HMD teases a Barbie Flip Phone launch later this year

HMD teases a new Barbie flip phone is on the way at MWC 2024.
(Image credit: HMD)

What you need to know

  • At MWC 2024, HMD Global formally introduced its new path forward as it becomes "HMD" (Human Mobile Devices).
  • HMD announced it is bringing a Barbie Flip Phone to the market this summer, alongside the return of an "iconic" Nokia phone.
  • The company is also focusing on improving the repairability of smartphone screens and launching its first "HMD" branded device later this year.

HMD Global is moving forward with its 2024 ambitions of simply becoming "HMD" (Human Mobile Devices) as its MWC 2024 kicks off with several teasers.

According to a press release, the company made good on its interest in expanding its partnerships, which is why the company stated it's working with Mattel to create a Barbie-inspired flip phone. Interested consumers will find a boost of nostalgia as the device is said to be a "retro" flip phone that breaks the norm of Android phones.

The Barbie flip phone is said to launch this summer.

Additionally, HMD teased that Nokia isn't gone (just yet). As the brand shifts into its "Human Mobile Devices" era, consumers will "continue to see Nokia phones, and we will bring back an iconic phone this summer." The company adds that "new brands" are on the horizon this year, as well.

HMD's conference held at MWC 2024 discussing its Mattel and Barbie partnership.

(Image credit: HMD)

MWC 2024 also held HMD's new primary goal, which is "about making phones that are affordable, beautiful, desirable, and repairable." Specifically, the Finnish brand is targeting the repairability of smartphone displays, effectively "reducing the number of steps it takes" to fix one.

James Robinson, HMD vice president of Europe, Americas, and Enterprise, stated, "We’re excited to make that process as easy as possible, starting this summer."

The new process HMD referenced will likely become clear during its formal announcement later this year. Moreover, the company hopes to achieve this goal without asking too much from consumer wallets.

For HMD's smartphone ventures, it looks like it's eyeing this summer to launch it. Consumers are said to be looking for a device that "is a platform for innovation" as HMD works to make technology more accessible around the world.

Early February held HMD's teasers for its plans in 2024 alongside its efforts to create its own "distinct" line of devices. It was also during that time that HMD mentioned it was looking to collaborate and secure "several licensing partnerships." The company stated it was done creating more Nokia phones. However, its MWC announcement seemingly shows its interest in returning an old device to the modern age.

Meanwhile, HMD's phone leaked as we got an alleged look at a rendering of the device's matte black finish and dual camera array.

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