Google Pixel vs. Pixel XL: Which should you buy?

There's no doubt that the question that's plaguing you this very moment as you salivate over the varying color options for the Pixel and Pixel XL is: Which one is even worth bringing home? Well, that will depend entirely on your need, but we've put together a quick, helpful guide so that you can choose the right phone for you.

What's the difference?

Unlike last year's Google event, which revealed two different Nexus devices developed by two entirely different manufacturers, this year's Pixel and Pixel XL are both made by Taiwan-based HTC. As a result, they both look quite similar—so much so, that from far away, you can't really tell them apart, despite their differing screen sizes.

The biggest difference between the Pixel and Pixel XL are their display and battery sizes, though the 5.5-inch Pixel XL isn't that much larger than its 5-inch sibling. The Pixel also feels more like a refined, matte HTC One A9, while the Pixel XL sits in the hand as comfortably as the OnePlus 3. But no matter which one you pick, both devices have high-quality AMOLED screens that are both vividly colored and plenty pixel dense for the average smartphone user.

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Here's a quick specification breakdown for those of you who just want the basics:

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CategoryGoogle PixelGoogle Pixel XL
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1 with Google UIAndroid 7.1 with Google UI
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 821Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
Display5-inch AMOLED 1920x10805.5-inch AMOLED 2560x1440
Rear Camera12MP f/2.0
1.55-micron pixels
12MP f/2.0
1.55-micron pixels
Front camera8MP8MP
Battery2,770mAh non-removable3,450mAh non-removable
ChargingFast chargingFast charging
ConnectivityUSB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2
Fingerprint sensorYesYes
IP ratingIP53IP53
ColorsQuite Black, Very Silver, Really BlueQuite Black, Very Silver, Really Blue

But which one is better?

Well, let's weigh the options. The Pixel features a regular 1080p AMOLED display with a 2,770 mAh battery, so chances are that its battery life might manage a longer day than the Pixel XL's Quad HD AMOLED display and 3,450 mAh battery simply because the display doesn't require as many resources. Then again, larger batteries do usually manage longer up-time.

Here's more on battery performance from executive editor Alex Dobie's initial review of the Pixel and Pixel XL:

In both cases you're likely to get a decent, full day of use out of the Pixel and Pixel XL, though the XL fares a little better on heavier days.The XL never failed to get me through a full day of regular use, with a typical day getting me 14 to 16 hours off charger with 4.5 to 5 hours of screen on time. That's with mixed use across LTE and Wi-Fi, and approaches what I've gotten out of the Galaxy S7 edge earlier in the year. Unremarkable for a high-end Android phone perhaps, but the major difference I noticed with the Pixel XL was how it weathered heavy use that much better than many rivals.

It all comes down to whether you want a phone to be usable in one hand, or one that can double as a small tablet, used with Nougat's new Multi Window mode in landscape with two apps side by side. You're still getting the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, coupled with 4GB of RAM and the improved 12-megapixel rear-facing camera, as well as rear-facing fingerprint sensor, USB Type-C, and fast charging. Both phones are also IP53 rated, so you don't have to go into freakout mode if either phone gets rained on.

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Which one is better for virtual reality?

It's a good idea to buy a Pixel XL over a smaller Pixel if virtual reality is your primary concern. The Pixel and Pixel XL are both Daydream-ready, but the larger Pixel XL has a higher-resolution display, which translates to better per-eye density in VR. This gives the XL a definite advantage for current content and it helps with future-proofing as well. The larger battery may also eke a few more minutes in battery life while playing VR, which is nice.

You also probably shouldn't get a white Pixel for VR.

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What's the price difference between the two?

The Pixel starts at $649 for the 32GB version, while the Pixel XL starts at a whopping $769. If you bump up the storage to 128GB, it's an extra $100. And if you add on device protection, that's another $100. These smartphones aren't as cheap as Nexuses used to be.

Which carriers support the devices?

Both the Pixel and Pixel XL are sold unlocked through the official Google Store. They're compatible with all four of the major carrier networks in the U.S., in addition to Google's own Project Fi. You can also purchase either device through Verizon, though you'll want to hold off on doing so outright unless you've got a grandfathered subsidy that the carrier is offering you.

The Verizon variant of both devices include three Verizon apps, an encrypted bootloader — a bummer for tinkerers — and you'll have to wait on Big Red before receiving any software updates. Alternatively, if you're a Verizon subscriber and you buy it unlocked, you'll still have access to advanced features like VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling.

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Want to know more?

Be sure to peek at our review of both the Pixel and Pixel XL for the full rundown on Google's two new smartphones. Let us know which one you're bringing home in the comments!

