$100 off a Samsung flip phone is an insane bargain

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Cover Display Take Photo Gesture
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Forget every other phone you've ever seen because the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is just that exciting. You'll find it hard to swallow, but Amazon is offering $100 off this modern flip phone (opens in new tab) right now. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes in some lovely colorways and features robust internals. Not to mention, the phone's state-of-the-art folding display continues to amaze and impress.

Save $100 on the Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 $899.99 (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 $899.99 $749.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Upgrade your phone to Samsung's modern foldable with this awesome Prime Day deal today. You get swanky internals and two gorgeous displays in a trendy, clamshell design.

Samsung didn't take any shortcuts with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The Android foldable sports a set of incredible cameras that can easily compete at the flagship level of photography. Everyday use is buttery smooth thanks to the Snapdragon 888 chipset, and the phone even boasts water resistance. There's plenty of onboard storage, and the miniature cover display comes with some unique perks.

You won't find a shortage of protective cases and other accessories for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Since the Flip 3 supports wireless charging, you can ditch the cord when recharging. What's even more convenient is the folding form factor that allows you to slip your phone into the smallest of pockets.

Samsung has promised three years of OS and four years of security updates for the Z Flip 3. If you want the newest flipping phone from Samsung, the next-gen Z Flip 4 is also on sale for Prime Day 2022. Looking for even more discounts? Don't forget to check out our live blog of today's best Amazon deals (opens in new tab).

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