iFixit lists Pixel Fold repair parts, and they're not cheap

The inner display of the Google Pixel Fold while unfolded
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • iFixit begins listing genuine Pixel Fold repair parts for consumers' at-home repair projects.
  • The most expensive piece, its internal display, will cost consumers $899 on its own or $909 if they're grabbing the kit with all the fixings.
  • The Pixel Fold now joins Google's Pixel 7a and Pixel Tablet as its partnership with iFixit continues.

Google is placing genuine repair parts for its first foldable phone on iFixit, and the parts come at tearjerker prices.

Several of the pieces can now be found on iFixit's official page for the Google Pixel Fold. However, its most expensive part is its internal folding display (via 9to5Google). If something has happened to the internal display of the device, it will cost consumers $899 if they wish to grab the display only and repair it themselves at home.

If you're interested in grabbing the whole kit, that'll rinse $909 out of your wallet. The kit includes various adhesives any brave soul will need to apply throughout the reassembly process. Consumers will find the 2208 x 1840 OLED inner display (of course), a protective layer, display bezels, a metal frame and hinge, side buttons, a fingerprint sensor, and battery adhesive.

Furthermore, if a scratch or crack has appeared on the device's 5.8-inch external display, you can grab that on its own for $159 or the entire kit for $166.

A look at the internal display replacement kit for the Pixel Fold.

(Image credit: iFixit)

At-home fixers will find both the "Flip Battery" and the "Base Battery" inside of this kit. The former is a 3,267mAh battery, while the latter sits at 1,460mAh to make up the Pixel Fold's 4,821mAh total capacity. On their own, each battery with a slew of other tools costs $56.

Each of the foldable's cameras can be purchased, as well. iFixit lists the front external and internal cameras at $49. The rear triple camera array will cost $146. Other aspects of the device, such as new rear panels, thermal panels, and wideband antennae, are up for purchase, as well.

Also, if you are brave enough to repair the Pixel Fold's internal display, iFixit's walkthrough of the process is labeled as "difficult" and can consume three to four hours of your day to take the challenge head-on.

Google's not-so-cheap $1,800 foldable now joins the Pixel 7a and the Pixel Tablet as the company's partnership with the self-service repair company continues. So, if you're looking to save yourself a headache of a day, it might be best to grab yourself a good case to protect the device from any unfortunate incidents.

Meanwhile, we definitely recommend you pick up a Pixel Fold case or screen protector to keep your $1800 phone safe.

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