Poll: Is the OnePlus 10T hot or not?

The back of the OnePlus 10T Moonstone Black colorway
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The OnePlus 10T has finally launched. The latest flagship offering from OnePlus is here (sorta) with an impressive set of specs, representing something of an upgrade from the OnePlus 10 Pro launched earlier this year. 

Although, while there are plenty of notable upgrades, there are some downgrades, too, giving potential buyers something to think about when deciding between the two. We want to know what you think of the OnePlus 10T, and whether or not you'd consider purchasing one when it goes on sale.

The theme with the OnePlus 10T seems to be speed. While the OnePlus 10 Pro was quite impressive, the 10T takes things up a notch thanks to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, which brings a boost in performance and efficiency. In addition, the 10T is paired with up to 16GB of RAM, making this phone an absolute beast at multitasking and gaming.

Charging also gets a massive upgrade, with support for up to 150W charging (125W in North America), which can top up the phone from 1-100% in just 19 or 20 minutes. That should more than makeup for the slightly smaller 4,800mAh battery capacity.

However, the camera situation seems to be a bit of a mixed bag. As our Nicholas Sutrich puts it in his review:

There might not be Hasselblad branding on the OnePlus 10T, but that doesn't mean its camera is bad. The new 50MP main sensor looks to be a general upgrade from the 48MP shooter in the OnePlus 10 Pro, but the ultra-wide camera is a step back, and there's no telephoto camera here. Instead, OnePlus included a useless 2MP macro camera which produces terrible quality photos.

If that all sounds good to you, then the OnePlus 10T might be for you. Fortunately, it's surprisingly affordable at just $650, undercutting many of the best Android phones on the market. 

However, if you're in the U.S., you'll be waiting some time before you can get it in your hands. Preorders don't start until September 1, and the device goes on sale on September 29. By that time, there may be more exciting phones on the market you may want to buy.

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