Poll: Do you use a phone case or screen protector?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases Caseborne
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases Caseborne (Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Smartphones aren't exactly cheap these days. Sure, you can get great value from some budget Android phones, but if you're looking for a flagship smartphone like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, chances are, you're paying in the ballpark of $1,000 or more. That's not exactly cheap, so we expect you'll likely want to protect your investment by purchasing a phone case or screen protector.

Do you usually protect your phone with a case or screen protector? Let us know in our latest poll below!

Having a phone case can be a tricky thing for some. On the one hand, you want to appreciate and show off your phone's design, which companies put so much work into. On the other hand, you also don't want to ruin that design without a case, resulting in an unfortunate drop causing your device damage. Of course, the tradeoff here is the added thickness and weight you get from adding a case. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a beautiful phone, but it's not exactly light, thanks in part to its glass rear. Still, you'll want to check out some of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases to protect that back, especially if you have the lovely green or burgundy colorways.

A screen protector is arguably the most important thing you can have to protect your display — you know, the very thing you use to interact with your phone. However, not all screen protectors are made the same and can often be tricky to put on correctly. Fortunately, that's why we've compiled a list of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors for those of you that are buying Samsung's latest $1,200 flagship.

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  • We pay a ton of money for our phones. It’d be irresponsible to go without a tempered glass screen protector and a case that offers drop protection.
  • just screen protector
  • I certainly own one or two for special occasions (outdoor trips) but otherwise I never use one. Haven't in 10 years! After 2 years they still look like new. It's a matter of discipline and order!
  • I always use a case and it has been a Spigen Rugged Armor for several years now. Screen protectors are a pain so no on those. That's what Gorilla Glass is for.
  • For what a case costs compared to the pain/anxiety/cost of a broken phone...it's a no brainer. I used to use tempered glass screen protectors also but two things have changed my behavior: 1) The Gorilla Glass used today is much better at resisting cracks than the stuff used a few years ago. (It might scratch a little easier but I have had no issues with that)
    2) No phone screen today is truly FLAT like they used to be and the result is having these narrow, barely fitting, protectors that do not even cover the screen edge-to-edge like they used to! So...I don't bother with screen protectors at all anymore. Never used the water applied plastic ones.