Really blue wallpapers for a Really Blue Pixel

There are golds that clash with so, so much (sorry, Jerry). There are occasionally pinks and reds that pop up months after launch. There are even sometimes greens… gorgeous, gorgeous greens. Now, blues aren't unheard of in phone colors, but it's rare to see one that's this bold.

Look at that! That's not sapphire, that's not eggshell, that's BLUE. Really Blue. And now, for your enjoyment and pleasure, some really blue wallpapers!

The Blue Flower

Look at this detailing! Look at the curves on this fractal! It's clinically precise, gracefully fluid, and stunningly beautiful. Bonus: the black background of the fractal will help it pop on the Pixel's AMOLED screen.

The Blue Flower by zmastah94

Deep Blue

Space is really black, but this deep cerulean spacescape just makes me want to ask Google about life in the rest of the galaxy… and other galaxies. It's frosty, it's mysterious, it's awesome... literally awesome.

Deep Blue by QAuZ

All hail the princess of the night!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic's underappreciated Princess of the Night is a fabulous blue pony with a really blue and really sparkly mane. A guardian of dreams (and an avid gamer in fan artwork), Luna is a pony with taste and style, and she would absolutely rock the Really Blue Pixel XL, with as many games as she could load on it as possible.

The Rise of Midnight by Jamey4

Blue, Blue Sky

Okay, Google, how many stars are in the universe?

Space is filled with stars, including a lot of blue stars, like Blue Dwarfs and Blue Giants (not to be confused with the Giants that crushed the Mets last night). While we will likely never reach out through the galaxy and see other stars and other worlds up close, that doesn't mean we can't reach for the stars… especially on our home screen.

Blue, Blue Sky by Esherymack

Such blue. Much wow.

Sometimes simple really is best, and while you wait for your Really Blue Pixel to arrive, you can have a Really Blue home screen. Grab a bold icon pack and you've got yourself a swank little theme ready to jump to your new phone in a few weeks.

Really Blue

Ara Wagoner

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