Google is slowly restocking the Pixel, so get it before it sells out again

Google Pixel
Google Pixel (Image credit: Android Central)

What's better than a new smartphone under the tree? A really blue Pixel XL. The phone is back in stock at the Google Store after missing for a few weeks. It's available in all three color variants, along with the 5-inch Google Pixel.

If you've been thinking of playing Santa with the gift of a Pixel or Pixel XL, there are plenty of reasons why. The Google Pixel is equipped with one of the best 12-megapixel camera sensors and it comes with unlimited backup to Google Photos. It's also one of the few Daydream-ready phones available, not to mention it runs the latest version of Android.

Don't forget that you can also purchase device protection, in case the person you're gifting the phone to is a bit of a klutz.

Florence Ion

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