul, as even the sensors themselves are completely redesigned and look better with all kinds of home decor. Door and window contact sensors are now smaller and more seamlessly blend in with frames and walls, and the new motion sensor is smaller and no longer looks like something that came out of 2002's school of design. In total, Ring has five newly redesigned products that ship with its Ring Alarm home security system; the base station, keypad, contact sensors, motion detectors, and a range extender for larger homes.

Ring Alarm starts at $199 for a 5-piece kit, which is designed for condos and apartments. $249 upgrades that to an 8-piece kit that's designed for smaller 1-2 bedroom homes, and $329 will net you a 14-piece kit that's meant for larger 2-4 bedroom homes. As with the previous Ring Alarm system, the entire kit is meant to be installed yourself, which is no more complicated than putting in a few batteries and sticking them on your walls. That's particularly nice for renters and folks who just don't want to put extra cords or holes in their walls. All 2nd gen Ring Alarm systems will be available for purchase on April 29, 2020.

The completely wireless system can also be professionally monitored by Ring and pairs well with all Ring and Amazon Alexa-powered products. Ring has updated several of its products lately, including Ring Video Doorbell 3 and a whole host of outdoor solar lights and even a pair of indoor-grade lightbulbs.

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