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Florence Ion

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  • At the moment, neither. Outside of the camera, IP rating, and the Pixel-specific software features, I felt that it wasn't compelling enough for me to upgrade from my Nexus 6P. The speakers going from front-facing dual to a single bottom-firing setup is a step back for instance.
  • Agree 100%, nothing special here, move along.
  • I agree there's nothing overly special about these.. But I wouldn't really know what I would want to move on to either..? (note 7 possible candidate) It's not like anything else is that much better. Plus having the latest and greatest software and security updates means more to me than having a few extra features that I would rarely use.
  • Is there anything overly special about any smartphone these days? Please share, by all means. Regardless, these phone look great and are loaded with the best hardware currently available on Android
  • Ya kinda my point.. It's not like there's anything better elsewhere and these get updated in a decent timely manner. So people should stop there wining ;)
  • I got $399- for a 128GB Pixel XL. That price will eventually arrive as it did with the Motorola N6 two years ago. Samsung S7 Edge, unlocked for USA, works on every carrier. $769 with an SD card slot. Black Friday beckons and Samsung recognizes Black Friday on their calendar.
  • This is far from N6 or any other Nexus phone. Google is starting something very different and will make sure that it sticks with that image. They can afford to sell fewer phones (by keeping firm price until 2nd gen) in order to keep the resale value high.
    They will push for unmatched customer service and support as well. As much as I don't like the design and see no reason to throw money on this phone now , pixel will be a challenge for both Apple and Samsung next October.
    Google knew about short term loss with the base, but in a long run they will appeal to larger audience and eventually get most of us back. In the end , we all want our phones to work at all times, perform well, full os support for years, excellent CS,etc. Apple is the only OEM who checks most of the boxes and Google has a shot to step in and equal quality but more user friendly device.
    To sell it for 400-500 (hardware not worth more now) they would pretty much bankrupt all struggling Android OEMs.
    This way they aim only on Apple and Samsung, who will be perfectly fine with some loss of sales.
    I can't see myself spending over $1500 for our 2 phones this year (wife's and mine), but if forced I would give it to Google over Note 7 and iPhone 7 for sure.
    For our needs now , I see more value in Z Play/Sony XZ Compact/HTC 10 and LG V10 and spend those saved $400-500 on something else :)
  • It's a little spendy for the hardware no doubt and I don't blame anyone for looking elsewhere right now.
    For me, I used to be a nexus purist and then left after the nexus 5 because I didn't like feeling like a beta tester and I didn't like the gargantuan size of the Nexus 6, and bought a Note 5 just before the 6P release. Now with the Pixel brand, the expectation is that this is a flagship level device, which should mean we aren't beta testers (I am taking that on faith) and given the fact that I spent most of my time swapping phones to get the latest Android or cursing whatever OEM I was currently using for not releasing updates in a timely manner.
    I'll pay the slightly higher price for a flagship Android device that I know will be updated in a timely manner, it's Android's biggest weakness.
  • Exactly!! I like your perspective. And I'm loving these phones. I just wish the XL was 5.7 inches. I'm gonna hold on the my 6p a bit longer unless I break it or something.
  • Yea updated with features that are already on other phones
  • Price vs hardware is something that makes certain phones very "special". In the case of the Prixel, it makes it very "un-special".
  • Prixel? Dr. Steve Brule? Just kidding ;-)
  • Note series before it's demise: S-Pen
    S7 Edge: Edge design and software
    LG G5: Removable battery
    HTC 10: Build quality + SD card
    BB Priv: Slide out keyboard
    Axon 7/ Honor 8/ 1+3: Price-Feature ratio Some or all of these unique characteristics may mean nothing to you but they are special to some. I think many people just don't see anything special in the Pixel line to justify the asking price. Assistant? 24/7 support? Full quality pic uploads? For many android enthusiasts these "secret weapons" are a yawn at best and certainly don't warrant iPhone prices.
  • + 1 million
  • For me, I realized it's all about the software these days Period.
    Sure you need to get some table stakes things covered
    Great Screen, great camera, great processing package etc. But all flagships have all of this, what makes the pixel special is the software, 7.1 and google assistant.
    Now if the software didn't impress you by all means move along, but it impressed me and I like being on the cutting edge of all things Google. PS. You can argue about front facing speakers, but the fact is that they simply haven't been big sellers, even htc moved away from them
    I like them myself, but the reality is that they are a niche feature.From what I've heard this phone has two not 1 down firing speakers
    and it gets pretty loud. that's good enough for me.
  • Agreed. It's about the software. Something that Samsung has been struggling with since the GS1. Right now i'm just torn between the XL and the OP3. I just don't know if the extra $400 is worth it though. The last time I spent that much on a phone (Gs6 edge) i deeply regretted it.
  • If it's all about software for you just buy a Nexus 6 $200 and install whatever you want on it, $900 for a phone with no unique features just a fast os update is just burning money but it's you're money so you do whatever you want.
  • The nexus 6 camera sucked in 2014 when it came out and android N is the last major os update it will get.
    I should have been more clear when I said great camera, great screen and great processing package I meant for 2016 not 2014. I want an 820 or 821, 4gb of ram and a camera that can stand toe to toe with the s7 and iPhone 7. Theirs a better argument for the 6p, but it's still not a pixel , based on the review the camera is still much slower and not as reliable and even though it will get the next major android version it won't get official assistant support or the deep software/ hardware integration. A great camera is very important to me as it's my only camera these days.
  • Software blah blah Google's software aside from security is playing catch-up compared to Sammy
  • It's a matter of preference.
    If you prefer to have every feature in the world crammed in with average performance and don't mind slow updates or a cluttered UI with duplicate apps. Touchwiz is very good these days. If you prefer blaseing fast performance, security and a clean simple UI centered around google services. And prefer to add only the additional features you need via apps.
    The Pixel interface is so much better and I prefer the pixel UI after over a year and a half using Notes.
  • I'm in agreement. It is hard to justify a phone when it costs so much and the specs and style don't match. This phone is a less stylish Apple phone with a Samsung price tag. I have been pricing out the Note 7 unlocked (battery issues aside) and that seems like a better deal than the Pixel XL.
  • Right there with you. Maybe if the xl with 128bg was in the 550-600 range I possibly would have opened up my wallet. But north of 900 after taxes is totally bonkers. No device is worth that much cheese not even an icrap
  • That is just your perspective.
  • A perspective that is shared by many. By all means am Im not saying the pixels suck, probably awesome phones. I'll just never spend stupid money on something that's not worth it. Econ 101. Of you wanna waste your money go right ahead there are numerous phones out there that offer a way better performance to cost ratio
  • I love software updates I've used dozen of Android phones but now planning to buy Iphone 7+ and Pixel XL so I get latest update when they arrive :) no more waiting. performance is one part of story and yes everyone wants different thing I want whole ;) performance, updates
  • You just nailed it. Im not saying these are bad phones. Just saying $700-$900 is too da** much in my opinion. All they've done is join the ranks of other manufacturers who (arguably) produce moderately overpriced hardware. If you think the specs justify the price, great. But I will bet you dollars to donuts these do not sell in the volumes that Google hopes.
  • Just placed an order for one from Verizon and considering it's backordered for a month I feel like your opinion is in the minority. A guy in front of me at the store was trying to buy one as well.
  • Bought mine and absolutely loving it best Android device I've ever used.
  • You're entitled to your opinion. Even if it is retarded
  • Same as yourself and your comment...
  • Honestly I've been a die hard nexus user, Galaxy Nexus, 4 and 5 and then used a Note 5 and Note 7 (which I returned for the recall)
    While I loved the Note 5, the Note 7 was a disappointment for me, first of all as hard as I tried I didn't like the curved screen.
    But the real problem was that the Note 7 actually performed slower than my Note 5,
    and playing with other 820 based phones reminded me of the lack of performance I had come to accept with a Samsung phone. After being refunded all of my money for the Note 7, because they didn't have any replacements available yet. I realized I didn't want to buy another one again. You just don't get the performance you'd expect out of a Samsung.
    They were reliable for me, but not fast.
