Pixel foldable tipped to sport a 'full screen' interior without a hole punch camera

Pixel Fold mockup
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A Google Pixel Fold leak has surfaced about its potential camera placement.
  • The rumors suggest the Pixel Fold could have an ultra-micro-hole camera set on the phone's frame.
  • The Pixel Fold has also been rumored to be a more compact phone and cheaper when comparing it to the Galaxy Fold 3 and upcoming Fold 4.

Google's potential new foldable is back on our minds as a new leak hints at an interesting camera position.

The rumors are about its potential camera position, which comes from the Weibo leaker "Digital Chat Station" (via Android Authority). According to what was loosely translated from the Weibo post, the proposed Pixel foldable's back is more in line with the upcoming Pixel 7, suggesting it will sport a camera visor with holes cut out for the camera sensors. Flipping it around, the front of the phone could be similar to the OPPO Find N with a "relatively small-sized large screen" that folds inward.

The leaker then went on to describe the camera placement and potential display appearance. Apparently, the outer screen could feature a center-mounted punch hole display, which is par-four-the-course for many large-screen foldables. However, the inner screen would not have one, opting for an essentially uninterrupted display. In place of a punch hole, the leaker suggests there will be an "ultra-micro-hole camera" set within the frame of the phone.

This differs quite a bit from what we've seen in foldable lately. If you were to look at one of the best foldable phones, they would most likely feature a punch-hole-style camera instead. Even the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has one, although Samsung tried to minimize it with an under-display camera. It seems Google is going for a potentially easier route for its inner display camera to give users a full-screen experience.

Previous rumors suggest Google may opt for an 8MP sensor for both internal and external selfie cameras. Another leak also hints at a feature for the Pixel foldable that will allow users to use the rear sensors to take a selfie while still being able to preview the image.

Mention of an OPPO Find N-like design matches earlier rumors that the Pixel foldable would be smaller in design when stacked up against devices like the Galaxy Fold 3 — and one might toss in the upcoming Fold 4, too. Not only could the phone be more compact but it could also see a cheaper price tag, too. Alleged talks also mention the Pixel Fold may feature an underwhelming 12MP sensor as its rear shooter, although, as we've seen with the Pixel 6a, the Tensor chip may do wonders for the camera.

For now, we'll have to wait for "official" renders to emerge before we can get a clear idea of what the Pixel foldable will actually look like.

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