Verizon deal gets you a free Galaxy S20 FE (aka the flagship killer)

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
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Some Verizon deals are more complicated than others, but this offer of the day is as simple as it gets: add a new line with an eligible Unlimited plan and the carrier will hook you up with a FREE Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. That's all there is to it.

Of course, only certain Verizon plans will work. The carrier's popular 5G Start, Get More, Play More, and Do More plans will all get you the $599.99 in promo credits needed to cover the full cost of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The payments will be automatically spread out over 36 months, plus — if you choose the Get More or Play More plans — you'll get loads of perks, such as discounted home internet and free access to the Disney Bundle, an entertainment package that comes with Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus. 

If you're not familiar with the Galaxy S20 FE, it was widely considered the perfect flagship killer when it hit store shelves in Fall 2020. The phone comes complete with a Super AMOLED 120Hz display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor for exceptional performance, and a 4,500mAh battery that'll easily last a full day on a single charge. Sure, it's a little old at this point — and it may not rival the power of its immediate successor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE — but the S20 FE can still hold its own against the best of them, and a free phone is a free phone. 

Get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for FREE with this Verizon deal

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE:$599.99FREE with eligible Unlimited plan

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: $599.99 FREE with eligible Unlimited plan

Two years on, and the Galaxy S20 FE is still a solid choice if you're looking for a new smartphone. The 120HZ AMOLED display is still stunning, the internal software holds up, and the all-day battery still lasts, well, all day.

Add a line with the right Verizon Unlimited plan and the carrier will hook you up with enough promo credits over 36 months to make the phone 100% free. That's what I call a win-win. 

If you're not totally sold on this 2020 smartphone, check out our full list of Verizon deals to see what else the wireless carrier has to offer now. 

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