    You can list all the extra specs in the world on a phone, which Samsung does.
    But if it runs slower, and you don't need those extra bells, is it really worth it?
  • It's a tough call. The note has more bells and whistles, but everyone knows that stock Android trumps Touchwiz any day of the week. For people like me, a fluid and lag free UI is considered a premium feature, and I'd take that over waterproofing and a stylus any day of the week.
  • The Note 7 is a better deal? Are you trolling? It explodes and won't get software updates.
  • you're kidding yourself if you think the Note 7 is sustainable even with root. nobody wants the thing, its toxic. try again.
  • Agreed! No SD card! Note 7 is the place to be!
  • What made you think they would have one?lol
  • Ehhh.. note 7's perform like crap and their users wait forever to get software updates. The Pixels are the best android has to offer overall IMO. Pixel FTW!!!
  • Wow I got a special edition Note 7 it works awesome! As for updates they tend to be pretty underwhelming any way so waiting a little longer doesn't both me.
  • Any youtube videos to prove there the best yet?
  • Talk about completely underwhelming. Of my personal "must have for my next phone" functional features (stereo speakers, wireless charging, IP67 level water resistance, fingerprint reader on the back, 5.2-ish inch screen, Google-provided (fast)software updates, 64GB+ without microsd/32GB+ with microsd), this phone doesn't even come close to covering what I need for that kind of money. I really don't think I'm asking for too much either. This phone should be great for those who sweat over which processor it has, but the current gen Nexus phones are still really fast on 7.0.
  • Sadly, I have to concur. Nexus 6P
  • Absolutely, neither. I wanted this to be a success but I don't see it at his price level for either device. I also don't get the pixel love shown by AC in the pixel podcast. It's an overpriced, iPhone design ripoff, not water resistant, Google doesn't have Apple cache to justify 32gb storage, unlimited photo and video cloud backup at full resolution is not a great advantage.. Big whoop. Give me an sd card for local storage and backups any day so I control it. And a locked down Verizon carrier exclusivity is assinine. Most Normal consumers don't even know what unlocked phones are and so won't know to get one direct from google, and won't be flocking to Verizon from other carriers. Oh, let's not forget that Verizon bloatware and no free WiFi Hotspot. I don't care if bloatware can be removed... It's there and most people don't even know it can be removed.
  • "No Free Wifi Hotspot" is such an old argument that isnt even relevant anymore unless you have a 5 year old unlimited data plan. Please stop using this as an argument because for 98% of Verizon customers out there this is not true. Bloatware however may still be a thing on the pixel. I'm crossing my fingers that the pixel doesnt ship with carrier bloat, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Sorry you disagree, but the facts are that some Verizon plans still have charges for a wifi hotpot. Look it up. Buy an unlocked phone and there is no separate WiFi Hotspot charge because Verizon doesn't have the software installed to block it.
  • I am so sick of people comparing the Pixel Phones to Nexus.
    The only real comparison is that they should have a Nexus like update schedule.
  • It's a phone designed by Google of course were going to compare the two. Name difference aside they still represent what Google thinks Android should be. If that means alienating the Nexus fan base in the process then thats their loss.
  • Agreed.
  • This! Keeping my Nexus 6P
  • This isn't even compelling enough to upgrade from my Note 4.
  • Same here. My note 4 will not be paid off until April of next year.
    Also, when my battery degrades after so many charge cycles, I simply toss it and pop in a fresh one. And I continue to value my SD slot.
  • I agree for the most part, especially re the speakers, but there are 2 things drawing me to the Pixel XL, and they are 1) It being slightly smaller than the 6P. Yes, I know it's only slight, but the 6P is only slightly too large for me to hold comfortably. This is purely a personal preference, but I know a lot of people loved the 6P, they just wish it was a bit smaller. 2) is the improved camera. I do love the 6P camera, really. Even when compared to a Galaxy 7, but I do wish it was faster. The Pixel takes the 6P camera and charges it, and that's exactly what I want.
  • Google won't be updating the 6P, it was in their announcement
  • My review. Decent phones. However they are two (2x) times the price they should be. SHAME on Google for becoming greedy shysters. They sell your data AND charge top dollar now. This is treason against all of us Nexus loyalists. Also the obsession to prevent full experience with rooted devices by Google is disgusting. Next phone may be time to switch. No waterproofing, no IP67, no expandable storage, massive bezels and no removable battery. Pixel (non-XL) is just stupid price- over twice the price of the phone it replaces. Disappointed by a google which is getting more and more greedy and determined to fragment the Android OS until its so bad they are the only "game in town" with apple-priced devices? I spit on them for this.
  • Yep. I wonder how much money they have stashed in offshore, tax havens. That is one reason I refuse to every buy an Apple product. They have billions in offshore tax havens and don't pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Me either. I put my Nexus 6P on SWAPPA to see if there would be any interest and it sold before I could reconsider it. Down to an S7 Active and iphone 7+. May try to pick up a pixel XL once they stop the fake out of stock nonsense. After I said I was sticking with my Nexus 6P...damn.
  • That's what I'm considering too. Maybe snag one after the holidays and get my wife to switch (she's rocking a S7 edge, still peeved about having to lose her Note 7). I'm keeping my 6P and will move it over to my Fi line (I have a Nexus 6 in that spot) until the 2nd gen Pixel comes along.
  • vs. the 6P, I agree with you. vs. just about any other phone one might be upgrading from, I'd say the Pixel is a home run.
  • I don't want one. As far as I'm concerned the Pixal's are missing too many premium features. A tad overpriced for my money!!
  • Get the size you like better. If you are a diehard VR fan I would go with the XL but I don't think the diehard VR fan is probably looking at daydream at this point.
  • Neither. Both are overpriced. Google seems to be taking more than just the hardware from HTC. They seem to have also rebranded HTC's poor sales strategy. Producing phones that are 2x the cost of competitors with the same internals and dressing them up with some software enhancements, is not going to sell phones. Clearly Google is looking to have the Pixel and Pixel XL as the centerpiece of the Google Home system - A system designed to become so useful to users that they don't care that it is hoovering up every bit of sound from their home to use in targeted advertising. If Google is looking for wide adoption of their system and is trying to lock people into their ecosystem, setting the price of entry at $650+ is not a winning strategy. Look at the Amazon Fire phone for an example. The hardware assembled by HTC for the Pixel and Pixel XL is not groundbreaking, and is certainly not a $650 device. The exact same specs can be found in the Xiaomi Mi5s and Mi5s+ starting at $300. Look at the Huawei Honor 8 that starts at $350. And any other of the numerous 5"-5.7" handsets that are out there. Google Assistant is cool, but it will only be a matter of time before Google realizes that their market penetration with devices priced at $650+ is too poor to build an ecosystem around and they will make this system available to all Android OEMs. Just like the rest of the Pixel hardware line, overpriced for what it is.
  • aka I can't afford one so I will complain
  • A fool and his money soon part ways
  • Or AKA, People can afford it but fail to understand Google logic of pricing phones at greater than they're worth. 650$/£600 for a basic 1080p phone is poor pricing in my opinion. Remember how silly the pricing was for the Sony Xperia X? I think Google are making the same mistake.
  • ^It's this one, for those that are paying attention. Nexus 6P
  • Would you like to share with us what flagship phone from Samsung, Apple, or LG is any cheaper? By all means. If you wanna be cheap then go buy a flip phone or something
  • Unlocked Galaxy S7E offers no Verizon carrier BS, larger battery than either pixel, water resistance, wireless charging, SD card expansion, damn better looks,same 4gb ram and 32gb rom and can easily be found for less than $649. SD820 is still excellent.
  • And a better camera with OIS, full blown customization and a restart button.
  • Don't understand the love for these phones. You guys are like Apple fan boys. These phones are severely lacking. Lack of front firing speakers is huge, lack of water resistance is huge, huge bezels are hideous. Yes software is nice and will supposedly be updated. For only two years.. This is a huge misstep for Google. Apple is looking better in my opinion and I can't stand them. I'm waiting another year to see what the next pixel brings.
  • We're all suckers for new shiny toys but it doesn't take a rocket scientists to crunch the numbers to see we're getting hosed.
  • +1
  • your opinion and your perspective. BTW Pixel timing is wrong. in this time mostly you see is dated hardware. but in case of iPhone they brings new hardware.
    consider SoC 821 is just 820 which seems 8-9month old while A10 just came out.
    iPhone deserve that money cuz it have worth it. even after year I can get way more money from iPhone then any any Android phone.
