Fresh off our report that the T-Mobile G1 should be receiving the Cupcake Update to Android by the end of January, more reported facts are coming out in regards to the G1, Cupcake, and Android. Here's a list of them which include some already known pieces of information:

  • There WILL be a G1 update shortly as it was INTENDED to be by mid-January so the next target is now by the end of January.
  • T-Mobile will not just provide Cupcake elements to the G2 and leave the G1 behind.
  • The next update will be called RC31 and include Cupcake elements.
  • The mass of calls lately for Cupcake is registering and causing T-Mobile to double their efforts in getting the update out.
  • NO ONE has received RC31 as of today.
  • When the update is released it will be done in stages "Over The Air" but it will be by region not when you purchased the G1.
  • The memo I was privy to is NOT distributed to Support personnel.
  • T-Mobile Specialists & Support are LAST to know when an update happens and are notified AFTER it is released as was the case with RC29 & RC30.
  • T-Mobile does have a battery improvement program in motion
  • T-Mobile's plan for battery improvement will be one of OR a combination of efficiencies in an OTA update and an extended life battery replacement.