What is Samsung Wallet?

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What is Samsung Wallet?

Best answer: Samsung WalIet is an app to store your personal digital IDs like a driver's license, keep track of digital keys for things like a door or a car, secure your credit and debit cards, track your vaccination record, and "access and explore" cryptocurrency. It also is an extension of Samsung Pay which makes it Samsung's all-in-one financial and record app.

A little of everything

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Samsung Pay has long been a feature of Galaxy phones but during the 2022 Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung told us about a new idea called Samsung Wallet.

It's a mix of existing features with some newer ones like digital keys and digital driver's licenses; a catch-all for your important details. Samsung Wallet will also allow secure payments through Samsung Pay.

In addition to digital IDs and digital keys, Samsung Wallet will also allow users to store and manage cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC tokens, Tron (TRX), and TRC tokens, and access decentralized apps that use Blockchain technology.

Samsung says private keys used for crypto and decentralized apps are encrypted and stored isolated from the operating system in an area called the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. This debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S10, so the technology that powers it all isn't exactly new.

Samsung tells us that Digital ID and other features will be available sometime in 2022, starting in South Korea. It's likely that some features will be locked to the Galaxy S22 series, at least for a while, but Samsung hasn't said so either way. We expect to see them on the best Samsung phones in short order.

Who is this for?

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There is a lot to take in here, especially with all the Blockchain and crypto talk. Don't be discouraged or confused, though. The most important feature of Samsung Wallet is that you don't have to use all the features! 

Most of us won't be bothering to manage cryptocurrency or use decentralized Blockchain apps on our phones and if that sounds like you, just ignore those features. If you will be using those features, know that Samsung is including them for people just like you.

There are other tools here that most of us won't be able to use just yet, but we're more familiar with them. Things like digital keys for your car or a digital state-issued driver's license. These are things that are becoming available to more and more people all over the world, and Samsung wants to get in front of them so your phone is ready.

Even if you only want a place to store your debit card information, Samsung Wallet seems like a great place to start. 

Coming soon to an S22 series near you

Although it has yet to be released in full yet, Samsung Wallet is expected to debut sometime this year. To help prepare for the release of this anticipated new feature, you'll want to get an S22 series phone since the app will be released on there first. Phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Plus are some of the best you can buy. 

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