Pistol Whip free update 'High Priestess' out now, includes scoring changes

Pistol Whip High Priestess update
Pistol Whip High Priestess update (Image credit: Cloudhead Games)

What you need to know

  • 'High Priestess' is the 11th scene in Pistol Whip and is based on the movie Oldboy.
  • This free update brings the game to version 0.6 and adds in two new modifiers.
  • Deadeye and Dual Wield modifiers have been altered to better suit their purpose.

Pistol Whip is adding its 11th scene today, titled High Priestess, in a free download for all players. Just as the rest of the scenes in the game are designed around an inspired concept and paired with a song that backs the concept up, High Priestess was inspired by the hallway fight scene in the movie Oldboy and features a brand new song from Kannibalen Records. Each level in Pistol Whip features unique variations on the core gameplay, and High Priestess sports the most pistol-whipping (melee attacks) you'll be doing yet.

The High Priestess update brings the game to version and doesn't just add a new scene, it also revamps significant portions of how your actions are scored. Two new modifiers have been added to change up the gameplay a bit and provide players with a few new accessibility options. Unarmed Foes takes the guns away from all NPCs and gives players a way to venture through levels and get the beat down before giving enemies the beatdown. No Obstacles gets rid of those columns that seem to annoy some players and is designed to better facilitate standing-room play for some people.

Pistol Whip High Priestess level

Source: Cloudhead Games (Image credit: Source: Cloudhead Games)

Existing modifiers Deadeye and Dual Wield, have been significantly overhauled. Dual Wield now only drops your score by 10%, compared to the painfully high 25% drop that existed previously to this patch. Depending on how leaderboards go, Cloudhead Games says it may even drop this penalty altogether and make this more of a playstyle choice rather than a scoring modifier.

How to stop Pistol Whip from destroying your frail human form

Players that want a higher level of difficulty will find the new altered Deadeye modifier the choice of champions, as the scoring system now accounts for when you miss a shot as well as your accuracy. Cloudhead Games has also fixed a number of hitboxes that players reported as broken, helping make scoring more accurate for this hardcore mode.

Pistol Whip launched for major VR platforms, including the Oculus Quest, back in early November and immediately began to receive glowing praise and reviews. Available for the Oculus Quest, as well as all PC VR headsets, Pistol Whip's addicting gameplay puts players through linear levels where you'll shoot and bash enemies to the beat of the music.

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