Some Pixel Fold owners are already reporting broken displays

Comparing viewing angles on the Google Pixel Fold's large inner display
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What you need to know

  • With the Pixel Fold only days old in some users’ hands, they have reported screen imperfections and various faults.
  • Others have experienced long, sharp lines beneath their display, and a permanent colored line spanning the device horizontally.
  • Google says it will offer repair parts through iFixit for its nearly $2,000 foldable.

Some owners of Google's first folding phone are left shaking their heads as their device is already breaking down after minimal use.

The onslaught of user reports was collected by the folks at The Verge as consumers photograph and detail various display problems. One Redditor has had their new phone for a day and reported small dents and various screen imperfections, which are only visible under bright lightning.

This is even more alarming considering, as the user explained, the screen protector doesn't run flush against the bezel — leaving a gap in the gutter. The problem also echoes Ars Technica's foldable woes with a Pixel Fold that lasted only four days before the display broke down. They attribute it to the placement of the screen protector, which leaves the device prone to collect dust and other forms of debris within its OLED display.

Another Redditor provided photos revealing that the screen protector has started peeling off their device. They've also observed long, large scratches appearing to resonate from the inside of the display. 

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What makes matters worse is that the user states they've played with their Pixel Fold for at most five hours. After contacting Google support and receiving instructions to remove the protector before more photos, the Redditor noticed the display's laminate was already lifting directly down the middle spine. Additionally, spider web-like cracks were seen.

Unfortunately, for anyone looking to order a replacement, you're likely looking at shipping dates somewhere in September.

While daunting, a couple of days ago, Google announced that it will make genuine repair parts and guides available through iFixit for DIY repairs, so that could be an option for users affected by damaged displays. Otherwise, you may want to look into getting a refund.

After reaching out, a Google spokesperson provided a statement to The Verge, suggesting that affected customers reach out to support to investigate their issue.

Of course, while it's easy to point out some early problems from a handful of owners, the Pixel Fold is far from the first foldable phone to be affected by this. Despite years of experience with foldable phones and durability enhancements, Samsung is no stranger to these kinds of problems, as highlighted by a Redditor who reported that their Galaxy Z Fold 4 display cracked upon opening.

Given how anything can happen (foldable or not), new Pixel Fold owners might want to look into Google's extended warranty option. And, as always, we recommend throwing a Pixel Fold case for some added protection.

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