Pixel phones get an on-device diagnostic tool, updated repair manuals

Google Pixel 7 Pro volume rocker falling off
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What you need to know

  • Google highlights a new diagnostics app Pixel owners can run on their devices to spot functionality problems before heading into a shop.
  • Google has also revamped several of its Pixel device manuals to make it easier for those conducting at-home repairs.
  • The company highlights its new "Repair Mode" for Pixels that rolled out with its December 2023 feature drop as a way to safeguard your info when in for repairs.

If your Pixel has taken a heartbreaking fall, Google's latest ways to help repair your device might make it sting less.

According to a Keyword post, the company is introducing and highlighting a couple of new ways users can identify problems and safeguard their devices. The first involves a new Pixel Diagnostic app that users can launch on their devices through the Phone app.

This serves as an initial check of your device's performance and status before taking it into a shop. Google also suggests running the diagnostic after receiving repairs to ensure everything's in working order.

Users can fully diagnose their device or check individual items or groups relating to your Pixel's visuals, sensors, and more. The tool can be accessed by dialing *#*#7287#*#* on the phone app.

A look at the Pixel Diagnostic app available in the Phone app.

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This reminds us of the Diagnostic app Google brought to Chromebooks as a way to troubleshoot problems and identify potential parts to replace.

Moreover, Google has released redesigned repair manuals for several of its Pixel devices. This would go hand-in-hand with adventurous souls looking to grab parts through iFixit, with which the company partnered in 2022. Google's manuals are available in English and French, with more arriving for previous and future devices "in the coming months."

Google introduces its "Pixel Repair Mode."

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The company also reiterates its recent addition of a "Repair Mode" on Pixels. Google states activating this feature will protect a user's privacy when taken into a repair shop, as all of their data will become inaccessible to others.

The mode details items such as your apps, photos, messages, and contacts will remain hidden when enabled. A screen lock is required to enter repair mode as that will serve as the key to the door behind which your sensitive information is locked. Google states Repair Mode works seamlessly on your device as none of your data is backed up to the cloud, wiped, or otherwise restored.

This is good news for Pixel users as Samsung's Galaxy owners have had "Maintenance Mode" for over a year now.

Meanwhile, Google reminds consumers of its expanded coverage of supported, genuine parts for devices like the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold for at-home repairs through iFixit. Google committed to several years of hardware support for its latest Pixel 8 series, too, back in October.

Additionally, the company's work with uBreakiFix brings more than 700 in-store locations folks can visit for quick repairs. The shops have an estimated wait time of two to four hours before devices are fully functional.

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