Tears, fears and Doggos: Best PlayStation games of the past decade (2010 - 2019)

Most annoying video game villains

1. Giant spiders (Skyrim, Limbo, Metro, etc.)

Skyrim frostbite spider

Source: Bethesda (Image credit: Source: Bethesda)

As a Certified Arachnophobe™ (yes, it was difficult for me to grab a picture for this section), this is my plea to all developers: Stop putting giant spiders in your game. I don't care how well they fit the setting. I hate them. We all hate them. They're annoying, they're ugly, and they shouldn't exist. Spiders in real life are bad enough, I don't need a spider the size of a car (or even a small dog) chasing my ass through the wilderness. I have enough anxiety, thanks. And to everyone who mods games to change the giant spiders into some less heinous creatures: Bless you. -Jennifer Locke

2. Wheatley (Portal 2)

I admittedly like Wheatley as a character, but damn there is no denying that he's meant to be annoying. It's part of his charm — in part due to Valve's wonderful writers and voice actor Stephen Merchant. That charm isn't for everyone, and this little British robot is someone that you love to hate (or hate to love). He acts as a great foil to GLaDOS and a not-so-great test chamber buddy. He also ends up turning into a huge asshole that exists to make your life more difficult, so there's that. -Jennifer Locke

3. The Calypso Twins (Borderlands 3)

Calypso Twins in Borderlands 3

Source: Gearbox Software (Image credit: Source: Gearbox Software)

The Calypso Twins are a pair of villains who are meant to be annoying, but your mileage may vary on whether you hate them or appreciate the act — so I guess they're serving their intended purpose either way. They're caricatures of influencer culture that only care about the #content. They do have some ulterior motives for building up a cult in Borderlands 3, but there's no getting around some of their cringe-worthy dialogue and actions. -Jennifer Locke

4. Baldur (God of War)

You love to hate him. From the first moment Baldur's smug face walked onto our screens, we knew he'd be trouble. He spends the entire game making Kratos and Atreus' lives hell, going so far as to chase them across the nine realms. Just because he's Odin's son doesn't mean he gets a free pass at being an arrogant asshole. Plus (spoiler alert), he tries to kill his mom near the end of the game. He's about as annoying as annoying can get, even if he makes for a great villain to test Kratos' resolve. -Jennifer Locke

5. Helis (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Helis is that psychopath who believes in manifest destiny but got where he is in life through nepotism. HADES may have manipulated him during the game, but Helis was terrible his entire life. His whole attitude is "I'm the best and everyone else isn't worth my time." He once gladly served a tribal leader that raided neighboring villages for human sacrifices, and when he became a leader himself, he was all too happy to carry on the carnage. -Jennifer Locke

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