  • Simply because people are stupid enough to pay insane money for anything apple. Buy into that cult by all means. Their laughing all the way to the bank. It's no surprise their the most profitable in the world. Every phone Android or crapple cost a fraction to manufacture. Eventually the public will stop paying 900+ bucks on something. Their charging for r&d and marketing, aka inbuilt pure profit
  • Its say like people who visit couple of times abroad for fun are stupid, its like saying people who buy expensive brand are stupid. so Android is Android and Apple is crapple wow you rocks. you looks so biased. you sounds like all company starts to make phone below 500 or even lower. Apple products are quality products. and you looking for quantity. be open minded.. iPhone have only worth cuz its expensive. if it weren't there were no value to it. just an other phone. In my early days I was HTC lover and I says Samsung sucks, I will never buy Samsung phones, they are cheap and touch wiz and about Stock android that sucks, its boring, it don't have features Now Samsung makes very beautiful phones with awesome display (not yet that great software)
    Stock android damn I love it it so awesome fast fluid and if you buy Nexus(Pixel now) fastest updates
    HTC hmm its dying company ponder at early and now as I've used more and more phones I started to think open minded so you need time money and desire then you'll understand.
  • All entitled to our own opinion. Basis or not all my points are valid. Do what you want with your money spend it irresponsibility for all I care. If the numbers don't add its always a pass for me not just for phones. The day will come when all these exorbitant prices finally settle down. And as a software engineer I can easily afford to buy all the latest flagships when ever I want. I just chose to manage my income smartly #debtfree #ownmyownhome #longlivenexus
  • you take one spec form the phone and automatically say its overpriced because of that one spec? How about the 821 processor, 4 gigs of ram, 12mp camera that is currently rated best on a smartphone from a known reliable source? How about the advertising costs? Advertising has to be paid for somehow (this is assuming they actually advertise the phone)
    Costs to get it promoted in carrier stores? This is a cost most nexus phones didnt have to recover because they werent sold through carriers. Nexus 6. Remember how much that one cost? Remember it was also offered in carrier stores?
    R&D, Google's AI development has to be paid for somehow. I'm not a huge fan of the price markup either but considering these things it kind of makes sense the price is higher.
  • That's why it's a Verizon exclusive you moron. They are fitting the bill. What are you 12? If you're solely going by specs this phone is priced to high. On top of that it's made by HTC. No HTC is worth that.
  • You killed him
  • So the Note 7 which has the same hardware (lesser processor even) as the Pixels is also over priced??? They sure do sell pretty well compared to the phones that cost half as much ;)
  • You should not compare this with other phones (outside of the current Nexus line and iPhone) they don't offer the updates that these do. May not be a big deal to you, but a deal breaker for me.
  • Might be a deal breaker for you, but for most consumers, updates are low on the list of priorities. It makes no sense to me that Google would put such a high price on their portal to the Google Home system. If they want massive uptake, in order to get many people into the ecosystem, they should be pricing these phones way lower.
  • ZTE axon 7 better deal. These people think that this pixel phone's going to shoot rainbows and magical fart darts
  • Got myself an XL and cant wait for it to arrive!
  • How dare you?
  • Both are ugly and not what I want for any price. Additionally, the price is outrageous. I will thankfully hold onto my N6, thank you.
  • Quit talking about my girlfriends
  • The 5.0" Pixel is going to be a niche product.
  • Doesn't Apple sell more of the smaller phone than the XL or whatever they call the big one? I wonder why the Android fan would choose the XL over the smaller one if the specs are the same? Personally the Nexus 5X is as big as I'll ever go but I prefer something the size of the Nexus 5. It's pretty sad that 3 years after the Nexus 5 was released the Pixel will be 6mm taller even though it has the same screen size. That's a whole lot of unused bezel on the Pixel that LG seems to know how to get rid of 3 years ago.
  • I would have considered the pixel if they'd have used that bottom bezel for a bottom (STEREO) speaker, and if it had wireless charging. Or a plastic body so I could solder in a wireless charging coil, like I did on the 5X. I dismissed wireless charging until I got it. I'm never going back.
  • This phone isn't aimed at android fan, it's aimed at taking people from apple. My brother in-law is an apple fan and occasionally we end up in that annoying conversation which often ends with "How much was your phone... well there you go mine must be better"!!
    Also google will probably missed my custom for this year and next, as I will get my next phone mid 2017 and this means I won't be due an upgrade this time next year :-(
  • Exactly
  • If you're due for an upgrade in mid 2017, wouldn't you still be eligible a few months later? You aren't forced to buy a new phone the second your upgrade is available.
  • A lot of people like the bigger screen for media consumption like YouTube and netflix. The 5.7 inch screen on the 6p is fantastic for this. I'll be trying a 5inch Pixel this time around though. While I love the 6p and the size has kind of grown on me, it also can be a real PITA to manage sometimes and with the specs being practically identical on the pixels i think its time to go back to a more manageable size. I have a Pixel C if i want big screen consumption.
  • Of the 2 I'd get the XL, but the price for the 128GB option is way too much. I'd be interested at about $200 less.
  • Pixel
  • I'd get the smaller size. Having a brick in my pocket is getting old.
  • Yeah I LOVE the size of the Pixel. I am really liking my Honor 8 a lot, but I wish it was even smaller.
  • Anyone else think there should have been more difference between the screen sizes? Maybe the smaller could have been 4.7". I think Apple nailed the screen size offerings with 4.0", 4.7", and 5.5" models. Really would like to see a modern smartphone in the 2013 Moto X body though.
  • +1 to a modern spec phone is the 2013 Moto X body.
  • I'm still hanging onto my HTC One M7 with the 4.7" screen. I love that size. With the smaller bezels, this 5.0 inch my fit in a nearly similar package, but I think 4.7 is a good size for a phone. I'm even fine with the 4" on my iphone 5s work phone. I doubt I would ever go much larger than 5".
  • Keep hanging on homie it'll get better one day soon
  • Yep.i still use it here and there. OG Moto X has the best body design to date - screen size and comfort in hand.
  • I really loved my original Moto X
  • Shouldn't the article include dimensions and screen to body ratio as I think these are important factors when deciding to buy any phone?
  • One would think...I got nothing from this article to help decision-making.
  • It was an ok article, not the best. Author could've added more info.
  • For everyone worried about price, just hold off a few months. I'd bet we'll see these sales on these before Christmas!
  • I happen to like the XL. and agree the price is high, I'm also waiting a month or so for various reason's, getting a Black Friday or post X-Mas sale is one of them, not wanting to be an early adopter is another, in a few months also hints of what may come in the spring as well.. Basically, except for those who pre-ordered, the XL is just about impossible to get.
  • Neither. Overpriced junk. Thanks Google.
  • Google spy on you that's what Google does Google tries to tell you what to do to like a nagging wife
  • Neither... I am deciding between an One Plus 3 or a discounted Nexus 6P from Best Buy or via Google Fi as my next phone.
  • Would get the OP3 but one plus as a company is terrible
  • OnePlus sucks you can't even get customer service you called there and they put you on hold and you have to listen to Huey Lewis for 5 hours
  • I bought a OP3 after having had the Nexus 6P. It's a faster phone on every level, plus the software is basically stock with some nice additions. Battery is a little better, and the dash charge is stupid fast at charging, it's really great. I'd go with the Oneplus 3, it's my favorite phone i've ever had - and I've had too many phones ;)
  • Me personally aren't sold on either one. I'm bafle at the 'greatness' of the Pixel camera when the specs of the camera are exactly the same of those on the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P (can't wait to see this being confirmed (I'm certain is the same Sony module). What seems to clearly be making a difference on the Pixel is Google Camera App and there's clearly no reason why this couldn't be delivered to the Nexus 6P. (Other than marketing bologna). On the same token with regards to the SOFTWARE stabilization or EIS in the Pixel. The trade off I see from the Pixel to Nexus 6P is Snapdragon 821 and an extra Gig or RAM. That's it. Then they slap a rating of IP58 (total BS) and remove a great stereo speaker (for this price, not only should both Pixel have stereo speaker, but should also carry stereo microphones). Everything 'Magical' that Google is delivering us is Software! Applications in the form of a modified Google Now named Google Assistant, embedded in the home button of a 'Launcher' that can be replaced; and in a few other applications like Google Allo. All this, enable Google to better learn and mine our habits and patterns to later be sold for other marketing groups and who knows what other statistical purposes. So no true reason to have to pay $$$ to become an early adopter (on hardware that's not cutting edge or unique); all these 'magical' apps will be coming to existing devices (and newer one to come at an affordable price). Google will need to continue to harvest our patterns and habits in order to continue to be GOOGLE. 1) Pixel Launcher (full featured) will be coming to Nexus devices. (not to mention plenty of ROMs with the features) - If, amd only if the Assistant delivers! 2) a bunch of existing devices will support DayDream platform (maybe by Google, but certainly by many workarounds that will be coming). Save your $$ for now. Google, don't be taking advantage of your Nexus fan boys!!!
