Tears, fears and Doggos: Best PlayStation games of the past decade (2010 - 2019)

Best PSVR games

1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber slice

Source: Beat Games (Image credit: Source: Beat Games)

Beat Saber has taken the VR world by storm. The combination of electro dance music, neon visuals, and fantastic gameplay make this the only choice for the best PSVR game. In my review I said that "Beat Saber feels like the reason the PlayStation VR exists" and it's true. The game is essentially a dance mat game, but it takes on a whole other level in virtual reality.

Of course, the fact that you are slicing the world around you with lightsabers brings more joy than I can express. I may never be a Jedi, but I can step into Beat Saber and for a little while losing myself in lightsaber combat, all the while getting healthier. The activity aspect of Beat Saber brings to light how VR can help you play games and stay healthy. The PlayStation VR is the most popular VR headset in the world and Beat Saber is the very best game to play on it. -James Bricknell

2. Doom

For many, Bethesda dedicating resources to virtual reality was a sign that this tech was going places. Sure, the other games available on these platforms are fun, but when you see names like Fallout and DOOM in the store, you know shit just got real. DOOM in VR wasn't a huge game, but it was a frenetic, action-packed thrill ride as well as one of the first games to take advantage of the special Aim Controller. All told the game made a lot of folks very excited to bathe in the blood of demons, and for that Bethesda has happily earned a spot on this list. -Russell Holly

3. Moss

Moss in VR

Source: Polyarc (Image credit: Source: Polyarc)

Moss takes the traditional side-scrolling platform game and elevates it to greatness in VR. While you do control the main character, Quill, you don't actually play as her directly. This means that while you move her around with the control sticks, you can also use the DualShock 4 motion controls to move the scenery. This adds a big puzzle element to the game, allowing you to turn handles, lift statues, and even pick up enemies and use them against themselves.

One of my favorite things about Moss is the less than hectic pace that it offers a VR player. PlayStation VR can be an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride a lot of the time, and that's great. Sometimes though, it's nice to just sit down and play a fun game with gorgeous visuals and a mouse for a friend. -James Bricknell

4. Blood and Truth

Blood and Truth

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

In Ready Player One, there is a section where the protagonist gets to star in a version of WarGames. He has to do all the actions and all the dialogue to complete his task. It's an intriguing idea, and one that is nearly realized in Blood and Truth. Although you don't get to read the dialog, the game feels like a movie where you are the star, with gunfights, stealth, and a cast that sells the story of you. It's a cinematic, story-driven FPS that is entertaining from the moment you put on the PSVR until the moment you take it off. -James Bricknell

5. Farpoint

Fun fact: I love Starship Troopers, and when a game came out that dropped me in the middle of a world crawling with Arachnids and the closest thing to a new and unique RPG for PSVR I was all in. Even better was the fact that Farpoint can use the PSVR rifle, which made the game feel even more real. It had an amazing story of scientists stranded on an extra unfriendly planet and looked gorgeous. Also, it let me use the phrase "this place crawls" while shooting through a variety of different terrible arachnids, which was more fun than I can explain. It felt like an action RPG built for PSVR, which can't be understated. -Jen Karner

6. Rec Room

Rec Room is not just one of the best PSVR games, it's one of the best VR games period. Based on the rec rooms and youth centers of our childhoods, it's full of crazy games to play, adventures to go on, and people to meet. It even has its own Battle Royale paintball game. While it's incredibly kid-friendly, there is a lot there for adults too. You can build your own rec rooms too, allowing you to make games for the other people in the game. I know a group that plays D&D inside Rec Room so they can interact with each other more naturally.

Rec Room is a fully shared experience that can be played on almost all the current-gen VR and what's even better, it's completely free. If you haven't got this on your PSVR you are missing out. -James Bricknell

7. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky: Beyond in VR

Source: Hello Games (Image credit: Source: Hello Games)

The VR version of No Man's Sky is amazing. That's it, that's the post.

The first day I played NMS I thought about how good a VR version would be and I wasn't disappointed when it became a reality. Built from the ground up to work with VR the latest update, Beyond, gave us an immersive universe with literally billions of worlds, all of which you could see through your own eyes. The combat was also reworked to make VR feel urgent and sometimes dangerous. The ship combat is especially great in NMS VR as you get to use your controllers as the throttle and joystick. It's like being in a '70s show, like Buck Rogers or Battlestar Galactica. -James Bricknell

8. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Source: Owlchemy Labs (Image credit: Source: Owlchemy Labs)

Job Simulator is cool and all, but what if you could play as Morty instead of a nameless, faceless human? This game not only managed to capture hearts and minds all over with its clever puzzles and Rick-diculous humor, but it also caused Rick and Morty's creators to start their own VR gaming studio to release its own excellent VR titles. This blending of pop culture and incredible VR experiences made adding it to the list an obvious one, and everyone should enjoy try and enjoy it as soon as possible. -Russell Holly

9. Here They Lie

Horror games are my bread and butter. I love being scared of exploring a messed up world and seeing how things got to the way they were. So when Here they Lie delivered the first story-driven horror title for PSVR, I couldn't run fast enough to put my headset on. There isn't much explanation or combat, but there's still a compelling story, jump scares, and a beautiful and genuinely unsettling world to explore. You could tell that these developers wanted a horror title built for VR. It translated gorgeously, especially when horrific monsters with the bodies of people and the heads of different animals chased you down to kill you. When it comes to horror on PSVR, it doesn't get much better than Here they Lie. -Jen Karner

10. Job Simulator

Job Simulator

Source: Owlchemy Labs (Image credit: Source: Owlchemy Labs)

While the folks at Owlchemy Labs have made some incredible experiences so far, Job Simulator was the first "big" game for VR. This is the game that showed up on YouTube from all of the most popular streamers and encouraged dozens of other VR developers to create environments where players felt encouraged to experiment and play instead of just moving through it like it's just a background. Job Simulator remains a shining example of what makes VR great, but its continued explosive popularity is a big part of why it's on this list. -Russell Holly

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