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  • An unusual design was uploaded that could be the PS5 devkit.
  • Matt Stott, who claims to work as a video game developer for an undisclosed studio, has confirmed this devkit design on Twitter.
  • If that's the case, this would almost certainly be a major breach of an NDA.

We might now know what the PS5 devkit looks like. As spotted on ResetEra by user Primethius, this design was uploaded for a patent in Europe. The vents appear to be arranged like a V, possibly symbolic for the Roman numeral of 5.
Here's the design and what the PS5 devkit might look like:

It should be pointed out that devkits almost never actually look like the console, since they are a work in progress and feature developer-specific features. A Twitter account for Matt Stott, who claims to be a video game developer, seemingly confirmed that this is in fact the PS5 devkit. In a now-deleted Tweet, he stated it was real and they had them in the office:

With that in mind, I need to point some things out. While it is possible Stott is telling the truth, we can't confirm that he works for any game studio at this particular time. Stott has also locked his Twitter account, almost certainly inundated with messages and requests for information.

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While we don't know the details of the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that developers would need to sign in order to receive PS5 devkits from Sony and work on them, it seems like this kind of public confirmation would constitute a massive breach of an NDA. It's possible there isn't but frankly, that seems incredibly unlikely.

We're reaching out to try and learn more and we'll keep you updated as this story develops.

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