Sustainable smartphone maker Teracube is releasing its first smartphone for kids

Teracube Thrive
(Image credit: Teracube)

What you need to know

  • Today, Teracube is announcing the new Thrive phone designed for kids and parents.
  • Parents will be able to use the Thrive companion app to monitor and restricts features of the phone as they choose.
  • The Thrive will retail for $199, but it gets limited-time pre-order pricing of $99.

Kids outgrow everything in a hurry, and that means electronics too. So, Teracube is announcing its new smartphone designed to grow with kids called Thrive. The phone will be one that your child can start with, but it will be one they can use for years to come — and it's made with sustainability in mind.

Teracube is known for making some of the best sustainable and repairable phones, like the Teracube 2e, and is adopting that approach to a smartphone designed for kids. The new Thrive phone is made with recycled material, has a replaceable battery, and is DIY repairable. Even the included phone case is made from bio-compostable materials. 

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Header Cell - Column 0 Teracube Thrive
Dimensions155.2mm x 73.3mm x 10.1mm
Display6.1” HD+ IPS Display
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A25 Octa-core processor 1.8Ghz
Memory4GB RAM
Storage64GB storage, expandable via microSD card
BatteryReplaceable 4000mAh battery
Rear Camera13MP and 8MP
Front Camera8MP
PortsHeadphone Jack, USB-C port, Dedicated Dual SIM
SecurityPIN, pattern, fingerprint, face unlock

Like many of the other best smartphones for kids, such as the Gabb Phone Z2 or Pinwheel, the Thrive phone really starts to shine in the software tailored for kids. The Teracube Thrive runs a custom version of Android called Thrive OS. This allows parents to have complete control over what their child will have access to and when via the companion app. Parents will be able to limit phone usage, calls, and texts, view real-time activities and set limits on access to gaming and the internet. 

Teracube Thrive

(Image credit: Teracube)

Teracube Founder Sharad Mittal says, "As a father of two, I've witnessed parents struggle to manage their children's access to today's smartphones without overdoing it. My inspiration for this project came from hearing about a friend's daughter who was emotionally devastated after adopting a negative body image due to what she was exposed to online. Today, parents don't have many phone options that provide the peace of mind and flexible controls a parent needs while still allowing their children to get the most out of their phone. We believe Thrive is something that both kids and their parents can agree on."

The Thrive companion app has three recommended settings for children under 10, 10 to 13, and 13 and up. Parents will have the option to create custom settings that work best for their child and situation. Those settings include setting time-based restrictions for something like school days or bedtime.

The Thrive is available for preorder for $99 and a $9 monthly subscription starting today. After the introductory period, Thrive will retail for $199 and a $15 monthly fee. The fee allows access to Teracube's Forever Premier Care warranty and the could-based parental monitoring platform.

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