  • The navigation buttons aren't part of the launcher. Other launchers can adopt parts of the Pixel launcher but I would guess parts of the assistant need to be baked in at the system level the way google now on the google now launcher is a system thing on the nexus phones.
  • I was surprised by the lack of OIS as well, considering my HTC 10 has it, but some of the camera magic is related to the new 821 chip which has new camera/photo features in it. I'm wondering how much Qualcomm worked with Google to make the Pixels a reference example of what can be done with the new 821.
  • You've got good points, but EIS is not an adequate substitution for OIS, and they've got the sd821 humming, just in time for the sd830 to be right around the corner. Hell, the HTC10 even has OIS for the selfie shooter.
  • Somehow, they make it work. OIS was turned down just so the pixel wouldn't have a camera bump like the iPhone. And OIS adds to motion blur in moving objects. So at least that won't be present. And whereas OIS is better for low light, EIS works with 4k video recording and not just 1080p. They also try to make up for it with a larger 1.55um pixel size which will alow more light
  • In all reality, who cares about a camera bump, most people case their phones, which for the most part eliminates or reduces the bump. Still, not having OIS would not stop me from buying this phone.
  • Depends some people like the bump
  • I can remember when OIS was "no substitute for a steady hand and just a gimmick" This is better than OIS. The pictures and video {from a generation one device, at that) using a very specific camera setup and the proper software prove it. Other companies will eventually follow along.
  • I wanted the XL, but the financing credit they approved me for allowed me to choose only between XL or 128GB. 128GB was way more important. I'm a touch disappointed, but the more I get used to my 5X from my 6, the happier I am to be back to a normal-sized phone, so I guess I'll be all right. Would have been nice for VR to have the higher-res screen, but the PSVR has the same screen resolution and word is that's not its weak point, so I'll probably be fine.
  • Call support to get credit increase. I did. Took about 15 minutes at most.
  • Thanks for the advice. Sadly the XL in 128GB is already out of stock, so it wouldn't do me any good anymore.
  • Is there any way that you can pay a down payment on the XL 128GB so you would fall within the credit limit they offered you??
  • No, they have no system for split payments, plus it's too late now anyway. XL is way sold out and preorder bonus is over.
  • You are so right... This is the most expensive phone I have ever bought, black xl 128gb+ protection... I'm sure it will be a very very nice device. (Fingers crossed:-)
  • I do hope you enjoy it (sincere comment).... when we get a device that makes us happy it's a nice feeling...even if it's a little pricey.
  • If for whatever reason you decide that you prefer the silver, let me know. I ordered the same phone in silver, but am now thinking I want black, but don't want to wait around :-|
  • I bought the silver XL 128 GB. I'm looking forward to all the new software features.
  • XL Blue on Verizon is ordered. Wish i could have gotten the larger storage, but dat blue tho
  • So 120 more gets a bigger higher resolution screen and larger battery. Wow follow Sony pricing Google.
  • A 5" phone is NOT usable in one hand. A 4.7" is, at most. For me anyway. I've switched between small and large phones over the years and always came back to under 5". For me, at least, 65mm wide is as wide as I'll go, no matter the display size, it's just too much for one hand.
  • i have no problems with 5.5inch and have small hands. there is a neat moto action on my moto Z, "swipe up for small screen" , helps a lot for one handed use.
  • You do realize people don't all have the same size hands right?
  • Yeah, I'm not a small guy. My hands are pretty average. When I say 'one hand usage' I don't just mean holding and scrolling stuff with the thumb. I mean typing, swiping the notification shade down and swiping menus from the left...
  • I think it depends on the phone and hands/finger length. I have long fingers and 5" is great for one hand usage, but it's nothing like under that (as in under 5"). Some 5" phones are very wide and that makes it tiresome. I rarely get fatigue from using the Honor 8, even though my thumb can't reach the top without adjusting position. I'm curious, what phone are you using now?
  • Z3 Compact :) And it's actually the second time I've bought it now, after trying out several other (bigger) phones in the last 2 years..
  • Nice choice! I wanted that phone.
  • Whether here at AC or over at Android Authority, ALL the comments made by Android enthusiasts spell disaster for this device. It's simply nothing special, way overpriced and a real disappointment. Like others here the answer to the question is NEITHER of them!
  • Yeah I'm a very happy 6P user at the moment, and even if I were ready to upgrade I probably would look elsewhere. If these had been priced at, say, $449 and $549 respectively I might have jumped on it. But no way will I sink nearly $900 on an XL. I doubt a year from now Google will be happy with the sales figures, and if they aren't it will be very interesting to see if they adapt or double down on this new approach to phones. Nexus 6P
  • I would agree though even at $550, there are better options in my opinion. As to sales figures, time will tell. Believe it or not I still rock the GS3 which has yet to have any problems even though I'm way behind on Android versions. Not sure what my next phone will be but it's definitely NOT going to be anything that sounds or rhymes with Pixel.
  • That's what happens with every new device. These forums are all always filled with complaints and negativity. After all, isn't that what the internet is for? I'll never understand how there can be so much negativity from people about something that they've likely never put their hands on.
  • I can finally say that I'm not compelled to buy a new Google phone. Lets see what Note 8 / iPhone 8 bring to the table. my Nexus 6P is going to work fine for the next year+
  • Same here
  • Yeah, me too. Figure my 6P 128gb would get $350 if I sold it, then I'd have to put $500 to the Pixel XL plus tax to match the size and storage space of my 6P and what would I gain. A little faster processing speeds, an incremental better camera and a few Pixel exclusive OS improvements. Pass!
  • Just ordered it on Verizon the Pixel 128 GB version. Cost was $749.99 but if I traded in my Moto X 2014 they would give me $200.00. So I am trading it in. Knocks the phone down to $549.99 and get a VR Headset not a bad price for what your getting if you ask me.
  • Wow, so that trade in is a great deal! Now , I might consider at least 1 pixel (have a GS3 in a drawer) Though, I would have to know if they touched the software in the slightest.
  • I am hoping to get a Pixel XL as I prefer the larger screen and pixel density. It will be an amazing upgrade to my DROID Turbo and is more appealing to me than the Moto Z Force Droid. If I had a Nexus 6P or any newer phone I wouldn't get a Pixel... nor a Samsung... nor anything because my phone is still freakin' new.
  • While I regret the higher prices like many here, these look like excellent phones. I'd probably go with the 5" Pixel if I were buying one, but I'm going to stick with my 6P for another year, I think.
  • I actually think they look decent too. Just can't countenance the price tag when I could pick up *two* Mate 8s and throw Nova Launcher on each for nearly the same price. Or two 1+3s. Or two Axons... You get the point.
  • I think these will do as well as the Pixel C and Pixel Chromebook devices. They will sell some but they aren't going to fly off of shelves.
  • They are back ordered often, so...
  • I am currently using a S7 Edge, and despite my dislike for Samsung and Touch wiz it is a powerhouse I can find little fault with. I had been looking forward to buying the XL but the value proposition is just not there for the price Google is demanding. For now I am happy to sit back and wait. If I get the Vanilla Android Jones I can always break the Nexus 6 back out for a test drive. There is always next year with more new phones and maybe even a Pixel 2 that’s worthy of consideration.
  • I like both phones. The only thing I want to know is: With these premium builds, and premium specs, will I get updates for more than 18 to 24 months? At these iphone prices I should get full system upgrades, not just monthly security updates, as long as an iphone model would.
  • Support is a big deal for me and the Pixels deliver that both in customer and software updates. That is worth a few bucks in my opinion. These phones are meant to represent how Android can be done. If you want the kitchen sink go elsewhere. You want reliable performance and security updates, with a great build go with the Pixel. The only comparison in my opinion is the iPhone. No other company is keeping the phone updated and secure as these two companies. I am excited for my.dovery, more excited to see what happens next October.
