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What you need to know

  • The PlayStation 5 is expected to release holiday 2020.
  • Sony has yet to fully reveal it.
  • A landing page for the PS5 has popped up on PlayStation's official website.

It looks like a landing page for the PS5 has popped up on PlayStation's official website. Twitter user Alcoholikaust, who also posted images of the PS5 dev kit, posted a screenshot of PlayStation Germany's website where players can sign up to learn more information about the PS5 as it's revealed. After checking for myself to see if this was legit and not photoshopped, I can say it's completely real.

Everything we know about the PS5

PS5 landing pageSource: Android Central

In fact, landing pages are showing up on several of PlayStation's regional websites, including Britain. Though it's not advertised on the website itself, you can find it by swapping out "PS4" for "PS5" in the URL when searching under its hardware page.

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The page indicates that Sony isn't quite ready to fully unveil the PS5, so that may dash some hopes about that rumored February announcement event.

We've begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we're not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation. Sign up below to be among the first to receive updates as we announce them, including news on the PS5 release date, PS5 price and the upcoming roster of PS5 launch games.

It's important to note that depending on which region you view the page in, it may either list the console as "Launches holiday 2020" or "From Christmas 2020," as is the case on PlayStation's German website. It is believed this is a translation issue as Sony has already stated that it is due out holiday 2020.

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