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Android Central Podcast Episode 5

Top o' the news

  • Motorola Droid finally gets Android 2.1!
  • How to manually update your Droid to Android 2.1
  • Droid 2.1 update forum thread
  • Video: How to apply the update

Hardware news

  • Evo 4G straight from Sprint's playbook; Best Buy reportedly preselling in May
  • Sprint Evo 4G: You ask, we answer
  • T-Mobile testing Cliq update with 1,000 users tonight
  • Sprint EVO 4G won't do simultaneous voice-data
  • Sprint clarifies voice-data on Evo 4G, says WiMax still being tested
  • myTouch 3G Fender Edition is coming back!
  • Verizon Nexus One sales page caught on video for your disbelieving eyes
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will never get multitouch, hardware not capable
  • Sprint HTC Hero getting update on April 9th, is it Android 2.1 ?

Software news

  • We see the Dell Aero's software and kind of wish we hadn't ...
  • Get the HTC Desire camera on Nexus One without loading HTC Sense
  • DoubleTwist adds Android Market to its arsenal
  • Don't call them crippled (or do ...)
  • PayPal Bump is Android-bound
  • Early build of Firefox for Android looks like ... a very early build of Firefox for Android

Other Android news

  • Google finally to address Android fragmentation with FroYo, Gingerbread?
  • Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt have coffee, plan world domination (or something like that)
  • Awesome guys perfect day for this podcast! thanks very much. Still rooted. more than likely gonna unroot and install the official update. theres no doubt that it will be rooted soon enough as well
  • LIVE WALLPAPERS, great, another battery drainer on the droid
  • haha, subscribe to itunes, on ANDROID central
  • Thank you for another informative Podcast