  • I know which one I'll buy. None. Way way too expensive.
  • Google really should be offering trade-in incentives for Nexus owners..... And or Fi customers. It would take the shock out of the price a bit.
  • Neither of them for me as well. I'm coming for a nexus 6 and am just disappointed...I picked up a second hand nexus 6p yesterday. Perhaps I'm just clinging on but I've owned the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, and now a 6p. These pixel phones aren't going in the direction I was hoping for...I don't want to spend $800 for a pixel xl
  • I think based on comments throughout the web, neither is the correct answer. Neither has any significant new features. Neither is affordable. Neither is Apple, and Neither is Samsung (real manufactures of premium phones). I had hoped to upgrade my Nexus 5 this year, but very disappointed.
  • Going to wait for Project Fi to offer a deal like that of the Nexus 5X 16GB for $199, or the Nexus 5X 32GB model for $249. IF Google's Project Fi offers the Pixel for under $300, I'll go for it. Otherwise I'll just hang on to my Moto Nexus 6 for another year.
  • I would opt for the smaller version contingent on battery life.
  • Neither.
  • Pre ordered the pixel yesterday
  • I hate going into freakout mode. ;) I've been a fan of my 5.5" screen for a while now and it would be odd to take a step back. I use my phone too much as a media device to go for the smaller version, however the one-handed operation is tempting. I was really hoping for more from these phones at this price. The included full res backup is the one thing that would make it easier to swallow, but the fact is they are an unknown quantity. I hope they are successful, but I'm really not sure if this Nexus-fan sees enough "Nexusness" in the Pixel to justify the buy in. WIll wait for full reviews, but right now the V20 is right at the top of my list. Pixel XL is a couple steps down.
  • Unfortunately, LG made some bad decisions on the V20. My entire list right now can be decided with a D20 die
  • I could handle paying for the XL but I wish that they had a 64GB version. 128 is just ridiculous overkill for most people.
  • Don't agree. It's easy to fill up your phone with photos. Both wife and I maxed out our 64gb phones.
  • Google is offering unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos for pixel devices. But I know what you mean. Some photos you want on your phone
  • Umm, neither?
  • Neither. With several options out there at $500 or less why would I want to pay more for a Pixel? D.O.A. for me.
  • Buy neither they are both over priced.
  • Neither. Both are too small for my tastes.
  • I'll probably get one when they make it to Swappa and are sold for the price that makes sense.
  • Neither for me also. I am using a Nexus 6 right now and was waiting to see what Google had to offer. Sadly Google's phone offerings aren't doing it for me this time around. I am looking to get a new phone soon so I think my short list will be 1) LG V20 2) Nexus 6P or just keep rockin the Nexus 6 for awhile longer. I don't like the look of the Pixel (that glass patch) ,the big ass bezels and no front facing speakers. The Pixel may grow on me in time but I am looking forward to holding a V20 and making a decision. I will take another look at the Pixel on the next go around. Hopefully Google will be paying attention to what people want and try to put it together in the next Pixel.
  • I'm a happy nexus 6P user and always chose google phones for android but this might be the phone that completely pushes me away from google phones. I was looking to get it but that price tag is just too hard to swallow. I'd rather spend my money on other stuff that will give me better bang for my bucks. Sorry google but you F'ed this one up big time.
  • This is going to be a retread of the Nexus 6 launch. The price is going to turn a lot of people (myself included) off to the phone, but the people who do get one will mostly love the thing. I imagine that part of the reason why the price tag is a bit steeper than the specs would suggest is because of it being the first in this fully designed by Google series of phones. Now that the initial R&D is out of the way that should hopefully carry over to the next Pixel devices next year to shave a little off the price. Here's hoping they throw in a budget version next year along with the premium ones.
  • I'm going to wait until I can hold them in hand before making a final judgment, but I'm still disappointed at the level of water resistance, the speakers, and the needlessly large, unused bezels. I also hope some in depth reviews are out soon, especially looking at the battery life, and camera. A 128gb, one handed 5" pixel could still find a home with me.
  • Unfortunately I guess other than western country we had no chance to try or hold them tho, I can't pre-order it over here :(
  • I'd take the bigger one, of course.
  • I keep seeing folks saying it's over priced, how so? Looks to me it's price right in the flag ship phones competition and others in that premium line of phones.
  • I think people are saying it's overpriced compared to other premium line phones that offer more features. That't my take on what I have been reading. I also agree that for that kind of money the phone could have looked better, been waterproof, have front facing speakers, wireless charging and OIS. Of course all those things are subjective but that is what I was looking forward to. If the Pixel XL had all those things even with the current looks I would be all over one of them.
  • But... It's not a flagship phone. It's a first step for Google and it's missing a LOT of features that set flagships apart from the rest. It's fine for a beginner to smart phones, it's fine for someone coming over from iPhones, but a flagship it's not. It should be priced appropriately as a new entry looking to gain traction. It's simply not comparable to a current 2016 (or 2015) flagship device.
  • Favorite line in all of these comments, "it should be priced appropriately as a new entry looking to gain traction."
  • Which one is best? The Oneplus Four! #savingmypennies
  • GOOGLE'S Pixels strategy is not to dominate but to kill HTC and than taking it over on the cheap. Unless HTC does the same thing Samsung did with the iPhone and take the best out of the Pixels and make it their own and perhaps venture outside the box.... Otherwise Google would have priced the Pixel within the realm of reality, and not alienate the Nexus fans...
  • I would honestly say that there is nothing currently available that I would replace my V10 with.
  • when my V10 died (logic board failure, common issue with G4/V10) I replaced it with a ZTE axon 7 and I don't think I've ever been as happy with a phone
  • Maybe google isn't pushing for the most insane hardware but rather for the pure android experience that nexus users love. It is also a business move to bring "nexus" into the competition with samsung and apple. Most likely nexus 5X and 6p will receive updates on par with the new pixels, but non hardcore android fans won't realize that. From what this phone looks like is if iphone and nexus had a baby, and honestly, it's a beutiful thing. I for one always loved the build and feel of idevices but I hate the OS. From the looks of it, the pixel is gonna give that iphone feel, but will also give that vanilla android that I just adore. Mind you this will also be appealing to current apple fans. If I had to give google a piece of advice, it'd be to invest heavily on advertisement. The reason for their partnership with verizon on the pixel is to recreate the success they had with the Motorola Droid. But the reason why they became so popular was because of the cool robotic commercials and the red robot eye, seeing it on billboards, tv, posters, and having a section of the store dedicated to the droids. Nexus pretty much fuked because it wasn't advertised as much. If you actually got the nexus commercials on your phone, it was because google could tell from your Web surfing that you like stuff by Google, so they'd try to sell you a phone by Google. Because of this nexus phones remained within the android fan club and never got popular. Half of the people I know wouldn't even know what nexus is. Once I showed it to them they loved it, but they didn't even know about it in the first place. On the other hand, iPhone and Galaxies appear EVERYWHERE. Literally, walk in to any phone store and the first thing you'll notice are the iPhone booths. Samsung also has a great advertising campaign. If google can just get the advertisement right, and to everyone, then it'll easily blow samsung and apple out of the water. Right now is actually a spectacular chance to do it as well since apple is losing so many fans because of the iPhone 7 and samsung is dealing with their explosive phones. Hopefully google will take advantage of this and make pixel a staple of the mobile world.
  • What useless article.
  • To be honest, I don't like the idea behind the pixel. It's like Google's trying to make their own commercial brand, separate from the rest of Android. Nexus devices were created by Google to showcase and demonstrate the best if Android for everyone. With some features being Pixel-only (like Google Assistant), it feels more commercialised.
  • I agree completely.
  • Really wish the base phone came with 64GB, it would make the price more palatable. It would also be nice to see this in store to determine with one would be the right fit size-wise.
  • Actually, the question for me is, should I get the S7 or the Pixel? Which is better?
  • I would suggest the people on Googles Team Prixel to not totally unpack their work belongings from the cardboard boxes under their desks. They will soon be joining Team Nexus as they go out the door.
  • Lol +1
  • HTC 10 ftw
