What color Pixel 7 should you buy?

Google's Pixel 7 line of Android phones offers an attractive value proposition. Accompanying the stellar hardware are the swanky externals, available in three starkly different colors. These are all the colors of the Google Pixel 7 that you can buy. Get a good look first, then we'll walk you through the best one of the lot.

Achieve Pixel perfection

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Choosing your Pixel 7's color is personal business

Google didn't roll out shades of orange or peach this time around, but we did get a sunny yellowish-green variant of the Pixel 7 called Lemongrass. Since color coordination and complimentary schemes are focal points for Google, all 2022 accessories from the company feature similar hues and tones. If you're fond of the green colorways of the Pixel Buds Pro and the Pixel Watch, Lemongrass is the best shade for your tastes.

On the other hand, if you lean towards a cleaner and more minimalist aesthetic, the pure white Snow colorway is a better match. As expected, the snowy white Pixel 7 has a matching silver frame and camera bar.

Unlike the Pixel 6 variants, the Google Pixel 7's black option isn't very unique. There aren't any dual tones to make things more interesting. The dark color option of the Pixel 7 is called Obsidian, and it's pretty straightforward. You get a glossy black coat of paint paired with ashy metal accents. This is the safe option for those who aren't immediately taken with Lemongrass or Snow.

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