Google throws shade at the iPhone 15 ahead of the Pixel 8 launch

Another ad for the #BestPhonesForever campaign.
(Image credit: Made By Google / YouTube)

What you need to know

  • Google's latest #BestPhoneForever ad downgrades Apple's new iPhone 15 action button to "another mute button" and jabs its dynamic island.
  • The ad continued to call attention to potential comparisons consumers may make between the two devices' cameras and AI software.
  • This ad comes a week after Google's iPager video which called the iPhone "outdated" over its continuous usage of SMS/MMS messaging.

Google has uploaded what could be seen as chapter nine of its campaign ad series featuring its Pixel and Apple's iPhone. In the latest video, Google's Pixel 7 Pro is joined by Apple's iPhone 15 for a scary trip down innovation — or lack thereof — road. Google took the cue post-haste as it went in on Apple's latest features for the iPhone 15.

In the video, the iPhone 15 sounds pretty downbeat about getting "a different mute button," a "dynamic-er island," and its new USB-C charging port. While the Pixel assured the iPhone that no launch could come between them, the digs didn't stop
as the device continued to state consumers would compare their cameras, AI features, and more.

This is the second video to come out in the past week where Google is throwing some amount of shade at its mobile phone competitor, Apple. A week ago, Google called the iPhone "outdated" in another push for its #GetTheMessage campaign, encouraging Apple to stop being stubborn and adopt RCS messaging. The company compared the iPhone to an old pager as they both used outdated technology to send messages in a bygone standard (SMS/MMS).

Samsung also got in on the fun earlier this month by teasing Apple's rather delayed adoption of USB-C shortly after the phone debuted, stating, "At least we can C one change that's magical."

Shade and jabs aside, Google is preparing to unveil its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro on October 4 alongside the Pixel Watch 2. A pricing rumor about the upcoming phone series suggested consumers could see a slightly more expensive base model when comparing it to the Pixel 7. Based on rumors, the Pixel 8 Pro may arrive with a 6.7-inch display, a 50MP primary camera, manual photo controls, and more.

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