  • I was actually deciding if i was going to by an unlocked HTC 10 or this. Going with the HTC 10 because of this comment. lol
  • Ok here is the deal. In the past 2 years I have owned over 15 Android devices and iPhone 6plus and 6s. My current phone that I use for my mainstay business is an iPhone 6s and it an incredibly powerful phone that handles anything my work throws at it. After running through (in my company) Galaxy S5, S6, Notes: 3,4,5, LG V10 etc...I have purchased a Nexus 6p. I love my 6p its a fantastic device but one thing that many people are getting the pixel phones confused with is this. The Nexus is a reference hardware the Pixel is not. In other words the Nexus is pure Android in accordance with AOSP. Pixel is NOT pure Android in accordance with AOSP, it is an official "GOOGLE PHONE" in the same vein of an iPhone or Samsung. It is a premium device and the cost of this device is noted in its new features (Google Assistant) and super tight software integration. I for one have the means to throw money on a phone like the Pixel with no issues and I am tempted to purchase one except...The only thing that is a let down to me is that it does not really look that good or unique. Personally i love the look of my 6p and think of it this way: for the price of a 128GB Pixel XL i can get an Axon 7 and a One Plus 3. Both of which are amazing phones. I get what Google is trying to do here but I think in they have shot themselves in the foot with releasing these phones at this price point especially with the rise of excellent mid range devices from One Plus, Axon, Huawei, Honor and Alcatel (which by the way sells a great phone with a VR). They will push this phone but lets see how committed Google is to their new "Hardware Business". The company in my opinion should be renamed from Alphabet to Spaghetti, as they have the habit of throwing everything against the wall and then later sees what sticks. After which they realize that they are a "search" company and need to leave the hardware to the pros.
  • Didn't HTC build these phones for Google? I think they are very ugly and how much do you want to bet that Google Assistant will be on other phones within 6 months? I agree that they are too expensive for what they are. More American corporate greed at work.
  • Usually I would prefer Pixel over Pixel XL, as I doesn't like phone exceed over 5 inch and above, but probably this will be my first time to try phone over 5 inch, as I wanted to try something bigger.
  • Bigger is better...I think that's what she said right?
  • I am ready to upgrade from the Samsung Note 3. Since the Note 7 is essentially dead, I am considering the Pixel XL. Does it have a stylus?
  • No
  • I need a new phone and if the Pixel XL had wireless charging and an SD card, I'd bite, but is doesn't and it's expensive, so I won't
  • Pass on both of em
  • The Pixel annoys me more each time I see it. To have a bottom bezel that big and still have only onscreen buttons is criminal
  • I can't tell if Google is trying to make a phone or a canape tray out of those bezels. Very ugly!
  • Verizon exclusive for carrier financing means I'm out not just b/c I can't stand Verizon but mainly because I can't stand carrier exclusive deals being made like this, boils down to nothing more than greed and go f yourself for being greedy then. Plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Must have missed the it works with every carrier and that you can finance it buying from Google.
  • You may want to read his comment again since you missed his point.
  • As a correction both Verizon and Google have stated that updates for the Pixels sold by Verizon will come from Google without delay same as they go out to unlocked versions of the phone. That said Galaxy Nexus.
  • As a correction to your correction. Updates will be handled by VZW at the same time Google releases the updates for the Alphas.
  • A phone I can't take hiking, mountain biking, or even to work in fear of it getting wet is worthless. I don't want to cup my hands around the phone to hear a video or anything else like an iPhone. The bezels are huge and a massive design flaw. I hope this phone fails. I also do not like one bit how Google is causing more fragmentation with this phone. Other nexuses not getting the same treatment, that's inexcusable. These are Apple like ways. I expect to see more of an uproar about this. Google has really let me down.
  • Question: So what did you do before water-resistant phones were a thing? Just do that. Glad I could help.
  • They'd get wet and fail. I went through a lot of phones, none costing this much. Since my Moto X all have had water resistance. Wether you want it or not if this competes with the iPhone it should have it.
  • Moto's phones don't even have an IP rating, all they have is a nano coating over the board and charging port. As for taking phone with you hiking, why not use a Ziploc bag to keep it from getting wet?
  • My prediction: The Pixel phones are going to be flops. They are ugly--especially those huge bezels. I was hoping for better but I guess not this time.
  • Neither this article or your "review" of the Pixel/Pixel XL included actual battery benchmarks for comparison. WTF are battery benchmarks???
  • Neither. HTC 10 is the way to go imo.
  • From the article: The Verizon variant of both devices include three Verizon apps, an encrypted bootloader—a bummer for tinkerers—and you'll have to wait on Big Red before receiving any software updates. Alternatively, if you're a Verizon subscriber and you buy it unlocked, you'll still have access to advanced features like VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling. Bootloader is a good critique but Verizon-sold Pixels will have updates at the same time as the Google Play variants and will have VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling. Basically if you don't care about a locked bootloader there's no good reason to not buy the Verizon version if you are a Verizon customer. From Android Central Update: Verizon has since clarified its stance on the matter of updates. While the carrier will indeed certify and be involved in testing updates, it also plans to release them simultaneously with Google's release to unlocked models. ALSO (Update: Google has confirmed that the unlocked Pixels will work with VoLTE, HD Voice and Wi-Fi calling on Verizon. Hooray!) Another thing is Verizon will give you money off if you have a trade-in worthy device.
  • Neither V20.
  • Neither because both phones are over priced
  • I've never seen a more polarizing pair of phones.
  • XL is the way to go if I was going to buy it. No debate in mind.
  • Much like Android users supposedly don't like paying for apps, they are equally opposed to paying a lot for phones. This is kind of embarrassing. (Coming from guy who purchased a 32gb Moto X Pure Edition on Prime Day for $249.)
  • I have no problem paying for apps or for a phone that is worth it. These phones are not worth it one bit. Horrible design. That's my opinion. I was ready to buy one and these phones don't excite me at all.
  • V20
  • The level of ******** about the price of these phones is...i dont even have words. 128gb xl for $5-600??? LOL WHAT?! Could the phones be cheaper? Yeah it could probably be as low as $699 (for xl). But to sell this phone for less than any other American flagship......WHY, why would google do that? Why would any company justify this? The only logical reasoning is if the phone had lower end specs, but it doesn't! Yes it does not have stylus built in, it does have "bezels" that you can see, etc, but you want $200 off a phone because of this? You people are mad, and its getting old.
  • Do you even know the pricing? 128 gb xl is close to $1000 once it's all said and done. I think most people aren't looking to see it at $500 - $600. Most would be fine with it at $750 and the lesser specced devices comparably lower.
  • Don't be stupid. But the one with the big a$$ battery
  • I'm tempted by the XL simply because it's not that much bigger and it would likely work better for Daydream, but that price tag is not something I'm used to. The most expensive phone I've ever purchased was the Nexus One at $500. II really like the One Plus phones but they don't have the best track record for updates of any kind.
  • The standard Pixel is the one for me ^_^ i like a slightly smaller phone. Makes it easier to handle.
  • Apple-Droid as some people are calling these. Overpriced fashion accessory, congratulations Google you are now Apple.
  • I am not ready for a Pixel yet.
    My Nexus 6 has some way to go.
    Once Google stops updating to the current version of Android, I will consider it
  • What a hype worldwide for such ordinary flagships! Maybe Press sees something that most people don't. Or not?
    In my opinion they are far worse than any given Nexus.
  • I fail to find any 'wow' factor in the phone. It looks so ordinary - almost boring. Theres no compelling reason in the software too for me to change. And the price - it is TOO expensive for what it is offering. Maybe next year if it has something compelling to offer.
  • Agree, this Google assistant crap sounds like something a kid would need. Sounds dorky. I'm a Google user for years now and the iPhone with five years of support on software looks tempting right now. After Google announced this train wreck it's one controlling company or another's. Two year support on software is pathetic.
  • axon 7 by ZTE it's a way better phone its only $400 and guess what it does a lot who cares about this pixel phone it isn't a ZTE
  • I am soooooo over flagships. You pay an obnoxious premium to have the latest and greatest for like...2 months when the next big thing hits. Gimme my midrange yesteryears @ $200 all in and owned so bargain carriers actually remain a bargain and I'm totally good. Yawn yawn ultra yawn.
