Pixel 6 Pro for $283 off? Sure, why not, Prime Day

Holding the Pixel 6 Pro
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The release of the Pixel 7 series might be just upon us — it's tomorrow, October 13, actually — so Google is celebrating by liquidating its old stock via a hefty Prime Day sale. Considering the Pixel 6 Pro still has one of the best cameras on any smartphone to date, getting $283 off a Pixel 6 Pro sounds like a pretty sweet deal, indeed. That makes it the same price as a regular Pixel 7, plus you'll get an extra large screen and battery, as well as that wonderful 4x optical telephoto camera.

Google Pixel 6 Pro: $899 $616 at Amazon

Google Pixel 6 Pro: $899 $616 at Amazon
Pixel 6 Pro for the price of the regular Pixel 6? Don't mind if I do, Amazon. It's the phone we've loved for the past year, just a whole lot cheaper.

The best discount is on the Stormy Black colorway, which is the full $283 off. Don't like the color? Grab a TMNP skin from Dbrand and turn your Pixel 6 Pro into your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for just a few bucks. It'll add some great grip and give it a whole new look!

Now, about that camera. It's seriously hard to beat a Pixel's camera, but that's not because it's got the best camera hardware or the most features. Rather, it's because Google's machine learning skills are on point and exceed the abilities of every other company in the market, all thanks to the Google Tensor processor inside the Pixel 6 Pro.

That smart processor makes it possible for the Pixel 6 Pro to do things like Face Unblur, which means even when your kids or pets move around a lot, you can still get a clear picture every time. Seriously, you'll be blown away by how crisp pictures can be, even with movement. It's something no other phone can do.

When things get in the way, Magic Eraser lets you quickly tap those objects and quite literally erase them from the photo. There's a reason Google calls this feature magic.

For the rest of the time that you're not taking pictures, Google has packed other brilliant Tensor-powered features on board, as well, including call screening, instant voice typing, live translation, and a host of others. Call screening is worth the price of entry alone these days, and even when a spam call does somehow get past Google's sentry, you can have Google Assistant answer it for you. Seriously, it's amazing.

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