The Honor Magic 6 series camera could beat the Galaxy S24 in one important way

Official promo shots of the Honor Magic 6 Pro's new Sportography mode
(Image credit: Honor)

What you need to know

  • The Honor Magic 6 series has an upgraded Falcon camera system powered by AI and huge camera sensors.
  • New AI Motion Sensing technology can automatically capture objects in motion, helping to capture the best moments in clear photos.
  • Honor says it trained the AI model on 8 million images encompassing ten different scenarios, helping to make the automated capture very reliable.

Smartphone companies always look for new ways to differentiate themselves from the pack. Honor's upcoming flagship phone is launching an upgraded Falcon Camera System packed with a whole new way to capture moving subjects: Sportography.

The company is launching an ambitious marketing campaign detailing photos of fencers captured automatically by the Honor Magic 6 series' AI motion-sensing capabilities. The phone can detect and automatically capture pictures at the best moment, ensuring that your kids or your favorite sports team are caught in crystal-clear photos from the company's latest smartphone.

Even the best smartphones can have difficulty capturing objects in motion, especially when taking photos in lower lighting conditions. As you might have seen from our Galaxy S24 Ultra camera review, Samsung still struggles to capture anything in motion. If Honor's claims can hold up, the company will have a huge leg-up on Samsung in an important area.

The Honor Magic 6 Pro already debuted in China but we're expecting a global launch at Mobile World Congress later this month. Android Central Senior Editor Harish Jonnalagadda already tested out the phone's battery life and was impressed with the silicon-carbon battery inside, a first for any smartphone.

In addition to a cutting-edge battery, the Honor Magic 6 series boasts a massive 180MP telephoto camera, packing a 1/1.49-inch sensor behind the f/2.6 lens. Check out the promo video below showing the new camera in action, and stay tuned for more Honor Magic 6 coverage as we near the global launch date.

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