  • None; they are expensive mobiles with little differentiator from the crowd, weaponised to turn the user in a Google AdWords and AdSense target muppet. Excellent mobiles with top processors, adequate RAM and ROM, micro-SD slots and excellent camera/sound are in the market for half the money. Mobiles are commoditised and should be changed every year without being lured in 24 months plans; the time is up for this sales stint. Mobile means 'mobility', hence flexibility: Reasonably priced, excellent all-rounders, meaningful IoT applications and full real time integration with one's hardware (laptops, etc.). The Pixel's prices and purposes defy all this.
  • Dafuq you talking about? Nobody ever said buying a Pixel forces you into a 24 month plan, I bought mine with no plan at all, still deciding who to get a plan through, and I can get any plan I want with or without a contract. Second; Pixel and other android devices all have full integration with all Windows and Android hardware. Third; Since when does purchasing an Android device make you an AdWords/AdSense muppet? Do you even Ad, bro? Every website and all hardware on the planet share advertising information. Deciding on a Pixel as your phone has nothing to do with that. Also; Wtf is "Weaponized." Are you a terrorist? Why are you using scare-tactic words in your opinion? This article is about Screen Size and, perhaps, related battery life. Go live under a tinfoil hat somewhere else. Lastly; The Pixel has top of the line almost everything. It's downfalls are its IP Rating and not-easily-replacable battery. The RAM and ROM (Do you even know what ROM means?) aren't a problem, neither is its processor, nor its lack of SD Slot. Why is the SD Slot not a problem? Because purchasing a Pixel comes with unlimited storage at Full-Def on Google Photos. Would you really need more than 128GB for App installations? Nobody keeps Music or Photos on their phone anymore. You and your tinfoil hat just got ruined.
  • I'll be up for an upgrade in February so I've been reading the ratings and comments on the Pixel vs Pixel XL. I currently have a Motorola Droid Turbo - 1st generation and it's been a great phone. Some of us though do keep their music and photos on their phone though. Currently my phone has 64gb. My photos are backed up to Dropbox and my music is all on my phone so when I listen I'm not streaming and using my shared data plan. It's too bad from my reading that there isn't and size between 32 and 128. Still undecided if the next phone will be a Pixel or another Turbo.
  • Neither. Pick up the BlackBerry DTEK60 for about $500 cheaper with almost identical specs, SD support, BlackBerry security and software (keyboard, HUB) I've had mine for 3 weeks now and absolutely love it.
  • Hopefully you love Marshmallow because that's where you're staying.
  • +1 LMAO
  • Not true. Upgrade to Nougat already confirmed.
  • I believe the article was about which one to buy, Pixel or XL version, not why you complaining people are not going to buy. Yes this phone is missing some features that were just introduced in phones this year, ie water resistance. Get the phone first and the pit it against what you currently have then talk about it. I have the S7 on Verizon and the Pixel 128gb. I really like the phone. I'm not head over heels in love with it, but I've been underwhelmed since the LG G2. I just upgraded my S7 to the beta version of Android N and it feels better but not as good as the Pixel. I paid $750 for the pixel but traded in an iPhone 4 and got $200 off, so $550 for this phone good. I'm still on the fence of keeping the pixel or returning it. I've been 9m vacation with it and it takes great pictures and the video is amazing, but my S7 allows me to go in the pool and not worry about it. However, overall this is a really good phone and if you have any phone from 2015 upgrade because this will beat it hands down.
  • Something to keep in mind in regards to your trade-in. They don't give you the money off up-front, but spread it out over the course of your device payments. If you decide to pay it off early, say half way through, you only get $100 off, not the full $200. So they're essentially locking you into a 2 year contract without calling it a contract.
  • This is the most entitled whiny comment section ever.
  • My Pixel XL arrives tomorrow! Black, 128 GB!
  • Haha You're as bad as I am Planoman. I'm trying my best to stay put this year. Still love my 6P and have no legitimate reason to jump ship. But I admit I am really tempted to snatch up a Mate 9 or the 1+3T. Arggghhhh
  • I know. Damn. I kept saying I was out this year and when I saw it available in the google store a little over 3 weeks ago, I popped it in my cart and bought it in a second. Lol!
  • That is what I am currently planning to order.
    What case are you going to get?
  • I thought about getting the Pixel but I get a sense these phones fall short considering the premium price.No wireless charging,no front stereo speakers ,only 32gb for base model and of course no water resistance.I'll stick with my 5x for now.
    They'll have to up their game for the next alliteration.
  • Neither.
  • Such an ugly design, I wouldn't use a phone like this even if It was given to me for free, seriously they look really cheap with poor building quality, what happened to the Nexus designers of Nexus 4 and 5 which were very decent compared to this year's.
  • The Galaxy S7 which is the better phone.
  • :-(
    I don't understand, in the beginning it was mentioned that Verizon pixels bought through Google and not through Verizon will lack VoLTE and possibly wifi calling, however now it's stated here that if bought unlocked you also get to enjoy those features... So which is it, can someone confirm? I'd like more to buy through Google, will I be able to take advantage of the same features as the version sold through Verizon?
  • :-)
    Never mind
    I just found the article by Andrew, and they updated it: "The Pixel or Pixel XL you buy from Google directly will also still work on Verizon just fine — just pop in your SIM card and you'll be up and running in no time. The only restriction will be the lack of HD Voice and Wi-Fi calling. (Update: Google has confirmed that the unlocked Pixels willwork with VoLTE, HD Voice and Wi-Fi calling on Verizon. Hooray!)"
  • None. Too expensive. I would prefer the HTC 10.
  • I would take the XL all day.
  • Would love to have the XL. HOWEVER even with money in hand the dumbasses never have it in stock
  • I would select the non-XL Pixel. I honestly don't mind 1080p at that size, especially with the battery gains. I went with the HTC 10, though. If Google had guaranteed more than 2 years of Android updates, that would have been enough to sway me, I think. I really wanted 128GB of internal storage, like the Pixels offer.
  • Guys can anyone find out when if wver the pixel will be available. I Called google and they told me they could not control the supplier. In simple terms they dont know.
    Anyone knows?
  • I ordered mine yesterday. Google says the delivery will be December 15th-19th.
  • I wish we could find out
  • Neither! Both are overpriced
  • Gotta love these people that say they are overpriced. Doesn't seem to stop people from buying an iPhone. You only get what you pay for. Sure it is running stock android but this has to be the smoothest, fastest, non stuttering phone I have ever owned in my life. It's good for some yet not sufficient for others. Glad we have choices
  • Just bought my first Nexus/pixel today
    The 6p
    Will be here next week, pretty excited
    Any things I should take note of Thanks in advance
  • you would be happy to know that recently Google Pixel update rolling out with lift-to-wake, double tap notifications
  • Very simple choice for me, The Standard Google Pixel. Simply because of its size. I love having devices that are around the 5.0" inch mark. otherwise it starts to feel like a Tablet to me. :)
  • This article in a nut shell - here's the spec sheet, and here's the prices. Now go compare. Thanks AC! :D I wouldn't, for the life of me, have known where else to find *that* information! ... coz it's a "life-changing choice", apparently /s
  • I went with the pixel got tired of having to use two hands to do anything on my phone's it's nice to have a phone you can use with one hand and surprisingly the vr looks decent on it everyone acts like it's going to just be trash because its 1080p and not 4k but it's fine when your enjoying the content and not just looking for pixels
  • I own both. 1 XL for work line, 1 Reg Pixel for personal line
  • Want a phablet? Go with the XL. Want a phone? Go with the regular sized. I have the regular Pixel and get around 5 hours screen on time. Battery life isn't an issue.
  • I would LOVE to buy another Android phone - which may or may not happen any time soon for tl;dr reasons. I'm currently "stuck up in a fruit tree" which I'm 50% happy and 50% unhappy about. But IF I were buying an Android phone, it'd definitely say Pixel on it. And if I were buying a phone that said Pixel on it, it'd definitely be the XL. I like big phones and high res screens. Both reasons why I currently have an iPhone 6+, rather than an iPhone 6. And both the 6+ and the XL are quite a bit smaller themselves than the Nexus 6 I briefly had, and whose size I VERY MUCH miss. I don't know if I'll get seriously into VR anytime soon, but the resolution differences suddenly makes the bigger screen not just a matter of personal preference, but also intensely practical, as does multi-windows support in Nougat on the Android side. All the more reason to "go big, or go home." :-)
  • 2 days now with my Pixel 128gb. Happy person here!
  • I've had my Really Blue Pixel for 5 days no, loving the smaller size as compared to my previous phone, the 6p.
  • Only $47.99 get google pixel xl battery case(Black)
    Discount code:U9WX9SNT
    Vaild date:2017 Feb2-Feb 10