Plex announces new free live service with 80+ channels

(Image credit: Plex)

What you need to know

  • Plex has made a major announcement.
  • It has today launched a new free live TV service.
  • It's available worldwide and features 80+ channels.

Plex has today announced a brand new live TV service with 80+ channels totally free. In a press release today the company stated:

Plex, the popular streaming media platform for all your favorite media, today announced a new way for consumers to watch free Live TV with the addition of 80+ channels of completely customizable live programming, most available worldwide and more coming soon. Plex is the only streaming media platform to bring together all forms of media in one place, offering more content in a single platform than any other service on the market. Free ad-supported movies and shows, podcasts, streaming music, personal media, and now pre-programmed Live TV are all easily accessible via Plex, and on virtually every device.

The addition of Live TV brings news like Reuters and Yahoo Finance, as well as kids shows, sports, and movies. The new Live TV is different from Plex's TV and DVR service, as it does not require any hardware.

Plex CEO Keith Valory said:

""Two of the most important factors for an enjoyable streaming experience are easily being able to find something of interest to watch, and being able to watch it from any device you choose. Plex offers consumers across the globe a simple yet powerful platform for access to all types of content that can be streamed from all types of devices."

Free Live TV streaming on Plex will be supported on Apple TV and iOS, as well as Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, the Plex Web App, and Roku.

Stephen Warwick