I'm not really the kind of person who gets excited about new technology. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the software updates, the new sleeker looks, the increased abilities and new features that come alongside a brand spanking new phone. But I am not the kind of person who goes running to the store to grab one as soon as possible.

So nobody was more surprised than me when I fell completely in love with the new Pixel 2 and everything it's capable of. From the feel of it in my hand to the features hidden under that casing, there is a lot here to love. I've picked my favorite features out and I'm going to tell you why they come together to deliver a phone built for everyone from your mom to your tech-obsessed roomie.

Look and feel

There is something to be said for a phone that fits easily in your hand and feels solid and stable. Over the last few years, the trend towards 'bigger is better' has been marching slowly forward, and that's been bad news for people with tiny hands like me. Trying to take a photo one handed with a Note 8 or Galaxy S8 was an effort in futility form me.

The Pixel 2 is small enough to fit comfortably in my hand without feeling small or flimsy. Even better, it feels solid, and not slippery. Considering I'm as clumsy as the day is long, being able to keep a solid hand on my phone is key. The colors are fantastic, and even though the kinda blue seemed super washed out in photos, it's a gorgeous grey-blue that I've come to absolutely adore.

A sweet, sweet, camera

The first thing that I checked out after getting a hold of this bad boy was the camera. I've never been what you could call a photog, but I love capturing the awesome moments of my life. From selfies when my makeup is on point, to hundreds of photos of my dog, to photos from day trips and important moments, my phone is always there. In the past, I've always enjoyed the camera on my phone but it's rare that I'm blown away.

The Pixel 2 changed all of that. It captures clear, vibrant photos that just cannot be overstated. It works beautifully in normal light, and it takes some jaw-dropping shots in low light as well. But my favorite features of the camera come in the form of EIS stabilization, and portrait selfie mode. Portrait selfies let me take amazing shots that take next to no effort and look absolutely amazing.

The addition of both OIS and EIS makes a big difference.

From the blur around faces in the photos with this mode to the fact that you get access to the original and the edited shot, there is a ton here to love. Of course without the addition of both OIS and EIS I wouldn't love it nearly so much. I suffer from benign tremors in both of my hands at all times. This means that even on the best days they tremble pretty noticeably, and I can't count the number of photos at places like weddings that have been ruined by this tremble.

Since getting my Pixel 2, I've only managed to come out with one blurry photo, and that can be blamed on my rambunctious dog moving at an inopportune moment. Compared to every third or fourth photo with a Note 8, and roughly one out of every four with an original Pixel, I've already noticed how much more often I whip out this phone to snag a snapshot.

Now Playing lets me keep discovering new music

I've always been a pretty big music fan, and for most of my luck, my only hope was to look up lyrics or hope that I heard a song title or artist when I heard a new song that I enjoyed. For the most part, this hasn't been too problematic, but with the addition of Now Playing, finding the new details is easier than it has ever been.

Even when I'm offline it's got access to a catalogue of over 10,000 songs.

Now Playing will automatically detect, and show me the Song Title and Artist, for whatever song it can detect playing nearby. This feature works whether I have an internet connection or not, and even when I'm offline it's got access to a catalogue of over 10,000 songs. While it didn't recognize Delta Rae when I put it on, it did catch both BabyMetal and even Space Unicorn within moments.

While initially Now Playing just shows up on the lock screen, if I tap on it, will launch Google Assistant giving me all the information about the song playing. This means links to albums, upcoming appearances, anything else I might want to know. All I know is that it makes finding the new music I hear easier and more awesome than it's ever been before.

Google Assistant is better than ever

Being organized has never actually been a strong suit of mine, but Google Assistant does make it easier to keep better track of everything without losing my mind in the process. Still, with my last Pixel, I was never what you'd call an avid user of Google Assistant. After spending the spring with Galaxy devices, being able to easily launch Google Assistant made a huge difference.

Being able to easily launch and access Google Assistant has made a pretty significant difference.

I can launch with a squeeze, or now with a better verbal command of Hey Google and that makes more of a difference than you'd think. The AI behind Google Assistant has also been improving over time meaning that it understands me easier, and brings up the relevant information that I'm looking for easier as well.

Being able to easily launch and access Google Assistant has made a pretty significant difference too. I'm more apt to use it to set reminders for additions to my schedule, and the algorithm for delivering the news I'll want to see has been top notch so far. Unlike in the past where Google Assistant seemed neat, not integral, it's now so easy to use that I have it open before even really thinking about it.

This is a phone worth getting excited over

It's easy to see how much work went into the little details with Google's Pixel 2, and that work has paid off in every avenue. For the first time I feel like a phone was made with me, and people like me, in mind. Features like Now Playing, and stabilization when taking photos, make even the most common uses for your pocket computer even more awesome.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL