Pluralsight has free courses to help you learn Microsoft Azure quickly

Tech Skills Plural Sight
Tech Skills Plural Sight

Learning Microsoft Azure is now easier than ever thanks to a new partnership between Pluralsight and Microsoft. You can become an expert and strengthen your Azure skills in no time, and the best part is that getting started is absolutely free. There are a number of courses on Azure you can take at Pluralsight to see whether the site and learning method is right for you before paying a cent on any further courses you might decide to take.

With your free Pluralsight account, you'll score unlimited access to select Azure courses, along with skill assessments to stay on track of how much knowledge you've actually retained. There are eight free Azure courses in all, and over 200 more to get into if you choose to pay for further courses. Right now, the following courses are available for free to help you improve your Azure expertise in various areas, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Microsoft Azure Developer
  • Microsoft Azure Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Azure AI Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Data Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer

These courses cover skills you'll need to be prepared for Azure certifications. Though the course videos are primarily available in English, there is a closed captioning feature which lets you view the courses with translated subtitles for your preferred language.

The best part about Pluralsight is that the learning doesn't have to end there. Microsoft Azure is just one of the many subjects available on the site; at this time, there's a major focus on courses in Software Development, IT Ops, Data Professional, and Information & Cyber Security.

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