Samsung's rumored departure from the Galaxy S25 Plus is quickly refuted

The Galaxy S24 Plus in hand
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What you need to know

  • Recent speculation states Samsung could move away from the Plus model when it launches the Galaxy S25 series.
  • The theory comes from a database listing, which oddly lacks a model number that could point toward the Plus model.
  • However, a discovery quickly refuted this theory, stating Samsung has internal codenames for all three devices, including the model number for the S25 Plus.
  • Samsung's S24 Plus was a massive success this year as users were given that "sweet spot" with its QHD+ display and more RAM for a better price point.

As we await Samsung's 2024 summer event, a new theory suggests its next flagship phone line could drop a key member.

A database discovery by Android Headlines showed that Samsung might only have plans for two S25 devices. From the listing, a device was discovered with model number SM-S931B/DS, which is supposedly the base S25 model. Another device was found with the following number: SM-S938B. This same model was available several more times with varying end tags such as "U" and "N."

It was explained that the letters signify the region of its debut, with "B" representing the global market, "U" for the U.S., and "N" for South Korea.

Although this theoretical lack of a Galaxy S25 Plus seems extremely unlikely, the post states that it could be a strategic move by Samsung. The publication also adds that the specifications of the Plus and base models have moved closer over the years.

Speculation suggests the company is more focused on pushing its Ultra version over a boosted base model.

However, the folks at GalaxyClub discovered that Samsung's development of all three S25 models is proceeding (via SamMobile). The Dutch publication found evidence of three internal codenames: F1, F2, and F3, which reportedly refer to the S25, S25 Plus, and the S25 Ultra. Additionally, the Plus model bears model number SM-S936, filling the gap between the other two devices.

The Galaxy S24 Plus in hand with a light behind it

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

It would be odd if Samsung dropped its middle device following the success of the Galaxy S24 Plus. Shortly after its January launch, early sales analytics for the device showed that the S24 Plus was more popular than its 2023 counterpart, achieving a 54% increase in revenue.

The middle Plus sibling is typically a slightly boosted base model, though this year's version brought QHD+ resolution for its large display. The S24 Plus also boasts 12GB of RAM to complement its suite of Galaxy AI features. Moreover, Minsoo Kang, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, stated that the S24 Plus was Samsung's "big driver" in 2024. Kang added, "it's hitting the sweet spot on pricing, nudging upgraders as well as specs to support new users wanting optimized on-device AI."

Other early rumors about the device suggest Samsung could drop Exynos and feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC on its S25 series in all regions.

Elsewhere, a report from South Korea highlighted the chance for a slightly larger S25 display at 6.3 inches. The post added that "overall" design changes could land in the upcoming series, as well.

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