Recon Instruments cuts price of Jet smart eyewear to $499

Recon Instruments, which makes different smart eyewear products, has announced that its Android-powered Recon Jet smart glasses can be purchased for the reduced price of $499 in the US. Previously, the sport-focused Jet glasses were available for $599.

Recon credits its new owner, Intel, with the price drop. The company says that now that it's owned by Intel, its technology can reach a wider audience. Recon will also be offering price adjustment refunds to those that either purchased or pre-purchased the Jet glasses at a higher price before today's announcement.

Recon has also adjusted the price for the Jet in other territories. The glasses cost €499, £360, 469 CHF, 660 CAD, 799 AUD, and ¥60,000. You can grab the Jet directly from Recon for its lower price right now.

Buy the Recon Jet from Recon for $499